"Elphieeeeeeee!!!!!!!" Galinda squealed, bouncing up and down.

Elphaba looked up from her book cautiously. She recognized that tone in Galinda's voice, and it was never a good sign. She sighed as she saw the blond practically jumping out of her skin with excitement. This would definitely not be good.

She marked her place in her book and sent a level and unemotional gaze to Galinda. "Yes?"

"Oh, Elphie, you have to do it!!" Galinda squealed. Elphaba winced at the octave of her voice.

"Do what exactly, deary?"

Galinda's look became cautious. "You have to promise me to do it."

Galinda gave Elphaba her best puppy dog eyes, making Elphaba smile in spite of herself. Her roommate could be so silly sometimes, but that was secretly why Elphaba loved her. Galinda was Elphaba's perfect opposite, and Elphaba thought it was refreshing to have someone who was so different from her to talk to. After all, she had lived in her own head for most of her life; it was nice to get a break from the dark thoughts that she tended to dwell on.

Elphaba sighed, realizing that she couldn't say no to the perky blond. "Fine."

"Promise," Galinda answered, not removing the pleading look from her face.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "I promise."

"Promise on the Ozmopolitan," Galinda said, her voice taking on a humorously ominous tone. She grabbed the beloved magazine and held it for Elphaba to place her hand on. Elphaba could tell it took everything in her roommate's power to appear so serious.

Elphaba didn't dare let a smile cross her face as Galinda stared at her. Laughing at Galinda would only worsen whatever sort of scheme the girl had cooked up for her. "I promise on the Ozmopolitan," Elphaba said, her voice mocking the ominous tone Galinda's had. Her roommate thankfully didn't notice.

"Oh Elphieeeeeeee!!" Galinda squealed again, jumping up and down and clapping her hands together.

"Now what, pray tell, did I get myself into?"

"Elphie, it's just too perfect! It's going to be so marvelicious, and you will look fantastical!"

"Galinda, you're not making any sense."

Galinda scowled at Elphaba as best she could and sighed. "Really, Elphie, I thought that you kept up with current affairs."

Elphaba allowed the corner of her mouth to tilt upward in a half-smile. "And what current affair are we talking about? Animals? Or the new Ozzie Vuitton collection?"

Galinda gasped. "Oh. My. Oz! Did he announce the new line? Ohhhhhhh, I can't believe I didn't hear about this!"

Elphaba held up a hand. "Kidding, Galinda. Just kidding."

The blond frowned at Elphaba. "That's not nice, Elphie. Especially since I'm the one who got you into the model industry." Galinda pouted, landing on her bed in a huff of pink.

"What?" Elphaba asked, utterly confused.

"You promised!"

"Wait…what exactly did I promise?"

"Well, that you'd be my model for the fashion contest, of course!" Galinda answered like Elphaba should have known that all along. She rolled her eyes, mimicking the trait she had learned from her roommate. "Honestly, Elphie."

"What?!?" Elphaba exclaimed, shock contorting her features into a cross between a grimace and a shriek.

"The Ozmopolitan Fashion Contest, of course!"

"Galinda, you know I can't do that! What were you thinking? I'm green, for Oz's sake!"

Galinda frowned and went to sit on her roommate's bed. "You promised," she repeated from before, looking despondent. She started to sniffle. "I did all that work…"

Elphaba looked at Galinda sympathetically. Galinda was trying to catch her tears before they ruined her makeup. A green arm snaked around the blond and pulled her into a hug.

"Look, I'm sorry. Why is this so important to you anyway?"

Galinda perked up a little, the excitement of the contest getting to her. "Oh, Elphie, you'll never believe it!"

"Try me."

"Well, I saw this contest in the Ozmopolitan, you see. It was a fashion contest, and you know how good I am at fashion! So I decided to enter. I doodled for days on end, Elphie! It was horrendible!"

Elphaba smiled. The girl usually doodled, which was why she hadn't noticed Galinda was trying to win a contest. "And you won?" Elphaba asked.

"No!!!!!!" Galinda wailed. "Not yet at least. That's where you come in. I got invited to come participate in the fashion show. But I can't model the clothes myself, or Oz knows I would do that! No, I need a model…"

Elphaba brow wrinkled in confusion. "So…why me? Don't you realize I'll clash with all of your beautiful designs?"

Galinda shook her head rebelliously. "No, you won't! Elphie, you're beautiful! You'll be the perfect model! Plus, the theme of my collection is 'Another World.' You're perfect!"

Elphaba sighed. "How long to talk you out of this?"

Galinda squealed, realizing her roommate's caving. "Will you really do it, Elphie?"

The green girl rolled her eyes. "Of course I will. But only for you. If Pfannee and ShenShen come in, I'm afraid I'll have to say no."

"Well, of course, silly! You can't be a model for two designers!"

"Silly me," Elphaba said under her breath.

"You just wait until I tell Fiyero!!! He didn't think you'd do it! Can you believe him? I told him you would, but he kept saying 'Elphaba wouldn't be caught dead at a fashion show.' I can't wait to see the look on his face when I tell him!!!"

Elphaba scoffed. The silly prince would be the one to peg her for a coward. Of course she would go to a fashion show! Did he really think she was such a snob that she wouldn't want to hang out with a room full of Galindas? Elphaba's stomach lurched. A room full of Galindas…Shrieking and squealing and styling and crying and whining…And make-up! And the outfits! Elphaba suddenly wondered why she had agreed to do this. One look at the bright look on Galinda's face reminded her. Elphaba smiled and listened while her roommate explained the beauty of a fashion show.