A small girl born into the underworld of death, a mafia princess. Trained since infancy to be so much more than just another pretty wife, conditioned to be the second most promising mafioso of the current and next generations. Taught not only the skills of a normal person by the top tutors, but instructed in the art of killing by the best hit men and assassins.

"Sensei!" I, the younger sister of the 10th Chiavorone boss yelled out, searching for my new teacher in a strange and unfamilar town.

My brother, who made my foolish and immature side come out whenever he was around me, pulled me back into the car from the open window, "Ashura-chan, be careful. You won't find her by sticking your head out the window and yelling 'sensei',"

I glowered at him, "Pft, I know that,"

He grinned at me, causing me further irritation, "Then why were you doing it?"

I stuck my tongue out at him childishly, "Because I didn't want to look at your ugly mug anymore,"

He rolled his eyes and looked at the two of his men who sat in the car with us, "Ashura-chan, you forget that I'm a boss now,"

I looked at his subordinates, "Tsk, they don't scare me any. I mean, they are really good at their job, but to me, nothing is scary,"

"I suppose not, considering your new sensei," My brother looked out the window, "Oh, we're here,"

I looked out the window at a cozy little house, but it was like a shack compared to mine and my brother's house, "Geez, the 10th Vongola boss lives here?"

He patted my head before opening the door, "Ashura-chan, try to be nice, ok? You'll be spending a lot of time here, and I want as few problems as possible, alright?"

I pushed his hand off my head, "Are you insinuating that I'm a problem?"

He suddenly grew serious, causing me to settle down instantly because in his serious mafia boss state, I become my level-headed and cool self, "If not as my sister, than as a member of the Chiavorone, behave yourself,"

"Yes, Dino-nii," I nodded with a fearful gulp, because quite frankly, he was one of the only things that could scare me.

He instantly brightened, "Well, we better hurry,"

He opened the door, letting his underlings out first. Then he got out of the car, saving me for last. Once I stepped out of the car, I noticed that Dino-nii was already talking to Reborn and Bianchi the Poison Scorpion, my new instructor. My brother turned to me and pulled me in the middle of everyone, drawing everyone's attention to me.

"Reborn, Bianchi, you remember Ashura?" Dino-nii didn't pause for me to say anything to any of them, "Ashura-chan, this Tsuna, the Vongola 10th and his family, Hayato Gokudera, and Takeshi Yamamoto,"

"See Yamamoto, I was mentioned first!" Hayato Gokudera pointed proudly at himself.

I nodded and bowed with my waist, "Hello, it is truly a pleasure to meet you all, especially you Tsuna, the future Vongola 10th,"

I straightened my back to see that everyone but Bianchi and Reborn had nosebleeds. Bianchi walked over to me and zipped up my shirt that had regrettably unzipped itself in my bow.

"These boys are too young to learn about that kind of love," She told me softly, in a threatening tone that told me if that happened again, she would send me to heaven.

"I understand, I didn't mean for that to happen," I bent my neck in a bow to temporarily replace my full-body bow.

"I think maybe we should go inside and talk," Tsuna suggested hastily to lighten the mood.

"Yes, I am quite looking forward to Bianchi-sensei's cooking!" I nodded enthusiastically.

Gokudera looked at me in disbelief, making sure to avoid his sister's face at all costs, "Bianchi....Sensei?!"

"Yes Hayato, I'm going to teach Ashura not only how to use poison cooking but about how love is the ultimate force!" Bianchi smiled passionately at the lot of us.

"How is your Japanese so good? Have you been here before?" Tsuna asked me curiously as Gokudera paled at the memories of his sister's cooking.

"I haven't-"

Suddenly, in through the open window jumped the mischievous infant assassins, Lambo and I-pin. I readied to attack and kill them both, but Dino-nii stopped me by merely shaking his head.

"Hahaha! Lambo appears!" He looked around until he found Tsuna, "Lambo wants cake!"

"Lambo!" I yelled excitedly and ran over to him and picked him up in mid-leap, "It's been such a long time!

Everyone looked at me in surprise, "How do you know Lambo?"

I smiled, "He's my ex-partner!"

"Yay, Ashura, you're here to help Lambo kill Reborn, aren't cha?!" He asked excitedly.

I looked at my friend sadly, "Sorry, no,"

Being one of the rare times I actually said no to Lambo, he started to cry. I set him down so he could use the 10-year bazooka on himself.

"Gotta....Stay....Calm....." He tried to stop crying but wouldn't, so he pulled out his bazooka to use it.

"This is bad," Tsuna looked at Bianchi, knowing that she'd try to kill Lambo if she saw him as an adult.

While still in the cloud, I charged at Lambo and pushed him back outside, eager to see the adult Lambo, "I need a private moment!"

"How private can it be if they're outside?" Yamamoto asked, thinking that everything was game once more.

"Lambo!" I tightly hugged the adult version, "It's been such a long time!"

He nodded, "I remember. Paris, fourteen months ago,"

"Lambo, you still haven't moved on, right?" I asked, putting my finger to my lips and batting my eyes.

He shrugged, "Like you would ever let me. Growing up was hard with you around, but very much worth it,"

I blushed, "Lambo, maybe we could....Maybe we could finally-"

"Shh," He held my cheek lovingly.

Watching from the window, everyone except for a hastily cooking Bianchi turned bright red as Lambo and I had our five minutes to talk and hold each other closely. Luckily for him, he changed back into a child before Bianchi turned to see him as an adult. Unluckily for me, he changed back before we could kiss, not that that's anything new.

"That's not something you see everyday," Reborn commented as I came back inside with Lambo in my arms.

"What isn't?" Lambo asked excitedly, hoping to see what it was that they were talking about.

I knew what they meant, so I covered Lambo's ears to explain the situation, "Adult Lambo and I are in love. Is that so hard for everyone to understand?"

"You love that stupid cow?" Gokudera asked, inflaming my short temper.

"Stupid cow? I'll show you a stupid cow! Forgive me sensei, I'll try to keep him alive!" I shouted as I ran after Gokudera to strangle him and beat him to a pulp with my bare hands.

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