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A young girl sits next to the window waiting for someone she will never meet again. The wind from the open pane blew her hair into her face and she sighed as she absently brushed a stray lock from her face.

"Will I ever see him again? Hear his loud rapping on the glass? Listen while he tells me stories about the places he has been and the things that he's done?" She closed her eyes dejectedly. "Oh Usopp please come back. I want to see you and know your okay."

She sobbed softly and rested her face in her hands. She knows he wont come - it's been much too long and she hasn't seen him in two years. But still…she couldn't stop thinking about him. He brightened her world and every time he visited her a weight lifted from her shoulders.

He made life easy for her, made her feel free when once she felt confined like a bird in a cage. Reality was such a harsh thing, but with him beside her she could escape into fantasy and forget her troubles for a while.

Now though all she could think about was how miserable she was without him. Ever since realizing that the sickness was only in her mind she has tried to live every day to the fullest and enjoy the things life has to offer her.

On days like this however, she stays in bed and gazes out the window waiting for him. She knows that she has him to thank for her recovery and she vowed that if he should ever return to her that she would repay him for helping her heal by being there to nurse him back to health if he should be sick or injured in any way.

When once more she glanced to the window and saw no one there she made a sad sound and lay down on the mattress to cry herself to sleep.


When the butler Merry came into the girl's room to check on her he found her sleeping restlessly.

Shaking his head he moved to tuck her in securely and a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. Merry picked it up and noticed the messy writing scrawled on it. He stared at it curiously for a moment and then glanced warily at his sleeping charge before proceeding to read the hurried writing.

"Sorry I couldn't stay and talk; I'm really in a hurry and have to drop this letter off before I move on. I want to know how your doing and what you've been up to. I've missed you a lot and I hope you've been thinking of me too. Don't worry about me - I'm fine and unharmed. Well of course I am after all a mighty pirate like me doesn't get injured so easily. You'll have to try really hard to hurt a big strong man like me! Anyway I'll probably be visiting again soon so I hope your looking forward to it. I know I will be. It will be so nice to see you again Kaya after being apart for so long. I gotta go now so I'll leave this next to you and hope you'll find it when you wake up.


After the initial surprise passed the man smiled faintly and laid the note back on the comforter.

It seems her friend had returned and would be visiting again soon. He knew this would make his mistress very happy as she'd been feeling a bit down lately.

Smiling warmly at the girls sleeping form he turned and quietly exited the room.