I just thought of the continuation of "Eternal Eden" and suddenly this poured out. It's kind of like a preface for the sequel game in my imagination. I didn't take a peek at Elder's (the game's developer) blog for fear of wanting the game NOW, though. So if it's too farfetched, just consider it an AU.

I'm a bit rusty with my writings, but at least I hope this is adequate.

Spoilers like wow for those who hasn't finished the game!

.o Grief o.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Everything is Blossomsoft's, yo. Not making money, obviously.
Warning: Emo and possibly turning evil Noah ahead!

Grief was a vicious thing.

Grief was a painful process in which Noah was made to fully understand it. First, when Joelle died and left him with a hole in his heart. Second, when he lost Downey. But most of all, it was the many regrets that Noah could not avoid, and could not forget.

He was, even now, with all his companions back beside himself except Downey, regretful of all the sins he had done.

Another, new and painful, regret was that he broke his promise with Dogan and confessed his misdoings to Father. It was a relief, for the first few seconds, but then the sorrowful eyes of Father... He had wished then, that he hadn't survived the ordeal.

Right then, Noah learned a lesson of utmost import; to love someone was too much of a burden. It weighted heavily on your shoulders, dragging you down and making you doubt yourself. With each step of your life, you wondered if what you're doing was what the person you loved would approve. All of these, Father made Noah know very well.

It would not rest, this continuous sorrow. The pain would not lessen. Each time he glanced to his right to share a secret joke with someone who was no longer there, each time he waited fruitlessly for a snarky comment from his lost friend, each time he waited for a gentle hug from Father that wouldn't come... It was that same kaleidoscope of shattered hopes all over again.

Gritting his teeth, Noah gently touched the delicate pendant he made sure to always wear, and remembered his beloved Princess. The touch left him with a hollowing feeling, somehow, and he sighed. For a while, it had helped. For a while, it used to heal him. But the constant hungers for redemption ate at him, demanding him to push himself more, to amend things faster. To be forgiven.

He knew what he crave most would and could never come from these companions who had not shared the same faith he endured, the same experiences. They would not understand, even Dogan.

That voice he knew not to trust still lurked on the edge of his mind, waiting to strike while he was in the weakest of mind. The voice, still sweet and sincere, whispered lures of a new start, of changing things for the better. Of building a world where every one lived in peace and Downey married the Princess, where Joelle was not an exile, where his friends were happy.

But was it enough to hope, to bind himself with those half-hearted oaths and empty promises?

(The Snake could not he trusted!)

Was it right, to put faith on himself once more?

(He had failed before!)

Dare he...

Build his world again?

(He just...)

One more chance--

(Once, promise!)

and he'd make everything right again.