Did a few changes to the story, mostly grammar fixes, but I reccomend you read the entire story all over again before reading chapter 4.

Chapter 1: Strange Things

It's a normal day around here. Everyone is living their boring (and sometimes not-so-boring) life. Carly, Sam and Freddie just finished this week's iCarly, and they're bored. Far away from here... the Lyoko group is having launch at the cafeteria.

Aelita: Hey Jeremie, how's it going?

Jeremie: Not bad. I've let the new anti-virus program running. A few more tries, and you're going to be free from that nasty virus!

Aelita: Great.

Odd: Hey, Jeremie, do you...

*Odd and Yumi both get paralyzed*


Ulrich: Hello, is there anything wrong with you?

*Odd runs away*

Aelita: What's wrong with him?

Jeremie, turning around: I think I know what's wrong!


Yumi: Do you think it's XANA?

Ulrich: Of course it is! *shouts:* Odd, come back here!

*Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich and Odd all run to the factory*

I'll skip right to the Return To The Past.

A few days later...

Jeremie: Guys, I was analysing some of the digital data of that ghost XANA sent here a few days ago. And it didn't looked digital. It actually looked more of a REAL ghost!

Odd: But, Jeremie, there is no such a thing as ghosts! They where those I-don't-know-what specters that XANA always sends to us.

Jeremie: I'll keep looking.

More few days later...

*Jeremie enters Urlich's room, where everyone is reunited*

Jeremie, shouting and almost breaking the door: THAT'S IT!

Odd: Hey, what's up guy?

Jeremie: Do you remember that ghost from a few days ago? I looked more into it, and I discovered that XANA used a new program that transform dimension traveling into reality!

Everyone: Dimension traveling!

Jeremie: Oh yeah! With this program, that now I have access to it, uses the same mechanism used in the return to the past. We can travel any dimension we want! I have some work to do, see you later!

*10 seconds later*

Jeremie: Hey guys, what's up?

Aelita: Back already, Jeremie?

Jeremie: Already? But... I was out for four hours!

Aelita: Four... HOURS! Jeremie, it's not been 20 seconds since you closed that door.

Jeremie: So, dimension traveling might have some interference with time and...

*suddently, the return to the past bubble appears*

Seconds later, everything is back to normal. Everything but the gang AND the factory (the entire factory!) , both wich disappeared.

After some time, Odd and Yumi woke up.

Yumi: Ahhhh. Where are we?

Odd: Let me see... I think nothing happened. Look, we're at the factory.

Yumi: Yeah, I can see. We're at the factory. Look, there's Jeremie.

Odd: Jeremie, wake up.

Jeremie: It's Saturday. Odd, let me sleep.

Odd: We're not in school, Jeremie. We're at the factory. How did we got here?

Jeremie, waking up: The factory? It means the anti-virus is ready!

Yumi: No, Jeremie. At least we don't know. We're here, right in the middle of the factory.

The three awake completly. The three all go to the lab.

Jeremie: I think there was a bug at the dimension traveling proccess. We're in another dimension!

Yumi: And where are Ulrich and Aelita?

Jeremie: Let me see... They got teleportated with us. Ulrich... Is also here in the factory. He past the assembly line room for some reason. And Aelita... Is in Lyoko! Odd, you go get Ulrich out in the factory, and, Yumi, you go down to Lyoko to see Aelita.

A few minutes later, Odd comes with Ulrich in the elevator, while the scanners open, showing Yumi and Aelita.

Ulrich: So, we're in another dimension?

Jeremie: Yes. There was a bug in the system. I must fix the proccess before we can go back. This could take a looks like the program brang us and the factory to this world. It means XANA is also here. And we also must find a way to get ourselves in this world, and also find someone we can trust, to tell who we are, because we're not going to stay here for a short time. And we also must look outside the factory to see where we are. And to find this special person.

Ulrich: Is this going to be hard?

Jeremie: Maybe. Imagine having to stay about a month on a place you don't know how things are. As I said, we must find someone we can trust to tell everything about us.