Chapter 3: iXana

Jeremie: Aelita, do you think you can give me a vision?

The supercomputer screen showed Aelita's eye view. Carly and Spencer where amazed by the Forest Sector, and also by Freddie's new outfit.

Freddie's Lyoko outfit was sorta like an uniform, it had green stripes on the sides and a with shirt with a green circe on it, it was simple compared to the other's. On the back there was a very small hearth, half green, half grey. His pants were brown but there were, like, green "ink splats" in it. He had some sort of big "camera" with him.

Sam: He looks the same dork he always is. And what this "new Fredward" can do?

Freddie was playing with his new outfit and his weapon that looked like a mix of a video camera and a bazooka.

Aelita: So what does this "camera" can do? And what about your power?

Freddie: Power?

Ulrich: I have super speed and triplication. Yumi is telekinetic, and Odd has a purple shield. I think time will show your one, as it did to Yumi's.

Odd: And what does this camera do? Films the monsters?

Freddie: I don't know. But it looks a lot like my video camera.

Odd: What about calling it a Bazookamera?

Yumi: I liked it. Do you think it's good, Freddie?

Freddie: Sure!

Odd: I like naming things. It's very fun.

Jeremie: I think now it's time for you to go there, too, Sam.

Sam: No! I'm not going there.

Carly: Sam, we must do. Don't you remember what he said? Go to Lyoko, immune to XANA.

Sam: I'll go… Later. Now I just want to sit here and watch that cube-like thing squish Fredward.

Freddie: Hey, what's that?

Aelita: Bloks! I wonder why XANA send them here. There's no activated tower.

Jeremie: Said too early, Aelita. The super scan showed up one at the desert sector.

Freddie was already trying to kill the blocks with his Bazookamera, without any success. Odd was helping him, and Sam was, of course, laughing.

Sam: Man, I wish there was a TV show with that!

Jeremie: It's time for you to go deactivate that tower! I'll materialize the vehicles!

Odd jumps on the Overboard, Ulrich on the Overbike, plus Aelita and Yumi both jump on the Overwing.

Freddie: And me?

Jeremie: It will take me time to be able to materialize another Overbike for you, just ride with Ulrich.

Freddie: Hey, Ulrich, be careful! We're going to crash in that Tower!

Ulrich: And that's what we're going to do!

He pressed the button to activate the flying wheel, before "crashing" into the tower.

Freddie: Hey, where are we?

Ulrich: Inside the tower!

Freddie: Wow, for a minute I though... Aaaaaaaargh! Can you please say to me what's going to happen before I scream? I'm pretty sure Sam is having fun of me right now!

Sam: And I really am!

Freddie: I'm also pretty sure you would also scream if YOU were in my place!

Sam: Maybe I would, put it's sure funnier with you!

Carly: Odd, look behind you!

Odd: What?

Some hornets appear, shooting the Overboard and making Odd fall directly into the Digital Sea. Jeremie materialised him back in time.

Carly: So, if there's that activated tower, it means XANA is launching an attack into the real world?

Jeremie: Yes. He sends here some spectres, and those can make almost anything happen.

In Lyoko, the group reached the well-guarded activated tower. In the Overbike, Freddie was playing with the Bazookamera and discovered it could film. He tried filming a megatank's movement before Ulrich destroyed it. Suddenly, Freddie became exactly like one, except it was about his size.

Jeremie: So, this is Freddie's power! Filming enemies' attack and being able to use it himself!

Freddie: This looks so fun!

Odd: Better than a shield, huh?

Jeremie: Sam, you are here doing nothing, go up there and check out where Carly went.

She went up there, to find Carly laying on the ground in the house.