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Chapter 1: Panicking

I needed to flee from Phoenix and I had to flee now. Not later, not next week, now.

Turning right I kept jogging at an aggressive speed, sweeping bullets and breathing like an enraged bull.

Turning left I started on my street. My legs felt like jelly and I just wanted to sit down and have a breather. The sun was just setting and I could still see the orange and red streaks from the sunset just over the rooftops on the small houses in Phoenix Arizona. But even though the sun was gone the heat kept being a persistent thorn in my side as I tried to breath.

I still didn't really understand what had happened. I had been caught? Had I been caught? How could that possibly have happened? Had it happened?

Maybe I was overreacting. Maybe this was just my paranoid side kicking in at last.

But what if I wasn't? What if I on Monday came to school and a police escort was waiting for me at the entrance with a stun gun. The sending me over to the federal government and the next I would be another animal for exhibition for the scientist in sector 7.

Wouldn't that be just peachy?

Turning off onto the driveway of my house I made a peel for the driveway and collapsed on the porch next to the front door under the living room window, behind the railing.

Leaning my head back I breathed in and out as calmly as I could. I could hear my mom and Phil laughing in front of the TV right behind my head. I wanted to go in, into my safe water-free house, which I knew in and out and could maneuver through blindfolded.

Arizona was in reality the safest place on earth for me, and you know Sahara, but Sahara wasn't really livable, not really. Egypt wasn't really appealing to me either. No, in America, this was the safest place. But even thought this was true, I had no choice, I really has no choice if I wanted to be on the safe side.

Even the thought of it seemed unbelievable.

"I'm going to Forks." I mumbled to myself. I'm going to Forks in Washington to live with Charlie, my long-time-no-see father. The town where it rained almost every day of the year.

How was I going to do that? Constant rain; and rain was water for God's sake. The one substance on earth I tried to stay away from like it carried with it the plague.

No, I needed to find a solution to that problem, because I didn't really have a choice, now did I?

Or, I did, but I wasn't willing or though enough to take that risk, to leave it to chance like that.

But first, before anything else I needed to talk to my mom. She wasn't going to like it, and she was going to protest and so no, but after a while she would cave, she usually did. Especially if I knew she secretly wanted me to. Don't get me wrong, she is a wonderful mother and she would never ask me to leave, not even in moments of anger.

My mom loves Phil, more then she loved my dad as far as I can understand, and she really wanted to travel with him, the only thing actually holding her back was me. If I left she could travel with Phil, who would say no to that?

Especially since I want to leave at my own volition as far as she is concerned.

Breathing in the night air I tried to calm my frail nerves, looking out on the familiar streets with the neighbors we never really bothered to get to know after we moved here.

I could hear the sounds of cars, people and nature and as I sat there I wondered what would happen in the future. But the moment I started on that thought different scenarios - turning worse and worse and more and more horrifyingly realistic ā€“ I shook my head and jumped to my feet.

Breathing in and out I walked forward, plastered on a mask of calmness and took a hold of the door knob and entered. "Hi mom, Phil." I said as they both turned their heads towards me. Phil gave me smile before turning back to the TV, my mom stood and headed towards me, giving me a worried searching stare. Giving her a little come-along wave I walked into the kitchen and leaned myself up against a counter.

Renee look at me confused and worried as she stopped a few paces in front of me. "What is it sweetie? Is everything ok? Did something happen?" I could see her eyes franticly searching my person for anything amiss, a scratch or some sign of a fight.

"I'm fine, it's not that." I paused, wondering how to make this sound logical. "I just had some time to think on my run, or, some more time to think about something I have been considering for a little while now."

She didn't say anything but nodded towards me, still looking a bit worried.

Taking a deep breath I decided to just get it over with. "IwanttogoliveinForks." I rushed out in one breath. I didn't think she caught it there for a few seconds, but her expression morphed into shock so she must have at least caught the essence of it. "What?" She asked in a small voice. "Iā€¦ I want to go live in Forks." I muttered more slowly, glancing away from her and down at my hands.

"Hold on a second, you want to go live your father, in Forks?" Looking up from my hands I took in her disbelieving expression. I had never made an effort to hide my distaste for the small town so this was probably beyond unexpected.

But as fast as the disbelief had come it disappeared and was replaced by suspicion.

This was going to be a long night.


Trailing my suitcase behind me we walked towards my gate in silence where I would get on a plane to Seattle, there I would switch and take a smaller plane down to Pot Angeles where my father would pick me up and we would drive the 1 hour drive to Forks. I had to suppress a sigh so my mom wouldn't catch up on my rather depressing mood.

Stopping in front of the assigned gate I turned to my mother. I had already said my goodbyes to Phil, he was waiting in the car so that they didn't have to park it ā€“ air port parking lots was as expensive as hell and it was no need for that, I was old enough to get on a plane on my own.

"Bella, you really don't have to do this." I had lost count over how many times my mother had said that since I had started the process of moving to Forks. "I know, but I want to do this. And it will be good for me, get to know more people, spend some time with Charlie, it will be great." I smiled at her. Before all this had started happening to me I had been an awful liar, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and I was not perfect yet but there were no denying I was getting better.

She had tried doziness of times to change my mind but it was no use and she had finally gotten around to understanding that. It was for the best, if she saw me crack it would only make things worse for both of us. Taking a hold of my shoulders she looked at me. "My baby girl," She said giving me one of those rare tender motherly smiles. "Mom, I'm not going into the army, I'm moving to Forks, you can come visit and send mails any time."

Smiling at me as thought I was 7 and I didn't know better she pulled me into a hug.

"I'm going to miss you hon."

"I'm going to miss you too." I said back, "But now you and Phil have the house for yourselves and I do not want to know what you plan on doing with that." laughing she pulled away, "Don't get yourself in trouble." She muttered, rubbing my shoulders, I had to force the smile to stay there. For all I knew I may already have done just that.

"I'll try my best."

Seating myself in the assigned seat I fastened the seatbelt. The air plane pulled out from

the airport and started down the runway.

It hurt, my stomach twisting itself up in knots as I saw the familiar landscape of Phoenix passing in a higher and higher speed and I could not stop my body from stiffening up. My inner voice were ranting on and on about all the things that could go wrong and how stupid I was to even think of doing this and what kind of idiot decided to go through with this plan to begin with.

I was after all moving to probably the rainiest town in the US and with my condition this was the same as putting myself in a situation where I would slowly descend into madness.

I had planned everything out. I had put precautions in place and if I hadn't been able to come up with something that was 90 % secure I would not have left. Still, I couldn't not calm down the nervousness which where tightening my stomach into knots.

The plane took off with roar and as I flew into the sky the only thing I wanted as Phoenix Arizona disappeared underneath me was a parachute and an open door.


So what do you think? Is it better? Worse?