Chapter 14 part 2: Aftermath

As the door swung open I just froze. I couldn't move, I couldn't blink; I didn't even jump back.

You may think that a whole bunch of stuff went through my head in those few seconds like in movies, but no, nothing, just silence.

Then, the door was open, and in front of me stood the tallest, most muscular woman I had ever seen in my life. She looked like an amazon, just… just huge

She had short dark hair, mocha skin and piercing dark brown eyes.

And there she stood, staring me down. I am ashamed to say it, but I almost peed my pants. When I thought I couldn't get a stronger need to run away, she opened her mouth.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" Her voice was dark and rumbling, shaking me into my very core.

She also had a slight accent, I could not pinpoint from where – not that I was thinking overly hard on that right now though.

"Yes." I said in a small voice that sounded more like a kicked dogs high-pitched whine then anything else – not that I kick dogs that is just pure evil.

"Good." She said, her accent thicker. She opened the door wider and stepped to the side, gesturing for me to go into the house. I didn't want to… I really didn't want to… But I lifted one shaky leg, and started walking.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a voice was telling me to man up, to grow a pair, to maybe go back and get my spine, which I obviously left in the car, but I just couldn't focus.

I think all the feelings; everything that had been happening lately just had caught a bit up with me. Making me more nervous then I normally would be.

Trying to seem as calm and collected as I could be, I slapped on a neutral face (because really, that was the best I could do) and kept walking into the house. Not taking of anything in case I need to do a fast escape.

It was a cosy house, everything considered, all in shades of brown, beige and white with what looked like old antique furniture, it was also some splashes of colour in dark marine blue and dark green.

After the small hallway you came straight into a very cosy living room with a fireplace built in natural stone, bookshelves crammed with books, a cosy sitting area with big chairs and one big window out towards the back yard.

To the left of the living room was what looked to be the kitchen with beautiful blue cupboards and a mosaic work behind the solid dark wooden bench that seemed more like a work of art then anything else.

On the right there were two doors, one probably to a bedroom while the other I guess was the bathroom. But my attention was drawn from my surroundings to the woman sitting in one of the chairs in front of the fireplace. She was a busty woman, with a plump face, small button nose, grey eyes and dark blond hair in a knot at the nape of her neck. She was also wearing a dress with fish on it. It was blue with small coloured fish. Looked like koy.

I couldn't help it, I just had to stare.

It was so appropriate and inappropriate at the same time that it almost hurt.

Silence fell. I didn't say anything; neither of the women in the room said anything.

And then, after what felt like forever, the woman opened her mouth and spoke.

"Hello Isabella Swan. Please, take a seat." I made myself nod before walking over to the other big chair and sitting down. I couldn't help but look over at the big amazon looking woman that had let me in. "She prefers standing." The busty woman said. I turned back to her; she was smiling.

First now did I notice the small table with a teapot and two cups on it.

"Would you like some?" The yet unnamed woman asked, gesturing to the table. I just stared at her. That's just about when my spine decided to come running from the car and back into my body.

"I'm sorry if I seem rude, but… Who exactly are you?" The woman reached over and started pouring some tea that too me smelled divine, which was quit strange, since I neither drank nor ate normal human food, and last time I checked the British enjoyed this very drink every day.

She handed me a cup, and I took it, without commenting.

"My name is Estelle. And I represent the council little one." I felt almost offended by the endearment, but kept my trap shut. I really didn't need to offend these people – catching my death here was not my intention.

You may find me a bit overdramatic – they say they are from the council, what is the big deal? Well, I don't know anything about them, I don't know why they are here and I will not offend them before figuring out what they are all about. No I will not good sir.

And my mother raised me better then that.

She raised the cup to her lips and took a sip, me, not wanting to be awkward decided to follow her lead.

It tasted divine. It was the best tea I had ever tasted in my entire life.

My taste buds danced in my mouth as I took another sip. I couldn't help myself as the warmth of the tea surged through my body, relaxing. "What kind of tea is this?" I asked, looking up at the woman I now knew to be Estelle. But as I asked the question I regretted it, I did not want to show weakness, and I just did. Letting my guard down, moving uncomfortably in my seat I looked back towards the woman.

She was smiling at me with a warm smile. It would have been reassuring, but it did not seem like the warmth behind it was genuine.

"We will get back to that." She said, still smiling.

Nodding I wrapped my hands around the cup and lowered it to my lap. I decided to get it over with. "So, I am here like requested. What is it that you wanted to see me about?"

Estelle laughed a little, the amazon woman just stood there, not showing any since of emotion at all.

"Don't be so nervous darling, we are not here to hurt you. We are merely here to educate you and inform you of a few things."

"And what is those things? I need to be home in a while so I can't really stay that long."

I informed here politely. She nodded. "We better get to it then."

Leaning forward she grabbed a stack of books, there were about 3 books in total.

"We have been observing you for some time now and have come to see that you are having issues with your new life. Therefore we have brought some reading material for you that may be useful and we hope that you can settle in better in the future. Among those are also a cook book in which you can find the recipe for the tea." Silence fell as she handed me five books and leaned back in her chair, looking at me.

After some time I could not help myself. "Is that it?"

Estelle smiled. "No, we also ask that you burn the books when you are finished with them, we do not want any accidents. Also, there are rules you should know about."

I nodded.

"We are from the Council. It is a small one, no more then 8 of us in total, and we have been chosen by others to decide upon important matters most of our people don't want to bother their heads with." That sounded a bit odd. "Is there elections?" she shook her head, "When you are selected, you are selected, when one on the Council dies we all come together and select a new. And so it goes on."

It sounded wrong to me but I did not want to question her more about it.

"The rules are as follows, the first and most important rule is to never get exposed, never. Humans have known about us before and it did not go well. Chances are if it happened again, it would go the same way.

The second is very simple as well; you will sooner or later meet other supernatural beings. If they attack, defend yourself, if they don't, be polite and try to not let anything slip about our race. There are not many of us left, and there are creatures out there that love feasting on us, therefore caution is key.

The third and last rule I will tell you today is that we do not under any circumstances, unless it is an emergency, for example if one on the council gets killed and we have to select a new one or if a major problem has com up, meet in big groups. That is the reason why you have not seen many of us, because bad things always happens when there is a lot of us in one place. You may have heard legends about it, they talk most of it in Japanese legends, they tell of mermaids and that they bring bad luck wherever they go.

Therefore, get comfortable with the thought of only seeing someone like you now and again."

I had to stop her.

"So, all of you live in solitude?"

"Mostly yes, some of us blend in with society like so many other supernatural beings. And we bump into others of our kind now and again, and it is enough for most. Don't worry, you will get used to it."

"But why? What kind of bad things could possibly happen?" I was getting frustrated, it all seemed so strange to me.

"Natural disasters mostly, Hurricane Katrina and so forth, we also have a tendency to draw in the one thing that likes to eat us, and that is never a fun day for anyone."

She smiled at me.

"What are they? The things that like to eat us." I asked.

"Thy do not have a name and we have not given them one, we will not name them, they do not deserve it. But you can identify them by their smell, a very sweet smell, almost sickly, and they travel in packs, no less then three at a time."

"So I assume they look human then?"

"We all do, don't we?" She asked, smiling at me.

"They don't change or have anything like that?"

"They have very sharp teeth, inhumanly so – an that is all the time, and they tend to have claws, some cut them some do not."

Staying silent I contemplated what she had said. Then a question popped into my head.

"I read something about choosing a mate, or soul mate. Is there any truth to that?"

She was nodding before I was finished.

"We choose a person to form a special bond with, we can never chose another and no one will be as special to us as that one person. So if you find this person, boy or girl, cherish them until you no longer can. We are immortal when we are finished with the transformation, frozen in time – never sleeping, never changing: very similar to other supernatural creatures.

Contrary to the book you have read, we do not choose this person because we need to birth a child. The transformation is the only time we can, and it's a time where we are exceptionally horny, but that is only because we need to be close to the person chosen. And we have a difficult time getting pregnant during that time anyways. I know of people who have tried and failed. So if you have a person, don't worry about that. Focus on the person and not the urge to have sex with them and you should be fine.

And again, as I said before, no one is to know about us. This is very important. And when I say no one I mean humans mostly, and most supernatural beings – we like to keep to ourselves. But it also means no family. We have tried without this rule and it is never pretty, therefor sooner or later you will have to stage yourself – or let us stage your death, then you will have to go out in the world on your own. That is just our way. We have already set up an account for you with an amount that should get you out there and settled. In the thin book there is also some recommended places, how to establish yourself and some techniques to make you look older since you are indeed very young to be one of us. There is also the number of someone who can fix you up with false papers – that is always on the council so do not worry about that.

Hm… I think that was everything, whatever else you may have questions about should be answered in the books. If there are something else there is an e-mail in there you can send to."

She stood and I stood with her, books in hand, my head spinning – feeling like I was going more on autopilot then anything else.

"I hope you will be more successfully in adapting from here on out and that you will have a long and happy life – in case we do not meet again."

She smiled.

"I guess I should be heading home."

"You probably should. We will be absent for a while but we will check up on you in a few months, just to make sure you are doing okay."

I nodded as she led me to the door.

Stepping out I turned to the two women. "Goodbye Isabella." Estelle said before closing the door in my face.

Feeling numb I turned around and walked over to my truck, got in and headed home.

Sitting on my bead I was still processing everything that had been said. All the books I had stashed in a small bag under my bed the second I got in, I just needed them out of my sight.

It was just overwhelming. Firstly – my life were just about pre-decided for me. I would live an eternal life, alone, away from everyone that was remotely like me.

Unless someone killed me that is; but then again, that is not easy to do.

I would also be moving every something years so that I would not get suspicious people on my tail. No humans could know after all. But I guess the Cullens have been doing that for years so should not be too hard.

And then there were the entire stage my death thing which were killing me the most.

My mother would be sad, devastated, but she had Phil to take care of her now. She was not the one I was worried about. Charlie on the other hand, he was all alone, and I just didn't know…

Feeling my head starting to spin I leaned back on my bed.

But what about the Cullens?


I was 100% sure he was my person, I could just feel it deep within my bones, but what would he (and the rest of them) think of all this?

How to come out and say 'Hey guys, guess what, I was a mermaid all along!'

Nah… Don't really think so.

It was just too much.

I didn't know where to start.

Laying back I closed my eyes and just let my thoughts fade away. Listening to the sounds of the forest outside, trying to block out everyone and everything.

Around 3 am I got of the bed and got out the bag with the books. I had not really looked at any of them, I didn't really want to when I came home. But I figured, with nothing else to do, why not give it a go.

Grabbing the biggest one I looked at the headline.


Save that one for later I decide before putting it next to me on the bed.

Grabbing the next one it said: What to eat

Lighting up I sat back and started reading.

It was fascinating to say the least. I had no idea all the things that could be done with kelp.

And fish – and a whole bunch of other creatures from the ocean.

I had read about half, going through everything slowly and careful as to get the gist of it when my alarm went of.

Closing the books I packed it back in the bag before stuffing it under my bed again

Standing up I headed for my closet. There had been so many recipes, so many things I wanted to try – but I guess a lifetime of eating fish and kelp would do that to you. Give you the motivation needed to make up new ways to prepare it.

Trying to stop myself from going back to reading I concentrated on getting ready. Picking one of the few dresses I had and black pantyhose. The dress was in a bit of heavier woollen material and was entirely in dark grey. It was a small belt in navy blue and I put on a black cardigan with a black scarf over. Everything felt a bit tight with the waterproof suit under but I decided that would have to do, I felt confident today. My hair I braided - but makeup I skipped, didn't bother.

Charlie was at work so the rest I needed to do I did at my normal speed. But I had gotten a bit more used to it, didn't break things anymore.

Pulling on my high boots and my coat I grabbed my gloves, the umbrella and the backpack and walked out of the house, it wasn't really raining, just drizzling, so concentrating I pushed the water away from me and just walked to my car. It was nice, not having to use the umbrella all the time, of course, it still exhausted me to use my powers, but I figured – with use it would get easier.

Therefore, practice was key – had to start somewhere right?

Starting up my truck I headed for school with a resolve in my mind. No humping Edward today.

Stepping out of the car at school with the umbrella firmly over my head I stood by it, waiting for the Cullen's to arrive.

I was a bit early due to my fast departure from the house. So as I stood there I watched people slowly coming in their cars. And as I stood there something occurred to me, I didn't count myself as one of them.

As one of the humans.

In all honesty I was not, I was not the same as them, yet, before the last week I had always counted myself as a human – just slightly odder then most.

But now, after everything I had come to learn, and after meeting someone of my own kind which – as I had been sitting there could faintly feel with my mind – I did not see myself as I saw them.

I felt prouder, stronger and more secure about myself. I felt… proud… yes that was the word I was looking for, proud of myself and what I was, even though none of these people knew.

Maybe this was not such a bad thing after all.

Maybe it would grow on me.

Looking down I felt a smile slowly crawl itself upon my face.

That's when I felt it. Looking up I saw Edward and the others come driving in his Volvo. I could feel him, just faintly – but still there, like I was tethered to him.

As I stood there, marvelling at the feeling I felt within a small voice ask if I thought he felt the same way – if he could feel it. But I pushed it down, ignoring it. Not wanting to let doubt cloud my mind, this was such a good day so far.

As they stepped out of the car I could smell him instantly, my mouth watered and my libido reared its head. Images started popping through my mind and I had to take a deep breath to clear some of them away.


I will not.

Looking back up I smiled at Edward and nodded my head – indicating for him to come over.

I could feel my body go completely stiff as he came closer. I tried to push all the feelings aside, ignoring my instincts which screamed at me to run at him, tackle him, kiss him, anything.

"Hello handsome." I smiled at him as he ducked under the umbrella. He had a few drops of water in his hair and with a flick of my hand they flew away. He looked at me, searching my face. "Are you okay? I haven't heard from you since you left on Monday." He sounded annoyed and more then a little worried, and I guess he had the right to be. Sighing I grabbed his hand. My body was screaming at me to do something, anything, this would have to do. He seemed surprise but quickly wiped the look of his face.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen, I just got caught up. There were a few things that needed to be figured out, and some questions I needed answered that I didn't know I had."

Stopping for a few seconds I held up my hand and interrupted him as he opened his mouth to speak.

"I can't explain, maybe later, and if there is a later, not in school. I have come to realise that…" I paused, wondering how to ay this. "I have come to realise that you will be a part of my life for some time to come, and…" I stopped again, my whole body was aching for him and I needed anything.

Just something.

Frowning I tried to push it down, restrain my feelings with everything I could.

"And, on that note, I wondered if you would like to go out with me." I controlled myself from not saying it at super speed, I stared at his face, he just looked at me.

Why was he just looking at me?

Then he smiled.

"Isabella Swan, you amaze me, did you know that?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, feeling my hopes dying a bit since he had not answered my question yet.

"You are just amazing. You are the strongest and strangest person I have ever met, and now, here you are, asking me out before I even have a clue you are going to - even though I should have asked you ages ago. My mother would have smacked me over the head if she had seen the way I have been less of a gentleman to you."

I just stared at him, not knowing what to say to that. "And I would love to."

I felt myself slowly smile. "Great!" I all but chirped before throwing my arms around him, hugging him. It was like fireworks. My entire body tingled at the point where it met his, and in that moment I tell you I could have died happy because it was the most wonderful, warm amazing feeling. My body wanted more, to rip away the fabric between us, but I pushed it away and slowly realized him. "Have I told you you look beautiful today?" He asked.

"I can't recall such a thing my good sir." I grinned at him as we headed towards the school. "Well, you do."

I felt his hand brush mine before he grabbed it, entwining our fingers. I had to hold back a squeak. And stop myself from pulling him in for some French kissing and some bonking in the parking lot.

Looking up at him I ignored the stares we were getting from the other students. "Thank you." I smiled at him. "You don't look so bad yourself." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

Hopefully things would only go upwards from here.