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Summary: Shuichi brings something unexpected home with him. Eiri is dubious.

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Rating for this chapter: M for sexual content.

Chapter 4

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As they were getting ready for bed, Shuichi turned to Eiri and said, "We need to take her to a vet to have her checked out and get her shots."

"Mmph," Eiri said. Shuichi's timing was impeccable. Eiri spit out his toothpaste and replied more intelligibly, "It's a good idea to have a vet check her over for any medical problems, but if you're going to take her to a shelter, won't they take care of her shots?"

Shuichi remained silent. Eiri could tell he was already regretting his promise to give her up. Well, he liked cats. If this one would leave him alone while he was typing… Damn. He wasn't going to be able to pry the cat away from Shuichi and he didn't have the heart to try.

Eiri pretended he hadn't asked anything and said, "I'll call tomorrow to find a vet." He had no idea who he'd call. Mizuki, maybe? He seemed to remember her mentioning something about having a cat. Mika and Tohma lived too far away and besides they had no pets.

Shuichi gave him a quick caress. "Thank you, Yuki!"

"Yeah, go get ready, brat."

When Eiri was finished in the bathroom, he found Shuichi lying in the middle of the bed, chest bare. Since Eiri liked to remove Shuichi's clothes himself, Shuichi didn't usually undress completely, but tonight all he had on were the boxers he normally wore to bed.

Shuichi's desire was evident from the bulge in his boxers. Eiri knelt between his legs and placed his hand on the bulge. "Are you packing heat or are you just happy to see me?" he asked. They'd picked up the lingo from Shuichi's gun-toting trigger-happy manager K.

Shuichi's eyes shone. "What if I'm packing heat and happy to see you? I am feeling a little…hot down there."

Feeling that the response 'Let's see if I can cool it down' went without saying, Eiri opened the fly on the boxers.

"Mmmm," Shuichi said. "Stop teasing me."

Eiri moved away. "That better?" he asked.

"No! You know what I mean. Keep going!" Shuichi ordered.

Eiri smirked and resumed what he'd been doing.

Suddenly Shuichi flinched. Eiri backed up and said, "What the fuck was that for?"

Shuichi pointed behind Eiri and to his right. Eiri glanced over and saw that the kitten had jumped up on the bed and was gazing at them – at Shuichi, actually – balefully.

"So?" said Eiri. "It's a cat."

"So I don't want the cat watching us have sex."

Eiri sighed. It looked like he'd have to toss the cat out of the bedroom if he wanted this to progress any further.

He slid off the bed and deposited the cat outside the door, closing it with a thud.

"Why doesn't it bother you?"

"After the temple cats watched me masturbate, why would it bother me to have a cat watch me have sex?"

Eiri resumed his previous position and activity until he judged that Shuichi was close to climaxing, at which point he let go. Shuichi sucked in his breath and moaned at the sudden loss of sensation and pressure.

Eiri began preparing him for the next step. Then the fingers were removed and Eiri stared down at him. "Tell me," he coaxed.

"Tell you what?" Shuichi said through gritted teeth.

"Meow," the kitten said from the other side of the door.

"You know."

"No, I'm not going to."

The kitten meowed again more piercingly.

"Fine. See if I care."

The kitten started meowing more frequently and plaintively. Eiri bowed his head in defeat. He knew that the cat would keep this up until it got its way.

"Excuse me," he said and opened the door.

"Yuki!" Shuichi yelled. "I can't continue with the cat staring at me!"

"So turn over," Eiri said, suiting actions to words and flipping Shuichi over. "That way you don't have to look at the cat."

"Umph," Shuichi replied, but he was excited enough and miserable enough at the absence of Eiri's touch that he didn't make any further objection to the presence of a feline voyeur.

The cat settled down on the corner of the bed and began taking a bath. Relieved that she didn't seem to be paying attention to them, Eiri continued.

Gods, he was so tight. So desirable. So--

He stopped thinking and began thrusting.

Just as he was almost ready to come, the kitten's cold wet nose made contact with his derrière, causing a chain reaction. Eiri thrust deeper and nearly fell on top of Shuichi at the same time. Eiri tried to pull out and roll to the side so his unanticipated shift in weight wouldn't crush his lover. Both men came, first Eiri and then Shuichi. As a result of the unexpected change in position the outcome of their activity went flying and landed in unexpected places.

Eiri turned around to glare at the cause of the mayhem. She was sitting quietly at the foot of the bed staring at him with yellow eyes. He remembered that cats considered an unblinking gaze hostile and looked away. "Fucking cat," he muttered.

They locked the cat out of the room while the two of them used damp washcloths to clean each other, the carpet, and the headboard and changed the mattress pad and sheets. Eiri muttered something about maybe using condoms next time even though he hated them. Shuichi muttered back something about not letting the damn cat watch them make love to begin with. Eiri refrained from making his usual comment about how 'making love' was an inaccurate and insipid description of what they did with and to each other.

When they were finished cleaning up, they opened the door and the culprit strolled back in as if she owned the place, her eyes glowing green in the dim light. She nestled in the crook of Shuichi's left arm while Eiri lay on his side facing Shuichi, his right arm draped over his lover's waist and his right hand resting on his lover's hip. The three of them fell asleep and stayed that way until Eiri moved his arm and rolled over in his sleep. In the morning Shuichi discovered his arm had gone numb because the kitten had spent the entire night curled up on it.

[1] See my story 'Firestruck' for the details.

[2] Sounds just like sex! But sex is usually more rewarding, or at least more fun, than bathing a kitten.

This story started with the image of Shuichi objecting to a feline voyeur. But to have a feline voyeur one of them needed to take in a stray and I thought it made more sense for it to be Shuichi who did that.

While I was writing this story one of my LiveJournal friends posted a poll about whether to permit furry voyeurs to stay or kick them out. One of her friends responded with an anecdote about a cold wet nose touching a spot it shouldn't have in the middle of the action. In that case, however, the culprit was a corgi and not a cat.