I knew there would be a new chapter someday….

About choices

Lets face it, you don't have one, you get no more than one choice and rarely ever you'll get two.

Hotpots are great but they also seem to be the only food available.

From a wide variety of weapons available a second ago you end up having the change to pick from a great selection of only 1 sword, a suspiciously evil looking black sword at that.

You cant change your career

lets not even talk about using other weapons

Contributions by Gallows' Stalker

If you go to the dark side, you can kill angels, massacre innocent by-standards, and fly in the air like a certain super hero.

If there is a man with an "H" plastered on his forehead, look out, tentacles are sure to be following him.

You can have sex with a cow and it would perfectly normal and accepted.

Archers positively HATE mages and will go out of their way to slaughter them first. Don't mess with archers when you're Odie, Dio, or any other magic user.

Sky Hero is a complete and utter dick; he won't accept Decor because he's a snobby jerk. So, remember, when you see a man atop a Gryphos, don't offer him jack **. :(

Cross dressing is perfectly okay.

World Eaters want love, too, in fact, they just want to eat you all up...quite literally.

Nothing lives against Psycho Burgundy. Nothing.

This game condones massacring pedophiles. Automatic win.

You can learn good farming techniques from hot pod farmers.

"Old ladies" are rather scary. They will beat you down.

Chaos-dark-lord: "I agree "

When you're evil, everyone around you loses their minds.

Galahad would make a great salesman.