Title: Just Right
Rating: PG-13 (swear words)
Summary: Hannibal has a ritual involved in getting ready for a vamp-hunt.
Author's Note: Written for the comment_fic prompt: Blade & Hannibal, "You really are stupid"
Dislclaimer: No profit is made in any way, don't I wish though!

Blade had to resist the urge to grumble as he stalked through the halls. How the Nightstalkers had ever talked him into hunting with them again he couldn't be sure, and he had no idea how he had ever agreed to let Hannibal King accompany him on a raid on a vamp nest. He was going to be stuck with the loud-mouthed ex-vamp all night and though it never hurt to have back-up, Blade knew this was going to be a painful night whether he got injured or not. He found Caulder in the kitchen pouring cereal.

"Hey, where hell's King? We're supposed to leave in ten minutes," Blade hissed, hating to be left waiting.

Caulder pointed down the hallway, "He went to the armory about half an hour ago to get ready."

Blade lifted an eyebrow beneath his sunglasses but said nothing. Maybe he had been too harsh on King, just this once, if he had left so early to prepare for the fight. He could hear the former vampire moving through the armory as he approached but his eyes widened in surprised anger when he found King without a single weapon strapped to him yet, hunched over a table, Sharpie in hand and a growing pile of crumpled paper beside him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Blade growled.

King looked up in surprised, "I'm almost ready, it's just, it's gotta be just right. There's a fine art to this."

Blade walked closer to see that the pile of paper was actually crumpled nametags with various phrases written and crossed out on them ranging from "Hello, my name is: You're Fucked" to "Eat Shit" and "Burn Motherfucker".

Blade's eyes widened in disbelief and he was about to shout obscenities when King stood up in triumph, "Okay, I got it. There, we can go."

With a victorious grin Hannibal holstered his guns and proudly slapped on his nametag.

Hello, my name is: Oh My God! Look behind you!

"At least one vamp is gonna fall for this, you wait and see," King assured him, pointing at the sticker.

Blade shook his head and left, not caring if the Nightstalker followed, "You really are stupid."

"Yeah well … takes one to know one!" King yelled at his retreating back then cringed at his own lame comeback. "This is why I have to work on my material beforehand. Where's my UV grenade?"