Allan walked along an empty path following the sounds of the birds and his feet. Light was playing on the ground and he could smell damp grass from the night before. He was copying the various calls of the birds he heard when Allan felt the ground beneath him shake and he stared in front of him. A faint silhouette ran towards him, slowly another two figures appeared behind the first. Allan realised they were riding horses and he recognised the colour of the guards uniform. He turned on his heels and sprinted back the way he came.

Allan jumped behind an ancient oak tree and decided to wait for the figure. It was only a few seconds behind him Allan threw out his hand and grabbed the person by the arm yanking them behind the tree with him. He then proceeded to drag the figure down the hill to a nearby cave entrance to wait for the guards to pass. They heard low grumbles from the guards and heard the horses gallop towards Nottingham. For a while they sat in silence, it was dark so Allan could not see who he had saved and it was still too dangerous to ask. So he sat breathing in the whiff of damp moss and listened to the clockwork drippings that hit the cave floor.

When he was sure the guards had vanished Allan walked out of the cave in silence. He heard feet behind him and turned to smile at the figure he had saved. He was stunned that the figure was in fact a woman. She smiled back at him and pulled down the hood of her brown cloak.

"Thank you." she beamed, Allan just stared at her.

She was of a larger build than Kate but was as slim. Her hair was the same colour as her cloak and her green-brown eyes shone from underneath it.

Allan stood dumbstruck for a few moments until she added, "Your name?" She smiled at him but her tone had a sense of urgency to it.

"Oh, right, um, Allan… Allan a' Dale." He stuttered blushing terribly.

"I'm Victoria." She eased up automatically.

"So, why were you running?" Allan asked.

"I don't quite trust you enough to give you the truth and I do not wish to lie to you so it's best that I keep that to myself for now." She flashed a grin at him and he nodded.

"That's OK by me, for now."

"I was actually trying to find someone when the guards caught up with me." She hinted.

"Well I'm a man of the forest, maybe I know him." He puffed out his chest and put his hands on his hips.

"It might sound sort of silly…" He smiled and nodded indicating she should go on "I was looking for… Robin Hood." Victoria looked hopefully at him and smiled. He turned his back on her and whistled loudly through his front teeth. It was a birdcall of some sort and she watched him closely. After the third time the trees and bushes around them started to shake.

Four men and one woman appeared in a circle around them. Allan smiled and whispered "I guess there's no need for you to run any longer."