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"Bye Mom! I'm going to school!" the young girl said loudly and slightly ruefully. She glared at her older brother. "Not fair, why do I have to go to school and not you?"

"Hey, I had to go through it for a couple years, too," he shrugged. "Before you know it you'll be done, then you can ditch this 'normal life' thing mom and dad are trying."

"Pfft, whatever," the girl growled playfully. She shoved her older brother gently before heading for the door again, but not fast enough before he ruffled her hair. She glared at him and he smiled back teasingly. Swiping her hand fast over her head to get her hair right, she put a black and white hat on and started opening the door.

"Just be careful!" her mom's voiced called, actually sounding a bit worried.

"You all right, mom?" the girl asked, not used to her mom sounding like this.

"Yeah…I'm just getting a bad feeling…sure you don't want to stay home today?" she suggested carefully.

"No way! Last day of school! I gotta show!" When her mom didn't reply, the girl sighed and added, "But I promise I'll be careful." And headed out the door.

"So," she said aloud once outside, "Skateboards or flying today?"

"You kidding?" a voice said back with a slight echo, "Last day! Fly! But skateboard home."

"Got it!" the girl said, grabbing two skateboards: both were black with white flames. "Ready?"

"Ready!" the echo voice said back. The young girl ran forward, jumped into the air in a mid-air summersault. Half way around a ghastly blue mist appeared around her, and by the time she came out of her summersault she was on her way, flying into the clear blue sky with the bright sunny rays bathing her in light.



Raven looked up from her book and gave Beast Boy a hard stare.

"Huh? What?" he said, snapping back into reality.

"That's what I asked," she said impatiently. "You've been staring at me for almost 5 minutes."

"Oh, sorry," Beast Boy said, chuckling nervously and scratching behind his head. "Just kinda spaced out there." Raven rolled her eyes and went back to reading. Beast Boy sighed a bit in relief. He had been staring at her. He had been doing that a lot lately, and Raven was starting to notice. He had to keep his cool or she would probably smash his head through the wall next time. Lucky for Beast Boy, the alarm sounded just then.

"What's up?" Cyborg said, coming into the room, followed quickly by Starfire and Robin. The team leader ran up to the computer and typed something in quickly. He raised his eyebrow.

"Robin, what is wrong?" Starfire asked, hovering in the air behind him.

"There's an….apple stand on fire." he said, confused. The other Titans stared at him.

"Man, why can't they just call the fire department or something?" Cyborg complained.

"Perhaps it is more than that," Starfire suggested.

"Don't know," Robin said standing, "But we better get over there! Titans, Go!" And they all dashed towards the city.


"So hungry…" she murmured weakly, swaying where she stood and putting a hand on her head. She backed up a bit on shaking legs and leaned against the ally wall for support.

"Can you please get something to eat?" a tired sounding voice asked, echoing slightly.

"I'm like a ghost."

"Ha ha," she said back, exhaustion weighing her words almost as much as her body. All her limbs felt like stone. Her muscles screamed for rest. She looked out of the ally, vision blurry and wavering worse than her consciences, which was really saying something. Then her eyes widen. Just outside the shadowy ally was an apple salesman. She desperately searched her pockets, turning them inside out. Finding nothing, she checked her back pockets and the one placed on her side by her left knee.


Her stomach snarled at her. She winced. It felt like someone was clawing away at her from the inside out, her heart not being spared.

"Please.." the echo voice said again, "We need food to keep our strength up…one apple won't hurt anything."

"B-but I don't wanna be a thief…." she said quietly, closing her eyes and darkness began pressing in on her already half blackened sight. As if in response, her stomach growled again.

"Alright, alright!" she said, opening her eyes. Slowly, she inched out of the ally and towards the cart. She wasn't that tall, even for her young age, and could hide fairly well. Everything was quiet, no one was looking. Very carefully, she reached out her hand towards one of the apples.

"HEY!" the cart owner shouted. She really wished he hadn't done that. After all the trauma she had been through in the last days and the previously quiet situation, the man's yell caused her to jump nearly 4 feet in the air. She felt like her entire frame shook from her flinch, deep down, all the way to her soul. She fell back, hitting the pavement hard, and everything went wrong


Upon arriving at the scene, Raven couldn't see what was wrong except that an apple cart had caught on fire. Every person near-by had fled the area.

But something was wrong. She could feel it. A strange energy was coming from somewhere nearby. Raven couldn't understand. It felt like she knew this power, it was familiar, but she couldn't figure out where she had felt it before.

"I'll put out the fire, you guys try and find out what caused this," Robin said, pulling her out of her thoughts. The team leader ran towards the blazing cart, leaving the remaining Titans to try and find the source of this.

"Where do we even start? I mean, everyone already ran away!" Beast Boy complained.

"Not everyone," Raven said, turning and flying towards the place she felt the energy coming from. After a moment hesitation, the others followed.

The energy was coming from an ally. Looking down on it, all Raven could see was a little girl, sitting in the entrance to the ally. She looked seriously shaken up, so Raven flew down next to her.

"Are you ok?" she asked, her voice still expressionless.

The girl didn't say anything or move. She just continued to stare with one shock filled eye. (The left was covered by a tuft of hair she had hanging from a black hat she was wearing.)

"What's up, Rae? You find some- what's with the kid?" Beast Boy asked, looking down at the girl.

"Oh, she is injured!" Starfire exclaimed worriedly, observing the child. She was covered in cuts and bruises. And the look on her face…well, the kid couldn't have just come from the fair wearing that expression. The whole time she sat there, not moving and barley breathing, staring ahead of her in blank shock.

"Not sure," Cyborg said, crouching next to the girl and trying to sound gentle and non-threatening. "Hey, kid, you all right?" When she didn't answer, Cyborg put his hand on her shoulder.

A big mistake.

The moment she felt someone come into contact with her, the girl snapped out of her trance and let out a terrified scream. At the same moment, white energy swirled around her and she was sent flying back along with the Titans. Slamming hard into a couple of garbage cans in the ally, the girl sat there for a second, her face surprised. Gathering herself together, seeing the child's face led Raven to believe she hadn't meant to project the force field. Before any of the Titans could move, however, the girl's eye widen with terror and she took off down the ally.

"What the heck was that?" Beast Boy asked, rubbing his head.

"Wait!" Robin called, having just dealt with the fire and seen what had happened. He and the other Titans took off after the girl.


She ran as fast as she could, but her days on the streets with no food and her lack of rest weighed her down. She stumbled a few times and collapsed, breathing hard. Chancing a look behind her, her breath stopped when she saw the Titans closing in on her. Panic rising in her throat, she dived towards the ally wall.


"Hey, where'd she go?" Beast Boy asked when they reached the end of the ally and found it vacant. The kid couldn't have gotten far. She looked like a wolf had just finished using her as a chew toy. For a beaten up kid, she had run pretty fast. Only problem now was she has vanished.

"In here!" Robin said, pointing to an old door on the ally's wall. The team leader had to use some force to open it, considering that it was ancient and most likely not been used in ages.

Then how'd the kid get in there? Beast Boy wondered. Shrugging, he filed into the old warehouse-like building with the others.

Inside it would be completely dark if not for the light coming through the now open door way and Starfire's star bolt she was using as a light source. The whole floor was covered in wreckage.

"Almost as bad as my room in here," he said jokingly, smiling at Raven hopefully. She rolled her eyes and kept looking. Sighing, Beast Boy again joined the search.

There seemed to be no sign of the girl until Beast Boy's sharp hearing picked up a small whimper coming from under a tent-like shaped pile of old, broken wood. The green changeling was about to call his friends when he thought against it. The girl had seemed so scared when faced by all of them before, maybe he had a better chance if he talked to her alone.

"Hey," he said quietly, crouching down at the small entrance to the girl's hiding spot. When he got no answer other than the slight sound of someone's breathing catch, he smiled sympathetically. "I know your there," he said, slightly amused. "Come out, I swear none of us will hurt you. We just wanna help."

Again, no answer. Beast Boy narrowed his eyes, adjusting them to the dark so he could see the girl. When he did, his heart ached in sympathy for the young child.

She had violet-purple hair (not that much unlike Raven's, except the kid's hair had a greenish tint) that looked extremely messy and dirty, or the parts of it her could see did. She wore a black baseball hat with white flames on the sides and the letters S and G written on the front. Her clothes were baggy and damaged, ripped, dirty, and in some spots, even a bit bloody. She looked like she was wearing a black t-shirt with white sleeves and the same white flame design as her hat. The same look was on her shoes. Her pants were dark blue, and on the side of her right leg it had a huge tear in it. Both fresh and dry blood were on the cut. Reflecting brightly in the darkness was one of her bright emerald green eyes. Hair fell over her left eye, shielding it from view.

She had her back pressed up against the wall, her arm wrapped around her knees as she stared at him in terror. She was shaking all over, trying desperately to get as far away as possible. But she was trapped.

"It's ok," Beast Boy tried again, "We can help you if you just-"

"Beast Boy! You find her?" Cyborg asked, running over. Beast Boy wanted to yell at him to give the girl some space. He didn't know why he felt so protective over her, he just did.

But it was too late. The other Titans quickly came over and attempted to get the girl out.

"Guys! Wait! If we just-" Beast Boy started, but he was cut off by a small but determined voice.

"Get away….Get AWAY!" the girl yelled. Again the white energy appeared, lashing weakly at all the Titans, causing them to step back. The energy vanished as soon as it came. Clearly the girl had no strength left to use any powers she might have.

From the side of the debris pile the kid had tried to hide in, the Titans saw her try and force her way out. She did, but fell down as soon as she had worked her way out of the side. Glancing at them, she immediately tried to run again, but collapsed, eyes closed.

Robin walked over to her and checked her pulse.

"She's just unconscious," he said, looking at the team.

"Well, he cant just leave her here!" Beast Boy said.

"I agree," Starfire said, "Please, may we assist her?"

"When did it start storming?" Cyborg asked distractedly, looking out the door where the previously sunny day had turned dark and eerie, rain pouring down and wind whipping at stray trash under a now gray light.


Everything was dark. She felt like she was trying to fight her way through a cage wall when she tried to open her eyes. The heaviest stones on Earth seemed to hold her down. All she could do was lay there, half asleep. Considering what she had been through the last few days, you would think sleep would be welcome. But all she could think about was the terrible dream she had just had. She couldn't remember it completely, it was all just a blur. She did remember fear. And pain. And being alone…..

Was it a dream? she though silently to herself, panic clawing at her heart.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound reminded her of her alarm clock back home. But that couldn't be right, school was out. There was no reason for her alarm to be going off. And it had to be early if she was this tired. Usually she wasn't up till noon.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Unless it was all a dream? she wondered. Yes. That had to be it. It was all a dream. She had gone to bed the day before school let out and dreamt she had woken up and all these bad things had happened. Just a dream…..a nightmare….

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I hate that alarm. she growled silently.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

If she could only sleep a few more minutes…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Oh c'mon!

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Fine! she thought angrily. It was the last day of school, she supposed she could not be late for once in the whole year. Maybe she could pull off that awesome prank she had been planning….

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Fine! I'm up! she thought, forcing open her eyes.

But it wasn't the ceiling she saw when her half-vision finally came into focus. No, this ceiling was white. And whatever she was laying on was hard, nothing like her bed.

Where am I? she thought.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

She looked over. The beeping hadn't come from her alarm. It came from a heart monitor that was hooked up to her. Heart sinking, she wished more than anything that it have been her annoying alarm telling her to go to that hell hole called school.

Suddenly realization came rushing back into her mind and body. Everything hurt. Her mind even felt tired after all it and her heart had been through. Groaning slightly as it throbbed painfully, she raised her hand and placed it on her forehead.

"Hey, you're up!"

The heart-breakingly familiar voice was next to her. Opening her eyes more (though she really only needed to open one) she saw the green teen standing next to her, smiling warmly. The other Titans were in the room. Robin and Starfire next to her with Beast Boy, Cyborg looking at a screen with math all over it, and Raven farther back, leaning against a wall, staring at her suspiciously. She winced at the sight and struggled to sit up.

"You should stay down," Robin told her, sounding anxious (Probably thinking she was going to run off again). "You've been hurt."

"I'm….fine…." she said from between clenched teeth, managing to sit up. Her head spun and white light burst in front of her half-sight. She grabbed her head, eyes closed tight as she tried to get a hold of herself. When she felt like she could open her eyes and not puke, she sighed and did so.

"I suppose you want answers?" she said to Robin wearily, knowing what he would say next.

"Actually, yes," he said, eyes widening slightly under his mask. "First off, who are you?"

"I'm Dianne," she said. "But call me Storm. Everyone does." Most everyone…she

thought longingly, wincing as her heart felt like claws were tearing at it.

"Ok Storm," he said, "How old are you?"


"Where are you from?"


Robin rolled his eyes. "I mean like, where on Earth?"

"Far away…" Storm said sadly, lowering her head as thought of home tried to fight their way in and cause her more pain. She shoved them aside.

"Why are you here?"

"I didn't have a choice," Storm said flatly.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, a but more gently when he saw the pained look in her eyes from the last question about her home.

"Waiting till I can go home." she said, the words burning like acid in her mouth. Starfire now had her hand over her mouth, gazing at her in sympathy. Beast Boy looked at her sadly, and Robin just looked more curious.

"How long have you been away from home?"

"Can you state that more clearly?" she asked. He tilted his head.

"What do you mean?"

"There's a difference between the last time I've been home and the last time I've been to my house," Storm replied.

"The difference being….?" Robin asked. Storm sighed, feeling her throat get tight. She chocked out the words anyway.

"Home was where we lived. Where we were happy and could enjoy having each other around. Home was when my biggest worry was my big brother coming after me for rigging his closet or my mom grounding me for not cleaning my room. Home…..is where I want to be more than anything right now…" she finished sadly. The others waited silently for her to continue. Storm glared at the ground. "Right now, my house is now just some place we can rest from this damned endless war…where our concern is how we're going to survive until morning or if our security system will hold or who won't come back next time. I never want to see that place again." she finished, turning her head away bitterly, tears stinging in her eyes. The others were silent for awhile. Raven was looking at her differently now. Almost…pityingly. Storm kept her eyes closed, trying to fight back the emotions gnawing at her heart when she answered. "I left my house about…5 days ago. Maybe a week? But…I haven't been home in almost four years…" She sighed and ran her hand through her hair, rubbing both her eyes.

Wait. Her eyes?

"Where's my hat?" she demanded loudly, making the others jump.

"We took it off so we could help patch you up," Beast Boy explained. "It was hard to see with it making your hair cover your left eye."

"It's supposed to!" Storm said angrily.

"Why?" Starfire asked innocently.

"Don't tell me you didn't notice the scar!" Storm snapped. The Titans were quiet for a few moments.

"Why does it matter?" Raven said, speaking for the first time. "So you have a scar, what's so bad about it?"

"Shut up! You don't know how I got it!" Storm growled at her, then instantly fell back. "S-sorry!" she said hastily, though Raven didn't even look mad, just surprised. Storm just didn't want to get on her bad side. "I'm just a bit touchy about my scar, it's not a good memory. And besides, its not like I use this eye. Better to just cover it."

"Wait, what do you-wait, your BLIND?" Beast Boy said, shocked.

"Just in my left eye," Storm said, shrinking back slightly.

"Why did you act so scared when we found you?" Robin said, ignoring Beast Boy's outburst.

"I-I had a really bad day," Storm said uncomfortably, wrapping her arms around her legs. "Ow!" she gasped and the cut on her leg throbbed on contact.

"Told you that you were hurt," Robin said, smiling slightly. "But what happened to freak you out like that?"

"Well, I haven't been the same since I left my house…or since my home disappeared,"

Storm said slowly. "I really love my parents and my older brother…but leaving was for the best. And so I-I made my way here and kinda got myself into a bit of a fix." She rubbed the back of her head.

"What, with the apple cart?" Robin asked.

"No, no. When I got here about two days ago, I kinda fell into the water and almost drowned." Storm shivered violently at the memory. Then she pulled herself together and looked Robin straight in the eye. "Robin, please, I need somewhere to stay until my parents think it's safe for me to go home. I…I was hoping I could stay here." she finished pleadingly. Robin's eyes widened and he thought it over. Then he looked at the other Titans. "Do any of you have a problem with her staying here until she can go home?"

"Nope," Beast Boy said cheerfully.

"No problem here," Cyborg said.

"Of course I have no objections! It would be glorious to assist the young one in her time of need!" Starfire said merrily. All that left was Raven. She stared at Storm, looking her over. Her strangely familiar gaze stared at her at her hopefully. Just they way she looked gave of pure innocence. Raven sighed.

"I guess I don't care," she said in her expressionless voice.

"Thanks so much you guys," Storm said heart fully. "I promise I'll be outa your hair before long."

They all smiled (except Raven) and Storm felt sadness pull at her heart.

I've made it back, she thought, but how log till I can really go home?


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Ok, every time I introduce a new character I'll make one of these so that all confusion is cleared up on who they are and what they look like. Here ya go!:

Name: Dianne or Storm.

Age: 10, almost 11.

Hair: Violet purple with a greenish tint, hair falls over her left eye, hiding it.

Eyes: Bright green, left eye paler due to blindness, scar across left eye.

Clothes: Black T-shirt with white flame designs on top of a white long sleeve. Black hat with white flames on the side and a fiery written S and G on it. Baggy blue jeans that have pockets down farther near her knees. Black tennis shoes with white flames on the sides.

Powers: Unknown, but appears to have little control over her abilities.