The past months had been a nightmare, and Harry had no idea why the Gods seemed to hate him so much, for they were only getting worse for him There had been an attack on Hogwarts in June, Harry having only just completed his OWL exams, and a battle Harry had defeated Voldemort and all his loyal followers died, save ones like Severus and Lucius who took oaths, but there had been heavy losses on their side. 20 aurors and ministry employees, 6 students other then those like Daphne and Theo who were on the other side, including Cho, Collin Creevey, Hannah Abbot and Blaise were killed, and the order had suffered bad. Diggle and Jones were killed but the more painful for Harry had been the death of his godfather as well as Remus was in a coma and they were not sure if or when he would wake.

Harry had been shocked to learn the school was closed for a year, for repairs and loss, and the students would be home schooled. The new seventh years would have a choice to return to school a year later and have their proper senior year Harry had thought surely since the war was over he would have a new home, but with Sirius dead, Remus was his guardian and Harry had been ordered back to Surrey until either Remus was better or the school opened. Sirius left him his home and fortune, combined with his parents' he was richer then the Malfoys, but he could not touch any till he came of age.

His Aunt and Uncle had been forced to let him keep his books and such, for he would be expected to send homework every week in the fall, but little had changed. The locks were back on the doors, and he was back to being a house elf, and there was no escape in the fall now.

He was lost in a letter to Hermione, having not heard from any since school when he heard them. "Vernon you can not do this. You know what they will do."

Vernon sounded pissed. "Do you want to lose the house? Our son to go to public school like Stonewall?"

Harry had heard the fights since he had come home, and he knew his Uncle had been demoted at work, for drinking on the job. It also seemed his Uncle had turned to gambling as well, and he wondered how much his Uncle had lost.

Petunia was outside his door now. "He can do chores in the neighbourhood or get a job. You know what they'll do to us if they find out."

Vernon's voice even sneered "He will not say anything, and as long as his homework is on time, no one will worry."

His pulse was racing through his chest as he heard the locks, he always knew when it was too late for chores it was a bad thing, but tonight he knew would be worse. His Uncle always came in here for punishment after dinner, if he found Harry missed a chore, or he believed he did. Spankings as Albus passed them off as when he begged not to be sent back, usually left him crying and bloody, barely able to move.

Petunia stopped Vernon as the door opened. "Vernon please, is there no other way?"

Vernon sneered towards Harry. "Sell the house to pay off the bulk, and you get a job. No it is time for this useless whelp to pay us back for all our kindness."

Harry found himself dragged out of the room with no explanation and panic filled him, wondering what he would have to do, obviously the debt was huge. He needed to stop what ever was happening and soon, or he knew his life would never be the same. He begged his Uncle, told him he would send to school for money, someone had to be able to access his fortune, or maybe empty out his trust.

Vernon yanked him to a stop. "No. You do as you're told and next year when you return to school no one needs to know. You step out of line and your owl....."

Petunia cut her husband off and went to Harry. "I am sorry Harry. Just do as you are told please. You know he will keep his promise"

Harry found himself led to the car and his Uncle did not say anything at first, he simply began driving. He took Harry into London and Harry was scared for he knew the part of town he was being taken into, and what kind of places you found here. Vernon had frequented them many times and he pulled up in front of one owned by the man he wed his money to, and pulled a petrified Harry from the car

He motioned for a bouncer of a man to come and told Harry. "You keep them happy and you will be released in the fall. And then you'll only have to work weekends"