Harry hadn't been so nervous about the train since first year. He knew Albus was gone and every one from the manor would be there but he still felt off. He had changed so much since the last time he was there. He was no longer uncomfortable around men as he had been those first months after the brothel, but grateful for his heads' dorm. His dads would have had him live with them if Draco had been head, but Harry and Susan would be in the newly reopened heads tower. Remus was back for DADA and Lucius was taking over for Minerva at least for a year. They thought Remus could apprentice Harry for DADA and then take over for Lucius.

Harry stood with Draco on the platform and their dads. Harry knew it was good and he would be happy to be back at school, it was simply a change. He would return to quidditch and focus on classes, and date the man he loved. He could finally admit he was in love, and in a few years he hoped to marry and have kids.

Draco put a hand on his arm. "Are you sure you're okay? Our dads can still take us to school."

Harry shook his head."No, I wanted a normal school year for once and this is part of it. The only teacher who ever road this was dad."

Remus had confided to his son it had been intentional, he could have taken the bus or apparated. He had been hoping for a glimpse of Harry who he hadn't seen since he was a baby. Charlie was on paternity leave from work but would help with classes on full moons, removing the last concern for Remus to return to teach. He had loved teaching and even if Harry didn't apprentice he was happy to come back, but he was sure Harry would.

Harry saw the Weasleys and thought how odd it was to see them there though he was happy. Ron had officially been moved into a bed next to Neville's parents as he had not had not had a lucid moment in three months. Ginny of course surprised no one when she remained in France, she loved Beauxbautons.

Fred heard Draco say that and smirked. "No, I believe it is a half veela named Philippe she loves."

George agreed. "She thought it would be safer to date without five brothers to run him off. I think we may have to go to France for a visit soon."

Harry was happy to hear she had found a boyfriend, and all joking aside her family approved of him. It turned out the family not only had a thing for Veela but the extended Delacaur family, Philippe was a cousin of some sort. Molly and Arthur had met him that summer and approved of him. It wasn't the reason she hadn't come back though, well not the whole reason at least. She was like Ron who chafed under the shadows of the older brothers; she just found a way to deal with it.

Harry was of course also missing physically the other friend from the train. Ron was in a vegetative state in the hospital, and Hermione was in a muggle correctional school where she too would get mental help as well. Harry was not alone in feeling odd, but for Draco it was painful.

Harry knew Draco and Blaise had been best friends from the crib. "It has to be a bit hard too, there is a snake missing and I'm not talking Theo."

Draco had been away at Durmstang when Blaise and his mother were found murdered. "I will always miss him, but I plan to make you fill his place."

Harry knew he meant his place in Slytherin as he wanted Harry to re-sort, not his actual place. Harry and Draco had been life rafts for each other in the last year, and were now best friends. Harry had filled a void left by Blaise's death, but Draco would always remember Blaise. Harry would his own, but for bad reasons.

Remus hugged his son."If you are taking the train you better climb on. I will see you at the feast after."

Harry laughed. "You could always come with us, you never know when there may be dementors on board."

Chucking some chocolate at his son Remus reminded Harry he had taught him well enough. Both Harry and Remus thought about Sirius for a moment, but they both knew he was with James and Lily watching over them, and would be happy. Harry and Draco went into a compartment with Neville and Luna, but were joined by Draco's goons and Pansy; even this was a change and a sign of his new life.

Harry looked out the window of the train with a small smile. "I can actually be excited about the future. I know my life will finally be good.'

Author note: I am happy I took my break and came back to finish. I hope you liked and am up for new plot ideas for next story.