SUMMARY: Sasuke and Ino are now married for 3 months but their situation still remains the same, Sasuke is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Sakura and Ino's still trying her best to win Sasuke over. Sasuke never liked the idea of having to marry someone who was arranged to him but he had no choice because if he didn't marry Ino, he will be deprived of his inheritance and the Uchiha Group of Companies.

Meanwhile, Sakura has loathed Ino for the said marriage because she knew she has won Sasuke and she wouldn't recognize their marriage. Sasuke and Sakura had a "semi-secret" affair going on since the marriage. Ino on the other hand knows that there's an affair going on but she still hopes that someday, Sasuke would love her.


At five o'clock in morning, Ino had just woken up. She smiles sweetly in presence of her handsome husband. Her lips curled up but in her eyes reflect longing for his love. "Someday, I wish you would just love me" she whispers to him.

She stands up from the bed then gently fixed the side where she slept. After that, she routinely takes a shower then prepares a breakfast for the Uchiha she loved the most.

Ino was refined in cooking, her dishes were simple and yet the flavor and the aroma were exquisite. She was a good wife, excellent they would compliment her but people always said she married the wrong man.

After cooking and preparing his breakfast, she leaves a note on the table. "Good Morning Honey! Did you have a goodnight's sleep? I love you." then she leaves for work. Sasuke on the other hand would only get up from bed when he hears her car leave.

Sasuke descends from the stairs and walks up to the table. He reads the note even though he knew what would be written on it then crumples it, throws it in the bin and mutter "annoying" under his breath.

When Ino was away, Sasuke would occasionally invite Sakura over. They'd have their "intimate moments" together. Their neighbors would of course know that the Yamanaka was away and the pink-haired woman was there.

Every 12:00 in the afternoon, Ino would always text Sasuke. "Honey, did you have lunch already? Are you hungry? I left some food for you in the fridge, you could just heat it up. Eat healthy, I love you." Sasuke doesn't bother reading the message, he knew what Ino would say since it was always like that. "She never gets tired of this" he always thought to himself but nonetheless he lived with her.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, Ino would always come home. As she opens the door, she greets her husband "I'm home." She removes her shoes and looks for the coal-haired man and when she finds him, usually in the living room watching, she hugs him from behind and whispers "I missed you." "Whatever, leave me alone" he would always say coldly.

Those words always pierced her heart. It was some feeling she knew she never wanted but if it was for the man she loved and if it would make him hers, she would endure every word thrown at her.

"What would you like for dinner?" she asks him with a smile. She patiently waits for his answer then scoots herself beside him, he quickly moves away. "You're annoying, why don't you just leave me alone?" he sharply says not looking at her.

"Okay! I know what you want." She answers him. This was the way they communicated, Ino would be sweet and pursuing while Sasuke would always answer coldly. Every time she asks him what he wants to eat, he gives her an answer but somehow she knew what he wanted to eat just by listening to what tone he uses and Sasuke would always ask himself, "how did she know?"

As you can imagine, they never ate together. Even if Ino would call out to him, he always refused. This had been going on for the past three months now and somehow it's odd she never quits. They also slept in the same room and on the same bed but there would always be a bolster in the middle. Why can't they just have separate rooms you might ask? The reason is because if Sasuke's parents found out that they weren't sleeping together, Sasuke is to be forfeited from the will and it wasn't what he hoped.

Sasuke sleeps before Ino does or at least close his eyes first. Then just before Ino sleeps, she would always whisper "do you hate me?" because she knew he was always up and faking his sleeping form. Sasuke never answered her and this is something he's always been frustrated of. "Why can't I just tell her I do? Dammit." He always thought.

For three months, this has been what's going on between them. For three months, they lived together, slept in the same room on the same bed, ate in the same house and on the same table but they'd never really been together.


Three more months passed and on one fateful day, Ino comes home early.

She parks her car on the garage but notices a hot pink Bentley parked on their front porch. "Sakura" immediately crossed her mind. "She's here?"

And of course, she was. After all, they were having an affair. The two people inside the house didn't notice Ino's arrival. Ino reached for her keys and opened the door. What she witnessed made all her tears fall and all the pain that she kept inside came rushing through her whole body.

Sasuke and Sakura were on their couch having a make-out session. They were kissing passionately, their eyes both closed and their hunger and thirst for one another was evident, Sakura was on top of him and Ino knew perfectly where it would lead to. She felt her whole body shiver in hurt and in anger. "How could he?" she asks herself though the reason was obvious.

She was about to leave, about to go somewhere far away, somewhere where someone would just slap her face and makes her realize how stupid she was for loving such an insensitive man. As she was about to turn around, she dropped her keys. Sasuke immediately pulled out from the kiss and turned to where the noise had been.

Six feet away from them, he saw a crying Ino. An Ino who was not smiling, who wasn't sweet, who wasn't strong, what he saw was a vulnerable Ino. Her tears rushing down her face, her mascara messed up and her eyes swelling from the tears. Then she left immediately after she stared at him.

"Why?" Sakura asked, unknown of what just happened because she was too caught up at the moment. Sasuke didn't give her an answer, instead he sat down. "Why?" she asked again. "Nothing" he lied.

"Why did I suddenly feel guilty about this? I don't even care for that woman, she's just someone I live with but other than that I don't really care" he thought to himself.

"Nice move Sasuke, I'm leaving" she told him pissed. Sasuke didn't bother stopping her, he was still too occupied of what just happened.


Ino drove away, she didn't know where she was heading all she cared about right now was to get away from everything. "Stupid!" she kept on repeating while the tears ran down her cheeks.

Sasuke was acting as if he wasn't himself, he was concerned and concern wasn't really on his dictionary. "This is stupid, why should I even bother" he told himself then drifted to sleep.

Ino stopped by a café. It was where she first laid her eyes on Sasuke. It was the place where she had first met him, it was where they were introduced.


"Inoichi, this is my youngest son Sasuke" Fugaku proudly introduced him.

"Pleasure to meet you Yamanaka-san" Sasuke courteously greeted him.

Inoichi laughed at the sight. "Just as I thought, your sons are all well-mannered. You're welcome Sasuke-kun" he replied to them. "This is my only daughter-""-Ino Yamanaka" Ino cut her dad off.

"She's been really excited to meet you" Inoichi laughed nervously, shooting a look on Ino. Ino quickly got what her dad was trying to say and thus "I apologize for my rudeness" she bowed sincerely at the adults.

"that's okay Ino, you're really spunky huh?" Fugaku complimented. Ino smiled at this from ear to ear but didn't bother to respond.

After the introductions, the adults transferred to a more private place. Inoichi and Fugaku had been college buddies and since then they promised each other that they would marry their children so that they could in-laws and somehow their companies would benefit from it.

From that moment on, Ino has loved Sasuke from the bottom of heart and she would do anything just to make him fall for her. It was pure and innocent. Sasuke conversely dated Sakura during that time, they weren't an official couple but people knew it would lead to that.

When Sasuke learned of this meeting, he was outraged. He didn't want to marry anyone who he didn't like plus he loved Sakura, he even thought of being married to her. He also hated the fact that the Yamanaka girl was up for it.

His father, Fugaku being a reasonable man had set conditions during the meeting. Both the fathers agreed that if their children weren't compatible for each other after a year then they can do whatever they want except having affairs.

Sasuke after learning this sighed in defeat. He agreed with his father's intention but on the back of his mind he planned to marry Sakura after getting a divorce. And to make matters even harder for him, Fugaku warned Sasuke that if he complains and forces Ino to have a divorce with him before a year would end then he would be ripped off from the family tree and his will.


Ino was too caught up reminiscing the past that she didn't notice that there was already someone sitting with her. Thinking about it, it made her relax but as she was brought to reality. She gasped in shock.

"N-Neji Hyuuga?" she stuttered. He smirked at her, "how have you been Yamanaka-san?" he asked. Neji was their senior in college. She had met him during her friend Hinata's birthday.

"I'm doing good." she lied. "You're lying Yamanaka, your eyes say everything" Ino blushed at this, she didn't know what to say.

"tell you what, I'll be paying for your coffee and your dinner if you promise to go out with me tomorrow night if I make you laugh" he proudly told her.

"and what if you can't?" she smiled, somehow Neji's entertaining her and she's somehow feeling better than before.

"then I'll just have to try again right?" he smirked. This made Ino like a teenager. She had always looked up to the older male in college, you can say they were close since Neji tutored her with most of her subjects and they occasionally ate out together. "alright, you're on!" she cheered.

"How's Hinata doing?" she asked. "She's fine, she's been busy learning different things about the company" he replied.

"Ino, what brought you to this place?" he asked. "Nothing really, I just needed some place to unwind and relax" she told him gloomily.

"I know the perfect place you can but…" he paused. "But what?" she inquired. "I know you're married and all but will it be okay if you stayed out late?" he continued.

"Neji, I'm old enough to decide for myself and besides he wouldn't care" she replied, hurt was evident in her voice. "I see. Now I know, anyway, if you say so"

After finishing her coffee, Neji told her to leave her car in the café's garage. She didn't need to pay for it since it was on Neji and besides it was his café after all.

"where are we going?" Ino asked him curiously. "Somewhere where you could relax and unwind" he smiled.

Ino laughed at this, "I've missed my lessons with you. You would always take me somewhere really great when I had good grades and it was thanks to you that I graduated one of the top students in my batch."

Neji was flattered at this but in all honesty, Neji has liked the younger woman ever since. "I made you laugh, didn't I? so we'd go out tomorrow?" she smiled again.

"sure, if it's with you. I'd go anywhere" she teased. Neji hid his flushed cheeks "real cheesy but anyway you'll always be welcome" he replied.


Meanwhile, it was already 8 o'clock and Ino hasn't been home. Sasuke was waiting for her to come. He promised himself he would eat up his pride and apologize to the blonde. Plus he hasn't eaten yet, there was no one who would cook dinner for him.

"this is the place" he opened Ino's door. It was open space, a field. In that vast green field where wild flowers bloom. Even though it was already dark, the moonlight illuminated the plain and a small river reflected the starry sky.

"it's so beautiful" Ino was awed. "but this isn't the good part. At 10 o'clock there would be meteor shower" he confessed.

"really?" she asked, her blue-eyes glowed. Neji just laughed at her.

They waited until it was 10 o'clock and just as Neji stated, there was a meteor shower. They were beautiful and this moment made Ino forget about what had happened that day. "you know.." Ino started "you were the only person who I could count on to when I needed to smile" she finished.

"if only you knew, I would do anything just to be with you and see your smile everyday." He thought to himself. "I know" he boasted with a smirk. Ino punched his arm softly but smiled anyway.


Neji offered to drive her home, he told him his chauffeur would drive Ino's car tomorrow morning. Ino didn't object, it was already 1am when they reached her house.

"Neji, thank you" she told him sincerely. "your welcome, I'll pick you up at seven, is that okay?" he asked.

"Sure, thanks again. Goodnight" she approached him and hugged him tight. Neji blushed, he was speechless but he was able to utter "you too"

Ino got off from the car and walked to their door. Neji couldn't forget Ino's face and her scent still lingered through his nostrils. "I really missed her" he thought to himself.

Ino brought up her keys and opened the door. She removed her shoes and went straight to the bathroom. She fixed herself for bed and changed her clothes. As she stood on the bedside, she looked at her husband. "tomorrow, it's never going to be the same. I thought I can go through with this, I thought I can endure every pain, I thought we had a future but somehow I guess when we close our eyes, we would still open them one day." A lone tear escaped her eye. Then she went to sleep.

Sasuke was still awake, he knew Ino was there. He knew, she looked at him before she slept but it was weird he didn't hear her say anything. "I can apologize tomorrow" were Sasuke's last words before he slept.

The next day, Sasuke woke up first which was weird. He looks at the clock, it read eight o' clock. He looked at his side and there she was, her wheat blonde hear curled up in her shoulders. Her beautiful face soft and calm, her porcelain skin glowed with the sun's rays and her lips were red as cherries. She was lying sideways towards him, her hands flexed in front of her. This was the first time he actually had the chance to look at her closely. He never imagined she looked so peaceful in her sleep, she looked like an angel. He wanted to wake her up, he hasn't eaten since yesterday and he was really hungry by the way.

He looked over her while she was sleeping, he just couldn't take his eyes off her. Suddenly, Ino was about to wake-up. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her eyes while yawning. Sasuke didn't take his eyes off her and he didn't care if she caught him.

"why are you staring at me?" she asked him when she saw how Sasuke looked a her intensely in the morning. He didn't respond. He just averted his gaze.

She decided to let it go, she stood up and went on with her morning routine. She still prepared breakfast for two, she called out to Sasuke but it was different because she wasn't sweet anymore. When Sasuke came down, she half-finished her meal and watched TV.

Sasuke looked at his meal, he felt something was missing. Then he realized, there wasn't any note from Ino. He felt a sort of emptiness but he decided to ignore it.

After a few minutes, the door bell rang. Ino answered it. Sasuke was nervous because he thought it was Sakura. "whew!" he muttered under his breath when he saw an old man in a chauffeur's uniform.

"wait, what?" he suddenly realized. "What's a chauffeur doing at the door talking to Ino?" he got curious. The last thing he heard before Ino closed the door was, "Please tell Neji I said hello and thank you"

"Neji?" Sasuke was puzzled. But what bothered Sasuke more was the fact that Ino didn't go to work. It was so unlike her to miss work. That's when he decided to talk to her.

"Yamanaka" he called out. she didn't answer. "Yamanaka" he called again but still she didn't respond. He decided to approach her. "I was calling you, are you deaf?" he asked her sternly.

"what?" Ino answered irritated not looking at him. "by the way, I'm not deaf" she added. "why aren't you at work?" he asked. She turned to look and raised an eyebrow at him.

Sasuke grew anxious, he never saw her look at him that way. It was unexpected. "if you want me to leave then you could just say so, anyway if you want Sakura over you can call her anytime I don't really care" she barked at him.

"that wasn't what I meant" he snapped. Deep inside of him, he just wanted to apologize but his pride was telling him otherwise. Ino didn't answer him, she didn't even looked like she was paying attention.

"why are you being like this?" he asked. She gave him the cold shoulder. "Annoying" he muttered under his breath when he wanted to explode. Ino heard him, she wanted to snap but calmed herself. She walked away from him. Walked away from what she loved. Walked away from the person she thought she'd stay with until forever.