SUMMARY: Sasuke and Ino are now married for 3 months but their situation still remains the same, Sasuke is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Sakura and Ino's still trying her best to win Sasuke over. Sasuke never liked the idea of having to marry someone who was arranged to him but he had no choice because if he didn't marry Ino, he will be deprived of his inheritance and the Uchiha Group of Companies.

Meanwhile, Sakura has loathed Ino for the said marriage because she knew she has won Sasuke and she wouldn't recognize their marriage. Sasuke and Sakura had a "semi-secret" affair going on since the marriage. Ino on the other hand knows that there's an affair going on but she still hopes that someday, Sasuke would love her.

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"Is that everything?" he asked putting her bags on the trunk of the car. He looked at her, she nodded. He came at 8:00am sharp. He was still an Uchiha after all, they were known for being very punctual and discreet, one of the things that made them who they are now.

"You didn't pack very much. We'll be there for four days" she had only brought one luggage and a smaller bag. Compared to Sakura, she would've brought her whole closet. "That'll be enough" she explained. She only brought her necessities. She didn't bring much, she didn't want to cramp up all the space.

Sasuke now knew where Ino lived. At least now he knows she's not living with the Hyuuga and Ino was being honest when she told him they were only friends. He just wondered who picked it for her, because if Ino was the one who bought then the house wouldn't look like as it is. Ino loved the color purple, it reflected on her clothes, and so he expected the room to be more purplish.

"Sasuke?" she called his name. "hn?" he answered.

"I have something to pick up on the ABC café, can we uh…? Drop by?" she asked shyly. Sasuke didn't respond. "Maybe that's a no, I better call Miss Sakagami" she thought to herself while looking at his expressionless face. But just before she could press the call button Sasuke turned the car to where the ABC café was. She smiled then muttered a "thanks" under her breath while blushing.

Sasuke parked the car, Ino nodded. "This'll be fast" she assured. Sasuke simply answered "its okay" not even a smile or any expression on his face.

"Good Morning Mrs. Uchiha" Ms. Sakagami greeted. Ino smiled and greeted back. "I'm sorry Atty. Sakagami but I can't stay very long, my husband's waiting outside. We're going on a vacation" she apologized. Ms. Sakagami was puzzled. Why would Ino need divorce papers if everything between them is going smoothly?

Before handing her the papers, atty. Sakagami held Ino's arm tightly but not too tight to hurt her. "Are you sure about this Mrs. Uchiha?" she asked her client, very concerned. "I'm not yet but I think I should keep my promise. Atty. Sakagami, I appreciate this a lot. Thank you so much and I think it'll be better if you call me Ms. Yamanaka again" she smiled at her hiding the hurt. Atty. Sakagami saw the loneliness and the hurt but she couldn't quite figure out what was happening, she just smiled at her let go of her arm and advised her to "take care"

"Well, I need to get going, please put the bill on my tab. Thank you" she held the brown envelop and exited the small café.

"I expected you to be longer" he stated. Ino chuckled. He was puzzled, "what's so funny?" he questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"Well this is a proof, you don't know me well. I keep my promises" she looked at him while smiling, he grunted. "And that's the face you give me when I'm right" he smiled. "How could she read me? No one ever does, not even Sakura" he thought to himself.

The trip to the airport was quiet after that. Only the music from the radio kept them company. Ino now knows that Sasuke isn't much the talkative type, he didn't appreciate nonsense conversations. And if you want Sasuke Uchiha to be interested in you, keep him interested by not talking to him.

Today when I saw you
I knew it was just like the first time
When you met my eyes I came close
And I felt like the first time

To hold back my fear
and feel you so near
I've never been this far before
To hold back my fear
and feel you so near
I'm scared of falling into deep this time

Do I need a reason to tell you why
I'm singing you this song
Do I need a reason to show you that
I know where I belong
Whenever I am weary I lean on
this feeling that I have
I am so much stronger now
Thankful, yes I am

Today I'll renounce them,
the doubts and the fears I've been nursing
I'll fly like a moth to the flame
and I'll feel like the first time

To hold back my fear
and let you come near
I've never been this far before
To hold back my fear
and let you come near
I'm afraid of losing and still I go

Ino would sing the song quietly then hum each tone, Sasuke would look at her when she's too busy singing then he would smirk to himself. "At least everything's moving smoothly"


Ino had taken a nap along the way, when they finally arrived. Sasuke lightly squeezed her shoulder, "we're here" he said in his usual tone. Ino covered her mouth as she yawned, smiled at Sasuke and said "thanks"

"We'll board a private jet to the island. I bet Itachi's already here his car is parked there" he pointed at the white Ferrari California 2009. Ino nodded. "But I don't see my parents' car or your father's for that matter" Ino realized it too. Their parents' car weren't there. "Don't tell me they're not coming" Ino dreaded.

While Sasuke and Ino was busy looking for their parents' cars, Itachi as expected was there. He stepped of the jet and greeted the couple, or ex-couple to be more precise. "Where are mom and dad?" Sasuke questioned not bothering to greet his older brother.

"They're not coming" he laughed. Ino's eyes went wide-open while Sasuke kept his composure. He raised his eyebrow, "is this a joke?" he questioned sharply. "No" he was still goofing off. Sasuke expression turned sharp.

"Relax; they won't be boarding with us. We'll go first" he turned his face serious. It was the only expression Sasuke would believe. Ino stayed quiet. Itachi noticed this and he approached her. He held out his arm, "coming Ino?" she didn't respond readily. She looked at Sasuke first then at a smiling Itachi, she couldn't refuse his arm and so she wrapped her hands around it leaving a little pissed Sasuke behind.

Sasuke looked at them from behind wondering how they get along nicely, the wind blew his hair. His aviator shades protecting his eyes from the sun. He boarded the plane right after Ino and Itachi got in. "will Sasuke be alright?" Ino asked a little worried for him. "Don't worry he'll be fine" Itachi simply answered.

The plane had 8 seats, four seats up front and 4 more seats at the back, a kitchen separating the two compartments. Itachi walked Ino to the front compartment near the pilot. Ino looked back at Sasuke whose gaze was averted. "Sit wherever you're comfortable" Itachi remarked. Ino was waiting for Sasuke to join them but he took a seat at the back. Itachi noticed this, "he always sits there" he told her.

Ino felt guilty leaving Sasuke behind. "Maybe I'll just sit with him" she exclaimed as she walked towards Sasuke. A smile crept Itachi's lips as he closed his eyes. Sasuke didn't look at her; his eyes were fixed on the window. Ino took the seat beside Sasuke. He didn't mind. She felt uneasy as if she wasn't welcome.

"This is your pilot speaking, I am Aoi Fukuda along with my co-pilot Kai Kakegawa and we will be taking you to Crescent Island southeast of Konoha. Please sit back and enjoy. We will be taking off after five minutes. Thank you for your cooperation."

Ino looked at Sasuke, he was looking straight ahead. Ino knows he is aware of this and he could see her with his periphery. Ino cleared her throat. Sasuke was unmoved. Ino cleared her throat again but a little louder, Sasuke ignored her. "Sasuke" she whispered and again there was no reply. She wanted to move back with Itachi but she felt that she needed to stay.

"I don't know what you're thinking. Sometimes I don't understand you, sometimes I pretend I do and most of the time you proved me that I was right…" there was a long pause then she spoke again "I hope you don't mind this." Ino rested her head on Sasuke's shoulders. He heard her and he didn't answer, he wanted her to continue but the weight of her head on his shoulders was a better idea. Ino smiled at this, "now you proved me wrong, thanks Sasuke."

It was a 6 hour trip to the island. The three of them took this as an opportunity to regain their sleep. Itachi slept alone on the front compartment while Sasuke and Ino were at the back still on their previous position.

Sasuke woke up first; he felt an ache on his shoulder. As he turned around, he saw a sleeping Ino. His hand was a little heavy when he looked at it Ino's hand had rested on top of his. They were holding hands. He thought when she placed it because he didn't feel her hand. Ino was about to wake-up so he pretended he was still asleep.

Ino yawned as usual; she rubbed her eyes with her left hand. Then she noticed she was still resting on Sasuke's shoulder so she immediately removed it as well as her hand that somehow intertwined with Sasuke's. "What am I doing?" she asked herself. "Everything's over between us, it has been doomed from the start."

"So you've woke up" Itachi greeted her. Ino nodded. "Are you hungry?" he asked her. "I guess" she timidly replied. "Well, get up" he hollered. Ino stood up to approach Itachi in the kitchen. Sasuke opened his eyes as he felt Ino leave. He examined himself internally, he felt unsure.

Ten minutes later, Ino peeped at Sasuke, who by that time was already awake. Ino approached Sasuke, "are you hungry?" Ino asked, Sasuke didn't respond he just stared at her. "Here, I made you a sandwich. It isn't much but its good" she handed the sandwich. Sasuke reached for it, "thanks" he replied. Ino walked back to the kitchen.

"Ino, I saw you holding Sasuke's hand while you were sleeping. Is everything between you two settled?" Itachi asked curiously. Ino blushed at the first sentence then she mentally slapped herself. "I couldn't answer that" she said with a smile. Itachi thought everything was going smoothly, so he stopped asking. "Juice?" he offered. Ino nodded. They chatted, laughed and told stories about their past experiences for two hours or so.

Ino got back to her seat after the chat while Itachi got back to his business. "You have a great brother, you're lucky" she complimented. "If you enjoy his company that much, Why don't you join him?" Ino sighed. She didn't answer him; she knew better that if she spoke then Sasuke's anger will be provoked.

"What? You're not talking to me anymore?" Sasuke spoke not looking at her. She wanted to laugh at him, with a smile on her face she answered him "Sasuke, I married you because I love you and by YOU, I meant only YOU, Sasuke Uchiha. I never imagined myself with anyone else but …" she paused. She couldn't finish the sentence. She knew that the dream was over. After this trip, everything between them would be over. She had the divorce papers after all.

"But what?" Sasuke was listening to her intently. Maybe he wanted to hear what she was about to say, maybe he knows what she wanted to say but he knew that the words would be painful not only for her but also for him. So if Ino says those words, then maybe he could find a way to make the both of them feel better.

"Forget it, it's nothing important" she grinned. He let the topic drop then once again silence enveloped the atmosphere. Maybe silence was the only thing that kept them together, it was a way where they spoke, where their real feelings are felt and amidst this barrier it was a way they understood what the other wanted to say.

After 2 hours, they finally arrived at Crescent Island. It was obvious why it was called that way, well if you viewed it from the top. It was like a crescent shaped moon but instead of cheese, it looked like a large broccoli because of its lush vegetation. The rooms were built across the sea. They looked like they were floating with white rooftops. It was a large island with a small village near the beach as well as small shops at the tip of the crescent. There were also roads around the coast line though they weren't any shopping malls or traces of commercialization except for the shops that sold souvenirs, some food, a local restaurant, a bakery and all other kinds.

"This is your pilot speaking, I am Aoi Fukuda along with my co-pilot Kai Kakegawa, and we have arrived to Crescent Island. We hope you've enjoyed the trip."

Itachi was the first one to stand up; he was silent as he stepped off the plane. Sasuke followed and Ino was the last one. The afternoon air was crisp and humid. Sasuke was silent as well; he didn't help Ino get off the plane. So Itachi made the initiation.

"How do you find the place?" Itachi asked.

"Good, I guess" Ino spoke. Itachi let out a small chuckle. Ino made a puzzled look, "why?" she asked.

"Well, you're the first person to answer me that. Almost every person who arrives here are wide-eyed and drops their jaws in amusement"

"So you're saying you're expecting me to do the same?"

"No, not really but I half-expected"

"Really? I guess I should do that." She laughed while being wide-eyed.

"You're silly" Itachi complimented. She just laughed at him.

"Uh say Itachi. I would like to stay and chat but I guess I need to go to Sasuke now" he nodded as a soft smile taint his lips.

"Sasuke?" she called out to him.

"hn?" he answered his head tilted towards her.

"You think our parents would be here?"

"If Itachi said they would, then they would be"

"I guess then …" she paused.

"Then what?" he asked in monotone.

A blush crept on her cheeks, "w-would we sleep together?" she let out in one fast breath while stuttering. Obviously she was embarrassed.

Sasuke smirked. "What do you think?"

She gulped. "y-yes?" she answered looking down.

"We won't sleep together; we would just share a room"

"Yeah, what you said" she said stupidly.


They walked towards the villas across the sea, "this would be your room" Itachi spoke. It was the last villa farthest from the beach. "Who's room?" Ino asked.

Itachi made a confused face, "yours and Sasuke's"

"Can we have separate rooms?" Ino requested. Sasuke was slightly bothered.

"What do you mean? You're married aren't you?"

"Y-yes but y-you know"

"What do you mean I know?"

"Just hand me the key" Sasuke interrupted. As soon as Itachi handed him the keys, he opened the door and pulled Ino in. Itachi left them alone and into his own villa. He had much more to do than play with them.

"What's your problem?" Ino asked holding her arm that Sasuke tugged. He had pulled her a little too hard, a bruised formed.

"What do you mean what's my problem? What's yours?" he spat sitting on the couch.

"I was getting us different villas" she answered.

"What for? To jeopardize me?" he answered not looking at her. Ino was standing behind him.

"What are you trying to say?"

"So you're going to show our parents the truth about us?" he said in a serious voice.

"Maybe I would. Isn't this the right thing?"

"What ever happened to IM GOING TO SAVE YOU thing?" he whined.

"Save?" she was confused.

"Forget it!" his tone raised.

"Don't shout at me"

"Do whatever you like" he finished the argument going out of the door.

Ino followed him, "look I'm sorry. I know it was a stupid move but Sasuke please understand. It's hard for me to be with you."

"If it's hard for you, then stop following me. Stop sitting with me on the plane. Stop running after me. I wasn't the one following you, I wasn't the one who told you to sit with me, and I wasn't the one running after you. You did those things on your own accord, I never forced you. So don't tell me it's hard for you to be with me because I know you're just lying."

Ino was dumbfounded, Sasuke was right. She couldn't argue with that but she wasn't lying. She could be with him because he had someone else and she didn't want to be between them.

"Sasuke wait!" Sasuke didn't stop. Ino ran after him.

"Believe me when I say I want to save you and I wouldn't jeopardize you. I know what you're position is in your family and I'm not going hold you back. Sasuke you have Sakura. She's waiting for you; I don't want to be the bitch."

"If you didn't want to jeopardize me then what were you doing?"

"I don't know" she said timidly.

"Look Ino, when I asked you before if we can start over. I meant that, I want us to become friends."

Ino was ashamed. "And one more thing, I never called you a bitch or anyone for that matter. So please just act normal"

"I'm sorry Sasuke"

"you say sorry all the time, it's annoying"

"then what do you want me to say?"

"I don't know and I don't care. So stop following me" he started to walk away again.

"Sasuke!" she called out again. he didn't look back nor stop in his tracks.

"IF YOU'RE MAD AT ME THEN SO BE IT! I THINK IT'S BETTER FOR US THAT WAY!!" she shouted at the top of her voice, some tears trickling down her cheeks.



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