It was night and the people were supposed to be fast asleep. However.. not everybody.

Somewhere hidden in the darkness that the trees provided, someone was listening to the soft noises coming out of the forest. The wind was casually playing with his long black hair while the figure just sat there on tree branch staring at nothing in particular. His thoughts spinning wild and untamed in his head.

He had killed his old sensei, failed to take over Konoha, but he did succeed in marking the boy with his cursed seal. And now they were back hiding in the chilly underground corridors with an little arrogant brat to train. He sighed heavily and depressed. Everybody around him was so normal and predictable. Kabuto always followed him in every footstep. Something which would drive him crazy one day, but for now it was handy to have such a loyal follower. Sasuke wasn't an easy one. So demanding and definitely not the right person if he needed some cheering up. Not that he would ever admit out loud that also he wanted to laugh sometimes. Not his usual evil laugh, but just a laugh because he felt like it. Because maybe he could be happy just like other humans. And that was the source of his problem. Even when he was little he scared people just by how he looked. It was rare to find someone who could look right through his appearance and just treat him like a normal person.

It was because of the distance people kept from him that he became isolated. And after he heard he would never become the hokage of the leaf he turned against those humans. They tried to make him to train the young genins to keep him busy, but he always rejected their requests.

Until one day he found a little girl sitting on the roof of a small house. It was already late and he had wondered why she was still outside. That was the night he had first met her.

She was a little girl with parent who did not care about her. Her parents were both pretty young and more busy with themselves than with their child. And so she spend many days outside the house. Searching for food on the streets and finding people to play with. However who would want to play with such a shabby and wild girl?

The best thing in her live was the fact that she could go to ninja school. It gave her something to do.

When she had finally become a genin it seemed like bad luck was following her in every step. She could really not work in a team and soon her sensei had told the hokage that he did not wished to train her any longer. When she heard the news she felt like her life was over. She kept in her tears, for she would never cry. Ever.

That night she had spent on the roof to look at the stars in the bright night sky and think about what to do next. That was the night she had first met him.