Title: Dress me up in candy. (PART 1)
Artist: Me :P
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Shunsui Kyouraku, Jyuushiro Ukitake, Renji Abarai, Byakuya Kuchiki
Rating: G for this part
Warning: G for this part, but knowing myslef rating will go up in other parts.
Summary: There is going to be a party. Will Renji go there by himself or can he convince his captain to come.
Disclaimer: I do not own bleach and his characters.. Tite Kubo thats our hero!

Dress me up in candy.

Captain of the 13th division Jyuushiro Ukitake spent his days planning a huge event. He and his lover had both agreed in giving a party to celebrate.. well just to celebrate something. Both captains thought it was time to relax and to have some fun. All the divisions were to be invited so everyone in Soul Society was already talking about it and making preparations for their clothing. Jyuushiro wanted a dress code namely: dress me up in candy! Shunsui immediately gave in to that request, for seeing his lover walking around dressed like a lollypop or a cupcake seemed like the best idea ever to him. And so the preparations started. They needed a date, a place, a time and many invitations.

Meanwhile in the 6th division a red headed vice-captain was running through the hallways searching for his captain. Byakuya had not been in his office like normally and the redhead really needed to find him before it was to late. After some running around he finally found his captain standing next to the pool in the divisions garden. His expression was as blank as ever while he seemed to stare at something far in the distance. "CAPTAIN!" sounded a loud screaming voice behind the noble. He turned around to look at the red flame who came running at him like some wild bull. When the so called bull finally found his brake they stood only a few inches away from each other. Byakuya twitched his eyebrow while looking up to the slightly taller man in front of him. Renji finally realising how close the two where actually standing, immediately began to blush and stumbled backwards looking embarrassed. Byakuya who was ignoring the whole situation looked at his vice-captain questionably to help him remind he was screaming for him just a few minutes ago.

"Oh yeah right, what I was going to say.. uhh.. shit I forgot." Renji was looking very uncomfortable trying to remember what had been so urgent to make him go after his captain running and screaming and to make a total fool out of himself. Byakuya who did not seemed very interested in what his vice had to say was already walking gracefully toward the other side of the garden. Renji panicked. 'He can't just turn his back on me like that! Can he? I really need to remember or he will be gone already. Why am I so worried that he will be gone by the way? That is strange? But no time to think about that. Focus yourself Renji Abarai, focus.' He mumbled to himself.

At that moment his brain started to work again and he managed to yell the name of his captain once again. Byakuya who was now starting to get a little irritated by his forgetful vice turned around once again without showing any of his irritation to the other male.

"The party," said Renji. "What are you going to wear at the party!"

Byakuya looked at Renji as if he had said something very wrong. "I shall not be visiting the party, Renji. For it is not in my nature to be in an environment where the only thing people can do is drinking sake and make strange dance moves who are most of the time provoking."

Renji couldn't believe what he had just heard. " But captain, you have to go cause everybody will come!" "Everyone except for me that is." Was the only answer he got. "That's the biggest crap I've ever heard! You are going to come even if I have to drag you! And that a statement!" By the time those words where said Renji already knew he was going to regret his outburst. And besides, why did he care so much for his captain to come. It was not like he couldn't enjoy himself without the man. Was he really so devoted to his captain?

Byakuya who ignored the whole outburst of words just walked away toward his office pretending nothing had ever happened. But still he felt like something wasn't right. The words said by his vice really did have had some effect on him. Somewhere deep in his heart he knew he wanted to go, just because the redhead wanted him to. No, it was never going to happen. He was a noble, and nobles did not belong on ordinary parties.

That night when Renji had left the office a little time ago and was now walking toward his home he could not stop thinking. He felt so disappointed, only because his captain would not be there. He could not figure out when he had grown so attached to that man. How long since he couldn't do things without his captain near? Maybe it had already started as soon as he wanted to be stronger, or maybe when they finally came on good terms with each other after the whole Rukia thing.

How did he feel about his captain. Was he a friend? No, he could enjoy a party without one of his friend. That wasn't the answer for his weird feelings. He stopped walking for a minute and sat down the road for a while, staring at the world before him.

In the far distant he saw two people walking next to each other. Hands tangled together for as far as he could see. The two people where coming closer to where he was sitting. After a few seconds of waiting he could see person with a straw head in pink and someone with long white hair. A smile came across his face when he watched the two men walking hand in hand talking to each other. Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyoraku, the famous couple op Soul Society. The two had been together for ages and still in love. They where the symbol of true and eternal love for many people and highly respected by all.

It was Captain Ukitake who saw him first. The captain waved at him and in no time the two lovers were standing in front of him. "Hello Renji, enjoying the evening?" Asked Jyuushiro brightly. The man was always so kind and happy, even when he looked like a zombie in bad times. Renji nodded and stood up, facing the captains. "You don't look so well. Is something bothering you Abarai-kun?" Renji looked surprised. How could he have noticed I'm an emotional wreck? "Hmm, I'm okay I guess." He lied.

"Sounds very convincing." Laughed Shunsui in reply. "Now if you ask me you are in love. Only lovers can look so disheartened." Renji's eyes widened when those words where spoken. "No, no!" He quickly stated. "No, I'm not in love. Really, I'm okay. Just enjoying the evening as you said." Shunsui tried to hide a smile and was about to say something else when Jyuushiro caught him by the hand to drag him along. "Let's go, don't bother Abarai-kun with all your coupling ideas. But Abarai-kun, if you ever want to talk you know you can always turn to us. Even if it involved a certain captain." The last sentence being spoken out in a whisper and a wink at the end.

Now that had helped him. Renji thought desperate. Now my heartbeat is out of control and my mind is going crazy. Did they know? Did they know he was in love with his captain. No wait, since when was he in love with his captain?

He felt like all the air was being sucked out of him and the world began to spin. He was in love with his captain and that was the truth. He was in love. With his captain. His beautiful captain. His beautiful captain who would never love him back.

To be continued..