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Ah was washing dishes for Jubilee.


Somehow, ah couldn't resist whenever she begged meh to take her chores so she could go do something fun with her friends. Ah'd refused, but she'd always win in the end. Perhaps it was because she could have fun.

Ah couldn't.

No, mah power wouldn't allow it.

No fun.

No romance.


A pair of arms slipped around mah waist. Ah dropped the dish into the sink.

Well, maybe not nothing.

"Remy, sugah, what' ya doin'?" Ah turned around and met his gaze. He had cocky grin on his face. Ah chuckled.

"Remy do somethin' funny, chere?"

"No, sugah," Ah replied. "Ah just know you're up tah sumthin'."

"Cherie, I ain't up to nuthin'."

"Uh-huh." Ah replied. "Sure, yah aren't." He pulled meh away from the dishes and twirled meh around the kitchen. Ah laughed and he grinned as we kept spinning around and around. Ah felt like a little girl.

We stopped as we heard a cough. Storm stood in the doorway.

"What is it, Stormy?" She frowned. Storm hated that nickname. Ah suppressed a chuckle.

"Remy, Rogue, the Professor would like to see you in his office."

"We got a mission, Stormy?"

Another frown, another suppressed chuckle.

"Yes, you both do." She turned and left. Remy burst into full out laughter. Ah gently punched him on his shoulder.

"Quoi, Cherie?" He asked. "Did Gambit do somethin' wrong?" Ah started putting the dishes away and sighed.

"Remy, ya know that Storm hates it when ya call her Stormy." He pulled meh into another hug.

"Aww, chere, Gambit jus' teases her." Ah couldn't help, but give in. Ah smiled.

"Oh-kay, sugah," Ah mumbled. "Let's go." Ah finished the dishes, grabbed Remy's hand, and walked down the hall to the Professor's office.

Strangely, ah was nervous. Ah never liked going on missions, no one really did, but today it felt like something big was going to happen. Good or bad, that was the part ah wasn't sure about. We tapped on the door and it telepathically opened. The Professor put his papers down and looked at Remy and meh.

"Ah, good you're both here."

"What is it, Professor?" Ah asked. He motioned for us to sit down; we did.

"This morning Logan picked up a strange energy reading coming from Caldecott County." Ah gasped and squeezed Remy's hand.

"Mississippi?" Ah asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid so." The Professor replied. Ah felt like ah had been run over. Ah hadn't been to Mississippi since The Professor found me. Ah didn't want to go back, Ah couldn't. Too many memories would haunt me there.

Ah stood up.

"Ah'm sorry, but ah can't go back there." Remy stood with meh.

"D'accord, Chere." He faced the Professor. "Gambit goes wit' her."

"Rogue, please." The Professor protested. "You two are the only ones who know that area well enough to find the energy signal."

"Professor, you don't understand." Ah felt Remy squeeze mah hand. It felt good to know that he was backing me up. "There are too many bad memories there; mah powers could go haywire!" Ah felt myself start to shake all over. Remy started to rub mah back soothingly.

"Rogue, please." The professor pleaded. "You have to take this mission. Just check out the signal."

"That's all?" Ah questioned.

"That's all." The Professor clarified. Ah thought for a second. Someone did have to go back to Mississippi. Remy and ah could get it done faster than anyone else. We could probably be back in two days, but did ah really want to go home and see all the shattered memories and broken dreams there? Ah looked at Remy, wanting his opinion.

"Rogue, Remy'll follow you anywhere." Ah nodded.

"Alright, Professor, Remy and ah will go." He nodded in agreement.

"Thank you, Rogue, I know this must be hard for you."

He didn't know the half of it.

Ah didn't say anything and just left the office with Remy behind me.

"Rogue, you sure you want to do this?" Remy asked.

"Yes, Remy, ah need to do this." Ah felt tears well up in meh eyes. "For meh."

"D'accord, Cherie. No need to cry; Remy'll be there wit' you." Ah let him hug meh for awhile and let that sink in. Ah had backup this time. Ah wasn't alone anymore. Ah had Remy to help meh, to make meh feel safe, to make meh feel loved. Maybe this time, going home wouldn't be so hard.

Or maybe, ah was just lying to myself.

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