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Summary: A seemingly normal case doesn't stay that way for Tony when it exposes memories he has tried to forget, but is that the only thing he should be worried about and what does his father have to do with it.

Okay so this is my take on Tony and his past and for it to work i needed a caring Gibbs so he may seem a little OOC, I just hoping that mine is different from the others around, there are some quite good ones around. Seen as the writers don't seem to want to explain Tony's past we are left to wonder, lots of angst, lots of Gibbs/Tony father/son Set in season 2ish so Kate it there as is McGee…

I will get to my other stories soon, i promise, this just wanted to be written too.

Best Forgotten

Chapter 1 –Bad feeling.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was making his usual way to work, trying to ignore the bad feeling that he had had since he had woken up this morning. Of course, being a DiNozzo when he did get to work he wouldn't let anyone know he was worried. DiNozzo's don't worry or feel scared, that was a lesson he had learned from an early age. They would always have the image that everything was normal, and not to tell anyone anything. In the past when people had gotten too close to him he ran, he didn't want to be judged, so he only allowed them to see what he wanted them to see. It seemed that when he had started to trust people in the past and they found out what he had kept hidden, they would leave or blame him for what happened, just like his father had.

Tony sighed as he pulled to into the deserted parking garage of headquarters. Maybe, his father was right; he would end up in the gutter. Having made it to work on autopilot he needed to get himself together pretty quickly, he couldn't show them anything other than what they knew. Could he? Would they run and judge him? Would they treat him like his father did? He just didn't know. He trusted Gibbs, Kate and even McGee with his life, but could he trust them enough to let them in, let them see beyond the mask he so effortlessly wore. He'd even broken his two year record at NCIS, and he was sure that Abby wouldn't let him leave. Abby was the sister he had always wanted, he smiled a little at the thought of the hyper forensic scientist. Abby could always make him smile, he would hate to leave.

The elevator shuddered to a stop at the bullpen. Leaving the claustrophobic feel of the elevator behind, he moved slowly to his desk and silently began to work. Maybe, cold cases would keep him occupied enough to ignore the bad feeling he had. Having gotten there earlier then even Gibbs, he could work without being watched. By the time the others got in he would be back to his usual self.

Becoming bored with over due paperwork and cold cases and no one to distract him he realised just how tired he was, to be honest he hadn't been sleeping all to well recently. His eyelids felt heavy and before he knew it, he had succumbed to sleep…


Where was she? He panicked. He couldn't see her; he couldn't see anything for that matter. Something was tied tight around his eyes. He tried to call out but found that there was material around his mouth, forcing him to breathe through his nose. The room smelled damp, most likely caused by the constant dripping he could hear.

Before he could do anything else a door was slammed open, he flinched a little at the sound. He became nervous when heavy footsteps came closer to him; the person's presence was scaring him. Not that being tied up and alone didn't, but he'd rather be alone than have company that he didn't even know, or not know what they what they were going to do.

The next thing he heard was a muffled scream, her scream. He tried to be strong but found his eyes burning with a few tears of fear…


Gibbs strode out of the elevator at 7am sharp, coffee in hand, not expecting anyone in for at least another hour. He frowned as he saw his senior field agent asleep at his desk, Tony did have a tendency to come back to work during the night but recently he had caught Tony spending more time at work than at home, sometimes he wondered if he had a home to go to. A rare smile graced his lips, thinking that Tony was like him in that respect.

He made it his way and tried not to get involved into his agents' personal lives, but there was something about Tony that had him caring more than usual. What he did know was that Tony's father had disowned him at the age of twelve, even with that little part of information he hated the man for doing that to his own son. Tony had been working for him for over three years now, a best for Tony, having moved from job to job every two years or so. Gibbs really wanted to know why he stayed; I mean he was known for being hard to work with and everyone knew what the second B in his name stood for.

Gibbs was startled out of his thoughts when Tony shot up, almost toppling his chair and looking around in panic. He thought that the younger man had been looking tired recently; obviously it was due to nightmares. While nightmares weren't uncommon for agents and ex-cops, they hadn't had any cases recently that may have caused it; this had him wondering what Tony had been dreaming about. Knowing that his agent wouldn't appreciate being seen straight after a nightmare, he decided to ignore it, filing it away for a time they could talk about it. He waited until Tony straightened himself out and strode past.

"Hiding away from a girlfriend, DiNozzo?" he asked gruffly with a little humour, attempting to get Tony to relax back to his usual vibrant state.

"No boss, just catching up on some paperwork." Tony smiled at the tone and relaxed a little, the baiting did him good. Now somebody was in, he could concentrate fully on work, and not on the recurring nightmare he had just had. Both agents turned to their computers and got to work.

Gibbs wasn't a pro at the technical stuff but he knew how to write reports on the computers and paperwork didn't really require the use of them. Once in a while he would sneak a look at his agent, trying to see any signs as to what was wrong. By the time the others arrived he still didn't have a clue and it was starting to bother him, he cursed at his weakness for his agent. He shouldn't get involved; what the hell was it that made him care so damn much he wondered.


"Okay, who are you, and what have you done with the real DiNozzo?" asked Kate, shocked to see Tony in work before her.

"Well Katie," he smiled using the nickname she hated, "wouldn't you like to know." he waggled his eye brows a little and watched as she huffed and went to her desk. He really did enjoy teasing her, his smile widened into his trademark grin. Yep, he was back to normal.

McGee stopped abruptly as well at the prospect that the fun-loving-usually-late senior field agent was in and already working, he decided not to question it though as it would only get him teased to no end by Tony and Kate.

Soon enough the usual friendly banter was under way, Kate and McGee trying to get on with work but being distracted by Tony launching paper balls at them when he thought Gibbs wasn't watching.

By lunch time McGee and Kate needed to get away from Tony's childish antics and rushed out without looking back, hoping that he had calmed down a little when they got back. Gibbs strolled out too, most likely looking for a decent cup of coffee.

With the rest of the team gone for a little bit, Tony could let down his defences a little. His mind wandered beyond the computer screen in front of him. Anyone watching would think he was engrossed in his work; however, that wasn't what he saw. He saw past mistakes, past failures. Get a grip of yourself DiNozzo he scolded himself, he really needed to not let the past keep creeping up on him every time a certain date drew closer. He knew that Gibbs could see it as well but at least his work hadn't started to slip. At least, not yet.

"Something bothering you, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked curiously. He needed to know if the younger man's obvious distracted attitude today would hinder a case, if they ever got one.

Tony jumped a little at the voice's intrusion into his thoughts; he hadn't expected Gibbs to be back that quick. He searched his mind for a suitable answer.

"No Boss, just thinking." He responded, smiling brightly. He really didn't want to tell Gibbs what he had been thinking about.

Gibbs saw that the smile didn't reach his eyes which looked a little haunted, but he knew that Tony wasn't going to say anything even if he did ask. The look in the younger man's eyes didn't sit right with him but he was stopped from saying anything by the ringing of his phone. Having listened to the cop on the other end, he ended the call and turned to Tony.

"Ring Kate and McGee, tell them to meet us there in the car. Gas the truck."

"On it Boss." Tony replied with an honest smile, he always did like a case to liven up the day.


The crime scene…

"Kate, go speak to the neighbours, McGee, bag and tag. DiNozzo, shoot and sketch."

Having given his orders, Gibbs was just about to go and speak to Ducky when he noticed DiNozzo was nowhere to be seen. It was then that he remembered that he hadn't heard the typical 'On it Boss' from his senior field agent…


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