Warp Realities


Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi

Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi

Ah! My Goddess created by Kōsuke Fujishima

Flames of Recca created by Nobuyuki Anzai

Bastard! created by Kazushi Hagiwara

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Chapter 1

Second Chances

******China, Jusenkyo, Mount Phoenix*****

The battle was not going well for Ranma Saotome, Master of the Anything Goes School of martial arts.

This was Ranma's ultimate battle; he was pushing himself harder than ever done. This time, everything was on the line, his family and friends were depending on him. Ryoga, Mousse, Kuno, and Happosai were too injured to help. Even Cologne's vaunted history of amazon arts was not enough for the Phoenix king, Shampoo and Akane were attending to the wounded.

It had started off as a simple kidnapping, which promptly escalated when Kiima drowned Akane. Cologne decided to tag along because of her heir and Kuno was suckered into paying for the trip. Happosai had tagged along hoping to pilfer Jusendo's riches, it all seemed so simple then, they didn't know what resided in Jusendo. Perhaps they shouldn't been so careless or maybe they were used to the zaniest of Nerima, they never could imagine waking a God in their quest to save Akane. The God was angry and he sought to punish them for their transgression. Ranma was the only thing that stood between them and certain death.

"DIE INSECT!" Saffron Lord of the Jusendo screamed. "You think a mere human can challenge me?!"

"Oh, shaddup will ya!" Ranma replied in annoyance while keeping his defenses up. Ranma had been fighting Saffron for over an hour now and he was starting to tire.

"Can't lose now..." Ranma muttered to himself for motivation. He was using everything in his arsenal but it wasn't enough. Time for a last ditch effort, cupping his hands to gather his confidence, he charged one of his greatest attacks. Barely able to contain the sheer volume of power he quickly pointed in Saffron direction and let loose a mighty chi blast.

"Moku Takabisha-" Ranma gritted his teeth as he held the Phoenix King in his vision. "-PERFECT!"

Saffron was stunned as the enormous Ki blast made its way to him. Flaring up with greater power he shot pure raw dense fire to counter Ranma's blast. The twin attacks met each other for a second before Ranma's Ki blast overpowered Saffron's attack and Saffron was blown away.

The wind died down slowly and Ranma dropped down with a thud exhausted but victorious. He was crowded around by the wrecking crew, all of them giving him their congratulations.


"Waydda go!"

"Indeed it takes a foul sorcerer to defeat such a creature."

"Good work, my boy!"


Ranma tiredly waved it off and searched for Akane and saw her looking at him proudly. He had managed to revitalize Akane from her doll like state before Saffron had awoken. The incomplete transformation made the Phoenix king weaker then he should have been, his power spilling out with no control. Saffron knew he was going to die and decided to take it out on Ranma's friends.

Ranma was just getting back onto his feet when he felt something was off. It was an instinct honed after the pass year of danger, just like how he sensed Toma, turning his head to look at where the Saffron had been killed it took him a split second to realize what it was; he turned to his friends to warn them but he was too late.

A blast not unlike a nuclear bomb detonated disintegrating the Nerima crew instantly. The inferno spread out into the valley consuming everything in its path. The inferno stretched as far as the eye could see, as it moved into the Musk and Amazon territories burning everyone before anyone could react.

"Ha ha ha ha ha." A malicious laughter echoed through the charred valley. A winged figure hovered silently over the dead valley.

The blasted cleared to revealed Saffron, God-King of the Phoenix people laughing at his victory. Though his form was battered almost beyond recognition, fire dancing out from his open wounds. Already his power was getting more out of control, it would not be long now before would be ripped to pieces by his own power. He was able to glory in his triumph, at least until he saw a sight that shocked him. Ranma was still alive; a strange blue hue was glowing from his body. The mortal looked stricken before turning toward him.

Saffron locked eyes with the mortal where fiery hatred burned in his own eyes, Ranma's was iced cold.

"So, you lived," Saffron said, almost with a note of respect in his voice. Almost.

Ranma didn't answer, instead, he jumped into the air faster than Saffron could have believed possible and landed several blows to the Phoenix King.

Angered, the Phoenix King quickly countered and tried to tear this upstart human limb from limb.

Wordlessly, Ranma continued his assault his blows hurting the King of Fire. Using the Soul of Ice technique, he had encased himself in an aura so cold that it would freeze anything the moment it touched it.

Even that was not enough against the Phoenix king. The god-ling simply generated too much heat for Ranma strikes to affect him for long.

Landing back on the ground again, Ranma looked at the Phoenix King. While not a particularly good fighter, Saffron had power to spare not to mention he could fly giving him a distinct advantage.

The Saotome mid-air combat technique could only last so long. Ranma had staved off the creeping feeling of fatigue already; adrenaline was what's fueling him now. In that moment, he realized he had to kill Saffron now. He would get vengeance for his friends.

Launching himself into the air again, Ranma bounced off the mountain wall to mask his intent from Saffron.

Saffron launched a clumsy punch at Ranma. That was all Ranma needed as he dodged right, shift his form in mid-air and grab Saffron's arm. Shifting his weight again, he used Saffron's arm as a swing and landed on Saffron's back.

"How dare you!" Saffron started to sputter in outrage. Suddenly he felt a tearing sensation and knew nothing but pain. He realized too late that he was falling. After hitting the ground hard he glanced up through the pain and saw Ranma holding his wings. Looking back frantically at his back he saw stumps where his wings were meant to be.

More fire started to pour out from yet another opening in Saffron's body.

Ranma started to ready his next attack when Saffron let out a scream of pure animal fury. Another blast of fire sprayed out again. Using both his arms to block he focused the Soul of Ice to make a shield at the point of impact. When the wave cleared again Ranma looked at Saffron and for the first time since the fight started, he despaired.

Saffron stood there with a new pair wings.

Ranma closed his eyes briefly before looking at Saffron with a determined expression on his face. He knew what he had to do; the Soul of Ice became stronger with his new found peace.

Launching himself at Saffron, the two fighters met and exchanged furious blows.

Ranma using martial arts attacked Saffron savagely, each blow aimed to kill.

Saffron fought back with primal fury, his claws raking Ranma's body, cutting deep wounds all over his body.

Each determined to end the other, one for pride, the other for vengeance.

In the end it was Ranma's strength that gave out first. The last of his adrenaline burning out for a second. In that second, Saffron broke through his defenses and sank his claws into Ranma, the Soul of Ice aura flickered for a little bit before seeming to focus sharper, hugging Ranma's body like a second skin.

Before Saffron knew what was happening he felt Ranma deal a death blow in his stomach, it was as if he was pierced by a spear made of ice.

"Hiryuu-" Ranma growled. Grabbing onto Saffron's arms and grabbing them tightly so he couldn't escape, he released the tornado like winds inside Saffron's body. "-SHOTEN HA!"

Saffron screamed out in intense pain as he felt himself being torn to shreds from the inside out. His lifeblood, the fire of his people, spilling out wastefully. He would not let this mortal have the satisfaction of winning as the last of his body is torn he managed to get his final revenge. He had to get in one last word; victory would be his in the end.

"Your victory here means nothing," Saffron's voice faintly said. "I am phoenix, I will simply be reborn."

Ranma was confused by Saffron's words at first, and then he saw it.

Saffron's body broke apart, the fire that was inside of him broke free, it took the shape of a Phoenix right out of a storybook and started to fly upward. The whirlwind that killed Saffron could not stop the Phoenix's ascent.

Ranma did not know what inspired him, but he would be damned before he let Saffron win. He will avenge his friends if it was the last thing he'd do. Using the Soul of Ice in ways it was never intended for, he gathered all the excess heat that Saffron had put out, he funneled the power of the whirlwind into his hand. Instead of letting it grow larger he condensed it into about the size of his fist, the suction of the wind vortex reached out for miles as it funneled into Ranma's hands.

Ranma once again did the impossible, he made wind that could cut sharper than any blade could. One errant move and it would lob off his arm if he did not maintain perfect control. Keeping the Phoenix in his sight, he abruptly cut the power channeling the wind making it soft and malleable for one second before it dispersed everywhere. Moving quickly in that precious second, he combined the two slapping his arms together and used his attack.

"Hiryuu- " Ranma said, aiming true at the flying Phoenix. "-Hyou-Toppa!"

The thin narrow wind funnel, no larger than a garbage can, streamed upward toward the Phoenix striking true. The wind funnel, made to absorb heat, pierced the Phoenix's skin. Expanding bigger while keeping its deadly potency, it shredded the Phoenix in smaller and smaller pieces.

The Phoenix cried out in intense pain as it was ground into nothingness. It gave one great cry of anger and hatred as it was snuffed out by the deadly winds.

Ranma fell flat on his back smiling, he had won and avenged his friends. He felt cold even though he was no longer channeling the Soul of Ice. He was dying he realized, it appeared he would be joining his friends soon.

"Heh, Wait for me guys," Ranma whispered as he felt his strength draining away.

Ranma's vision became dark for a moment before he felt a presence standing over him. Said person grabbed his arm and pulled him up. He came face to face with exotic silvery-haired, mocha skin woman tugging at his arms insistently to pull him up on his feet. Once on his feet he took a good scrutinizing look at the woman.

Strange markings were tattooed on her face. Her dress or lack thereof left little to the imagination as her body was the stuff wet dreams were made out of, she was amazingly hot. Her hair was as white as pure snow framing her perfect oval shaped face, with dark luscious purple lips with a beaming smile aimed at him.

A thought suddenly occurred to him. Ranma looked down at his stomach and saw the hole was still there. In fact despite that none of his wounds were healed he felt great. He was most likely dead he concluded and the woman was the grim reaper.

"So," Ranma said to the grim reaper nervously, after all how does one go about asking a Shinigami how you rated in life? "Do I get to go to Heaven or Hell?"

Ranma saw a slightly offended look flit across her beautiful face before she went back to her welcoming smile. Pointing a thumb to her impressive 'assets' she introduced herself.

"The name's Urd, Goddess of the Past and Love," Urd stated proudly. "I'm not here to escort you anywhere, that's Death job."

Ranma gave her a confused look.

"Look Ranma-" The Goddess started. Looking conspiratorially around as if she was expecting to find someone, she hooked her arms around his shoulder pulling him in close. "I don't have much time here. Nobody in heaven knows I'm missing, so I am gonna be in a lotta trouble if they find out I'm here." The Goddess said in a low voice her eyes darting back and forth as if expecting to get caught.

"Listen very closely," Urd continued. "What would you say if I could bring back all of your friends and family?"

That got Ranma's attention. "How?" Ranma asked looking at the Goddess, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"I told you didn't I?" Urd said grinning cockily. "I'm the Goddess of the past!"

Ranma found it hard not to noticed her 'assets' as she jutted her chest our proudly after her proclamation to him.

"However," Urd hesitated and then continued. "I can only do it for a price."

Ranma eyes bugged out. He saw omen, he say nightmare on elm street. He knew what was up! "You want my soul?" He asked afraid. The scary part was he would sacrifice his soul to bring back his loved ones.

"WHAT?!" Urd yelled into his ears loudly. All effort of staying quiet gone. "WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, A DEMON?! I told you, I'm a Goddess! GOD-DESS!"

Offended, Urd crossed her arms and turned away from him, her expression miffed.

After nearly being blown away by her scream, Ranma concluded, Goddesses were scary...

"Aww, I'm sorry, please don't be mad. Geez..." Ranma apologized. He put an arm behind his head rubbing it as he tried to search for the right words.

Urd watched a flustered Ranma trying to find the words to appease her. She cupped a hand over her mouth giggling. The boy had just fought in one of the greatest battles the world had ever seen and here he was trying to appease her because she was flushed in embarrassment, she decided to give him a break.

"I never said I wanted anything," Urd stated. "I merely told you it came with a price."

"Oh, heh, heh, sorry." Ranma said in embarrassment but now he was curious. "What's the price?"

Urd looked at him and hoped he would accept her offer. "I can make it so all of this never happened," she said sweeping her hand out to encompass the battlefield.

Seeing Ranma's eyes light up, she delivered the bad news. "However, you will not be able to enjoy it," Urd stated sadly. She knew it was a big price to pay and was expecting Ranma to agonize over her offer.

"Done," Ranma said immediately. It didn't matter if that was what it took to bring them back. It did not matter one bit to him.

Urd stared at him in shock, he didn't even take the time to think about it. "Are you sure? Don't you want to think about it?" she asked.

Staring at her, Ranma nodded firmly. "Yes, if you can bring them back I'll pay any price." he said seriously.

"Then, I will diverge your life at THE turning point that lead you here," Urd stated. She smiled, he truly was noble indeed. He deserved better and she will give it to him. "In effect the new you will travel the road you didn't take."

Ranma gave her a look that clearly stated he did not understand.

"I plan on plucking the You now out of the time stream," Urd explained. "And then I will go back to the point in time that made You who you are and fix it thereby bringing everyone back to life. Of course because you already exist you cannot take the place of the you in the past."

Ranma was getting a headache and noticed Urd giving him a sympathetic look.

"You are a fully developed soul Ranma," Urd said softly. "A soul is sacred, why do you think demons covet it so much? When I go back to change the flow of your life, I will in essence be influencing the younger you onto a different path. In essence a brand new soul which means a second Ranma."

Ranma's eyes widened as he vaguely grasped the concept.

"The problem is there simply can't be two of you running around, Kami-sama notices those kind of things," Urd continued on. "So what I'm gonna do is put you in a different reality, a reality where you never existed that way, this universe still keep a Ranma and your friends and family will still be alive."

Ranma debated it in his head, the pros and cons. Ranma thought to question her about his other option but if his family got to live then there really was one acceptable answer for him.

"Do it." Ranma said looking at Urd. He saw her smile at him proudly then closed her eyes.

A giant symbol appeared immediately on the ground below Urd, inside were rune drawings humming loudly with power. The symbols on her face started to glow even as she chanted words not understandable to human ears. A strong wind started to pick up blowing all around them ruffling her clothes.

"WAIT!" Ranma called out as he shielded himself from the dirt being kicked up with his forearm. "Why are you helping me? Not that I am complaining, but people never wanted to help me before."

"Because I want to see you win for once," Urd replied a smile adorning her face. Then her face turned mischievous. "Besides, it will really piss off Fate-kun and Destiny-chan."

Suddenly Urd arched her back as a beam of power shot up toward the sky encompassing her and Ranma.

The world turned white and then reversed.

"Die Insect!"

"My name is Konatsu-"

"Girl has a form that could kill me fem boy."

"Ranma you JERK!"


"You jackass you left me-"

"Prepare to die Ranma!"

"Pigtail girl!"

"Hi want to be friends?"

"Ranma I kill!"

"It's just an ocean it won't k-"

"Cat fist training boy-"

"Ranma my boy, wanna do something fun?"

******13 years ago********

"Ranma my boy, wanna do something fun?" Genma asked his four year old son.

"Yes papa!" Chibi-Ranma said innocently, unaware of his fate.

"Well my boy, lets hand paint!" Genma said. Handing his son some paint and the seppuku contract. "Just put your palm print right here at the dotted line."

"Okay papa!" Ranma said happily.

Just as he was about to wet his hand with the paint Nodoka, dressed in a kimono, came out and swept him up into her arms contract and all.

"Well, what do we have here Ranma-chan?" Nodoka asked her pride and joy.

"Papa and me paint mama!" Ranma innocently handed her the seppuku pledge. He watched in fascination as his mother's face became a bright cherry red.

"Excuse me son." Nodoka said in her most loving voice. "Why don't you go out into the yard and play, OK dear?"

"Hai!" Chibi-Ranma said. Almost sliding down her kimono he waved to her then scampered off to the yard.

Genma could actually feel the room get colder.

"Now, now Nodoka, the boy will thank me for this and so will you someday," Genma tried to justify. Nodoka just stalked toward him.

Out in the yard...

Chibi-Ranma cocked his head to the said as the sound of agony came from his house. Chibi-Ranma was about to investigate until something else caught his attention. It was a kitten.

"Here kitty!" Ranma said, playing 'chase' with the kitten.

In the house...

A beaten Genma was laying in the living room. If one were to look closely at Genma's wounds they would see little marks that looked like those made by a katana. Genma had never been so afraid in life. Not even the master inspired this much fear in him which his wife was projecting into him. He never thought a Sakaba could do so much damage.

"Now DEAR, if you ever try that again I won't be using the blunted edge of the Sakaba on you, got it?" Nodoka asked as she gave him a piercing glare.

Genma nodded his head shakily. "I will never try to take Ranma again, that, I swear on my honor," he promised.

Contrary to what most people believed, Genma did have some honor, that and fear of his wife.

"Good, now I will go and cook dinner." Nodoka stated. Few would know it, but she was once considered as a potential successor to the Hiten Misiguru style of sword play.

*******Outside the time stream*************

Ranma watched as that one single moment changed his history. Almost as in fast forward, he saw his mom coddle him more, he saw Ukyou's family food cart setting up in town and becoming friends. His mother correcting him about Ukyou's gender, more siblings because no training trip happened, meeting Akane earlier in primary school, meeting Ryoga near his house as the boy got lost, becoming rivals with Akane and a student at the dojo, cut his hair, Nodoka teaching him swordplay, joining the kendo club, girl Ukyou showing up, exchange student from China, Happosai freed and more as it blurred by quicker and quicker until in a flash everything was gone and he was standing with Urd in a brighter luminescence realm.

Urd had let Ranma watch his past unfold again to reassure him.

Ranma for his part stared at a space where he just watched his new life happened. A life where he never signed the contract, never went on a training trip. Yet, everyone was alive and happy. The other him was happy. He was jealous of the other Ranma, jealous of his life. Ranma looked at his hands, he gained power but was the cost worth it? Family, Siblings, even friendly rivalries...he balled his hand into fist closing his eyes. 'Was it worth it?'

"Now your turn. Are you ready Ranma?" Urd asked. She had seen the look of jealously as he watched from the time stream. While he would not get this life, she hoped he would be able find happiness in his new home.

"Let's do this," Ranma said. Opening his eyes and bracing himself.

"Here we go!" Urd said as she raised her hand chanting nordic and just like that Ranma disappeared in a powerful swirl of lights.

"Good luck Ranma." Urd said softly to herself watching the spot where the pig-tailed boy was last.

Smiling for just a second Urd reappeared near Jusenkyo. Looking around she noticed the valley was in once piece, almost pristine as nature thrive. A far cry then the last time she was here with everything burnt and destroyed.

"Boy I feel good," Urd said smiling. Arching her back with her arms behind her head to stretch, she felt good to grant this unofficial wish. Just as she was about to leave a bolt of lightning struck the ground right next to her.



*****Kami-sama Office******

It was a white room design for beauty and functionality. High cabinets filled with whimsical trinkets and gadgets littering the shelves. Books was opened and left lying around. An open view of the stars could be seen as there were no windows behind a big Yggdrasil desk. However, as impressive as the room was, the man behind it was more so after it was just only Kami-sama.

Urd sat in the chair across the desk from Kami-sama looking down nervously not daring to meet his gaze while twiddling her thumb.


"W-w-we-well t-that is to say th-th-that we-well" Urd stammered digging her thumbs into her index finger as she floundered.


"Ididnttthinkitwasfairtoranmasir!" Urd spit out hurriedly twisting the helm of her shirt.



"I didn't think it was fair to Ranma sir," Urd said in a soft voice. "After everything he went through he deserved more than death for his reward sir."

"I SEE..."

Urd broke out in a cold sweat.

"-AND I..."

Urd nervously waited for her judgement.


Urd exhaled a breath she didn't know she was holding as she slumped into her chair relieved.


Urd sat up ram rod straight with a loud 'Heeekkkkk~' sound emanating from her throat.


And with that Urd was immediately booted back on Earth.

***** Migard****

In the middle of Ahkiba district, the sudden appearance of an incredibly sexy woman created quite a stir. Otakus were gushing dropping like flys due to blood lost. The woman, dark skinned, sexy body, and luxurious white hair seem oblivious to her effect on them. In fact she seemed quite confused.

"Ah-e-ex-exuse m-me," A Brave Otaku said trying to catch her attention. The moment she turned her eyes on him he fainted from blood loss.

"Well things could have gone worse," Urd thought to herself as she took a look at her surroundings making another boy drop from blood lost. Really a revoking of her power wasn't bad at all, all things considered.

"Ah well time to go home, fuu fuuu fuu time to go mess with Keiichi," Urd grinned mischievously to herself. She raised her hands up to teleport to Belldandy's place...and found out she was still in the same spot.

"By Odin's beard..." Urd whines pitifully. HE really meant no powers. She was now stranded in a strange area and to make matters worse no money in her outfit.

Urd looked to the heavens and then bury her face into her extended arm as she sobbed miserably at her punishment.

**************In another reality****************

It was a beautiful day in uptown Juuban, people out and about, children playing in their yards, neighbors happily greeting each other. It was one of the safer parts of town too, safer than the Minato district or lower Juuban. Youma tend to roam there a lot for whatever reasons. The area where they are in however was one of better well off; while not upscale it was not middle class either. In fact it has a few places that were noteworthy; chief among them was the Hanabishi household.

The Hanabishi owned a firecracker making company on top of owning investment portfolio and so it comes as no surprise that they owned a huge swath of land. On their land sat a two story house, pained sand white with a six foot tall brick fence surrounding their property line the only opening was the gate in that leads to their door. Of course houses like that are common in the area, no the thing that stood out was the huge dojo on the property. Up to date, they had never seen a single student train in the dojo.

When asked, the elegant lady of the house one Nodoka Hanabishi would just give a sad smile and so the neighbors let it drop. She married a stern man name Shiego and together the two of them raised two lovely children name Recca and Ranko. Despite not being blood they were closer than most people would thought possible.

Of course, most people did not have an adopted ninja son who was transported to you from 400 years in the past and if you think that's crazy, how about a daughter who soul is the reincarnation of a magical warrior from thousands, yes THOUSANDS of years into the past.

Would stand out a bit wouldn't you think?

"Wait for me Recca-nichan!" Ranko Hanabishi yelled from the bathroom. Leaning forward to the mirror to finish curling her eyes lashes before puckering up her lips to smooth out her light lip stick. Stepping back she gave herself a once over. Wearing a teal strapped summer dress with her hair slightly curled and cascading behind her back, she looked pretty good if she did say so herself.

"No way! My hime and the others are waiting for me." Recca Hanabishi, the 400 year old transported ninja, yelled back to his sister. He had a black t-shirt one with simple blue jeans and sneakers on, very unassuming for a ninja.

Today was the day that he would see Yanagi , his self-appointed Hime (princess) after the Sailor Wars. She had been too busy putting things in order with her family and so he saw her less then he'd like of course, his moms, yes he had two, had ask that he come earlier to help set up.

"You baka! I gonna tell your moms that you left me behind and that I got assaulted on the way there." Ranko shouted as she poked her head from the top stairs. She did not want to walk unescorted, guys harassed her a lot more now a days and with her brother there, she hoped it'll act like a deterrent. She was however not above using blackmail.

Recca face-palmed at Ranko's threat. Nodoka Hanabishi would always be his mother, of that there is no doubt. She loved him, cared for him even entertained the fact that he wanted to be a ninja. He would forever be grateful that only she supported his ideas of ninja-dom. Kage Houshin was his mother from 400 years ago, apparently she was from a ninja clan and sent him to the future. The first time she met him, she tried to kill him just to activate his powers. She was an immortal and could only die if he or Kurei, oh did he mention he had a homicidal half-brother, kills her with their flame powers.

Yes, he had flame powers and not the fabulous kind. No apparently not only was he a ninja but the clan head child of said village ,it granted him flame powers to summon flaming dragons to do his bidding or so he had assumed. Those dragons had brutally beaten him until he earned their respect to wield them but each of them had a different power from each other. Kurei, his homicidal half-brother, also wielded flame power but only he doesn't have dragons, he had a frigging Phoenix. According to his dad, his real dad, no his biological dad, Kurei's flames are holy flames while Recca's flame were the dead spirits of old flame users who still had regrets in their lives.

At least he wasn't the only one with a weird back story. He looked back up at his sister. "You wouldn't dare," Recca challenged. He loved her as much as any brother would a sister, but what a pain in the ass she could be sometimes.

"Try me." Ranko replied with a smirk on her face. She normally wasn't so clingy, she was tough, she kicked ass and took names. Yet today was different.

"Oh? Well then I'll just tell your precious Mi-chan that you moan his name while dreaming at night."Recca said with a smirk. Inwardly he didn't know how he felt about the ice and water elemental swordsman dating his sister. The man was good looking, brooding, has blue hair, blue eyes, good build smart, intelligent and ferociously loyal once you earned his trust. Then he found out during the Sailor Wars that he was Ranko's husband in her past life. Ranko was his sister, he felt it was his brotherly duty to do something about it at least. Yet it seemed they were destined to be together. Still he could tease her.

"Oh Mi-cha you're my hero, my knight in shining armor," Recca teased her and was rewarded as her face took on a pinkish hue. Maybe wasn't so far off the mark after all.

Between Recca's poor imitation of her voice and the stupid smooching sound he was making, Ranko was blushing beet red. All she remembered was that Mikagami was her husband during the silver millennium. Sometimes she wished her life was a bit less complicated. Finding out she was Sailor Sun at 14 was shocking, she spent the new couple of years keeping her life separate from her work. It was tough as in those two years, the lies and secret strained a great relationship that the she and Recca had, she began to think he started fighting with Domon just because he was so frustrated with her.

Little did she know it would be his secret double life that end up exposing everyone secret... still she had once had him wrapped around her fingers. Maybe she can do so again.

"Oni-chan please wait for me?" Ranko used her trademark puppy dog eyes attacked. Ranko when she was smaller was considered adorable, the way she asked for anything from passing vendor store always scored her free gifts. From food to items, if she wanted it she could just flash her most adorable looks and get her way. Then she learned that how it affected Recca, with Recca he viewed her as his little sister and was innately protective of her. So whenever she wanted to get away with something with Recca, she would just flash him her puppy dog eyes look. However that look had been missing for over a year now, it emergence now was shocking. Recca folded a newspaper.

"Oh all right but that's playing dirty with the puppy dog eyes," Recca said in defeat. She just looked so darn pitiful he comforted himself. "I thought we agreed for you not to use that anymore.

"Oh well, I lied oni-chan!" Ranko said giving him her more winning smile. "Now, I'll be done in 10 more minutes."

Recca grumbled to himself about how she should have used it on Kurei instead. Kurei, the name still make her shuddered in revulsion. It turns out Kurei, her brother's half-brother was an insane ninja from 400 years in the past. She did not know that her brother was fighting a secret war, a real ninja war behind her back. So when she was captured along with Yanagi, Recca's girlfriend, she discovered the truth. Her brother Recca was awesome! He actually controlled fire elements, just like her! He had gone on secret training trips just like her mom use to tell about her dad! And even now, he was fighting in a tournament to save Yanagi and her and she was being used as bait! She's NEVER used as bait!

However, that novelty wore off when Kurei started to torture Yanagi to find out how her healing worked. Well she wasn't a pretty sailor suit soldier for nothing, she transformed and took out the guys the lab and as luck would have it that was when Recca stormed in looking for a fight along with Mikagami, Domon , Fuko and some kid she never saw before, now she could have played it off as her disguised field still kept her identity a secret.

Unfortunately it turns out Recca went to Usagi first, who in turn went to the scouts who then tried to communicate with me, which was left in her room because she was kidnapped and so, just as she was about to make her speech and wave her brother goodbye. Usagi as Sailor moon teleported in with the Inners saw her and called her by her name not Sun. The expression on Recca and his friends face was priceless.

Usagi apologized later on and everyone the Inners and Team Hokage, that's what her brother called his five man team, sat down. They laid their cards on the table. From there an alliance was born between Team Hokage and the Sailor Senshi. Turned out they would need all the help they could get for the Sailors War.

"Why me?" Recca asked no one in particular.

********30 min later at the shrine*******

"Hi everybody! We're here!" Ranko said exuberantly almost skipping her way in to the yard.

"Yo." Recca said with both hands in his pocket.

"Recca-chan, I thought I told you to get here early,"Nodoka and Kage Houshin unison.

Recca sweat-dropped, to see his biological mother and adoptive mother say the same thing in the same tone was eerie.

"B-bu-but Ranko held me up!" Recca protested trying to clear his name he turned to his sister. "Isn't that right Ranko?"

Ranko was gone from the spot already having spotted her friends. The Sailor Scouts and the Outer scouts. All of them were dressed very stunningly. She was not surprised when Pluto was not there, Setsuna does not do social.

"Recca-chan I raised you better then to lie to your mother." Nodoka said was her eldest, he was supposed to have been here to help set things up, poor Domon ended up doing all the work!

Recca just slumped his shoulders in defeat, he did want to be here to help set up in addition to seeing Yanagi. After all, it was the least he could do after being resurrected from the Sailor Wars. Recca still dreamed about Galaxia, the woman was unstoppable, how Usagi ever defeated her he couldn't even fathom. Usagi however had his eternal respect both for role in Galaxia defeat and for resurrecting Team Hokage.

"Recca-kun! Here you are!" A girl with cheery voice said. He knew that sweet voice could only belong to his princess. He turn around to see her with Fuko (best friend), Mikagami , Domon (his old high school rival), and the brat Konagei who defected to his team after not liking how Kurei did things.

"Hime!" Recca said happily. She looked as beautiful as ever in her white flower pattered dress, her hair tied in a classy bun. Almost as an afterthought he greeted his friends. "Oh and hello guys."

"Hello he says." Fuko mimicked in a mocking tone. "Well we're here, where's the party?"

Recca pointed at the area around them.

"What?" Fuko said in a most disappointed tone. "But there are mostly girls here, where's that tuxedo guy and the Three Lights?! Right Domon?"

Silence greeted was all that answered her.

"Domon?" Fuko turned around only to see him flirt with some long blue hair girl wearing a picnic dress.

"She's beautiful," Fuko thought, then she for some reason saw red. Stomping over to where Domon was she gave the new girl a glare. "Who are you?" she said snappishly.

"Akane Tendo and you?" Akane challenged back.

"Fuko," Fuko replied haughtily. "Now why are you flirting with Domon you hussy?"

Akane saw red and was about to lash out when Ryoga appeared and stopped her.

"I'm sorry" Ryoga said apologetically. "But she was not flirting with him, she was just asking if he took martial arts."

"And who the hell are you?" Fuko snapped. Although she had to admit his physique was very nice.

"I'm her fiancee" Ryoga replied. Hoping to avert a fight.

"Oh." Fuko said lamely. That shut her up.

"Um, sorry about that…um truce?" Fuko offered Akane her hand.

"Truce," Akane said with a smile. After all she could relate, if Ryoga had other girls talking to him too, she'll go crazy!

The two walked away making small talk leaving the guys to stare after them confused more than anything else.

The party went full swing shortly after , they played several games, darts, tag, and had a food spread that would make anyone envious.

"Heya Ranko," Minako greeted. Seeing her friend faraway look she grinned. "Snap out of it, stop day dreaming about Mikagami."

"I was not!" Ranko denied blushing. "I was just concentrating is all!"

"Surrrrree." Usagi teased. "Just concentrating about what to wear at your wedding that all."

The other scouts laughed at Ranko's discomfort. While she was pretty she was always pretty tomboyish. This last year had done wonders for her.

"I know I promised you guys a good time, especially you Usagi." Ranko said sympathetically to her leader. If she saw tuxedo mask it'll be too soon. According to Usagi, Mamoru had decided once again he needed a break. Apparently his college buddies were teasing him about his jail bait girlfriend.

"Don't worry about it Ranko what can possibly go wrong? Everything will turn out fine you see." Usagi said putting on a cheerful face but no one was fooled.

Ranko looked around; the Tendo's and her brother's friend were having a great time. The Kounji's Catering service was there also making sure people were served.

"Recca-nichan, Mikagami-san" Ranko greeted demurely.

"Hey Ranko what's up? Need me to get you out of trouble?" Recca asked his sister in a teasing tone.

"Hello Ranko-san, how are you doing?" Mikagami asked politely. He could barely contain himself from rushing in and holding her never ever letting go again.

Ranko blushed prettily but told herself to remain calm but she gritted her teeth as she heard the cat calls from her friends. In fact she was stomping her way over there right now moving away from the food spread when something unexpected happened.

A bright light formed in the air right above the food spread and deposited something, something that can apparently scream. Everyone stared for a moment then everyone rushed to the table only to be surprised when they saw a pig tailed boy struggling to get up.

Mikagami reacted first, taking out his Ensui he charged the intruder while everyone was still stunned.

**********Moments ago**********

Ranma felt like he was gonna throw up.

Bad enough that strange swirly light was all up in his face but it was annoyingly bright too. Worse of all he had nothing as he kept flying through the prismatic tunnel. He hoped wherever he was sent to it wouldn't be as crazy as his old reality.

Abruptly his journey was over; the first thing he saw was a table full of food. Most days he wouldn't mind but he like to eat food not covered in it. He tried to flip out of the way but couldn't in time. He crashed heavily into the spread the food stuff on the table spilling everywhere on him and away from him. Finally getting freed he poke his head up to take a good look at his surrounding only to see a sea of eyes staring back.

Ranma's eyes widen in shock as most of them sported very familiar faces!

There was Ryoga, dressed a bit differently, but still the same guy. Ranma narrowed his eyes when he saw Ryoga stood protectively in front of Akane, maybe he could start things over with her. He stopped thinking along those like when he saw her hide behind Ryoga using him as a shield. The intimate ways she put her hands on Ryoga's shoulders let him knew who this Akane's heart belonged to, trying to stand up he noticed Ukyou was there along with a man who might be her father.

They were both giving him weird looks. They also appeared to be wearing catering uniforms. That was different in Ranma's eyes.

Seeing his mother there he almost cried. Men don't cry. Oh he could get to know her again, but if she was here then that mean his dad should be here. He scanned for his father when he saw his female half. Dressed like a girl, standing next to lots of girls.

His battle senses flared warning him of an impending attack. He saw a guy with blue hair charging at him holding onto a weird piece of white stick. Never one to turn down a challenge or to show common sense he got up to meet his opponent.

Ranma rushed forward ready to unleash a combination of punches and kick only to suffer the greatest of indignities. Slipping on some spilled gravy he slid, he then tripped over a piece of wood propelling him forward.

"Oh shit!" Ranma said before he smacked his head against the table edge a heavy meaty 'thud' and passed out.

To be continued...

AN: Thanks to all the people from before for making this fic possible :D