Warp Realities


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Warp Realities

Chapter 30

Homecoming: Reunion

**** Ranma's Original Reality ****

The Tendos and Saotomes looked on as the three shining lights that radiated power slowly condensed into human like forms. With a bright pulse, the light was gone. Instead, they were replaced by three jaw dropping beautiful girls.

The first one was a pretty little girl in an off white work coat with a skirt that was longer in the back that looked to be made out of fine materials. The second girl was an extremely beautiful young woman who had a face that showed her gentle nature. She was dressed in a more modern short robe like clothing. The last one, however, was taller than the other two and radiated sexuality on a scale that none of the men had ever seen. Every woman in the immediate area felt inadequate in her presence as she wore a simple yet sexy white outfit that showed off her incredibly sexy body. The snow white of her hair only worked to enhance her beauty as it contrasted against her tanned darker skin.

The Saotomes, Tendos, and their friends and allies looked on as the white haired woman searched the yard and gave every one of them a quick glance before her eyes fell on the Ranma clone.

"Ranma..." The white haired woman said softly with a hitch in her voice before a sad look graced her face. "We... we need to talk..."

"Yo, Urd, been a long time," Ranma said casually with a small wave which caused the people around him to turn and look at him in surprise.

To everyone's further surprise, the distance between Urd and the Ranma clone was closed as the sexy woman threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly to her bosom.

"I'm so sorry Ranma! I messed up! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! I'm SOOOO SORRY!" Urd wailed as she hugged Ranma for dear life.

"I caused you so much pain..." she whispered to him softly.

With great effort, Ranma detached himself from Urd's heavenly bosom and looked at her.

"Baka," Ranma said softly in the same tone he would use to chide his Urd.

"You did a wonderful job from what I see. Everyone is happy, I couldn't ask for better," He said before he looked briefly at his former friends and family.

"What's going on here?" Genma asked as he watched the boy who looked like his son but did not carry himself like his son. "Ryu told us some stuff but... some of that is hard to believe."

The beautiful brunette girl walked up to the assembled people and gave them a soft, reassuring smile before she said, "Hello, my name is Belldandy. If you don't mind, I'll explain. Urd and Ranma need a moment alone."

"We should do as she says," Cologne said in a respectful tone while she looked at the three newly arrived girls. "After all, this is a goddess if I am not mistaken."

"Yes, we are, Kho Long," Belldandy said in perfect Mandarin.

Now, the Tendos and Saotomes might be at odds with the Amazon elder at times, but she had never shown anyone respect like she did to the brunette before them. Anyone that could garner Cologne's respect deserved their attention.

"This way then, Belldandy-san," Kasumi said after a moment to take charge of the situation. It would not do to be rude.

"Oh you can just call me Belldandy, Kasumi-san," Belldandy said in a sweet tone.

"Oh my. Only if you call me Kasumi," Kasumi replied with a tone just as sweet.

'The-there's two of them!' The Saotome-Tendo family thought as one as the two girls sounded eerily the same.

"Banpei, follow," The black hair girl said as she walked up next to the brown hair goddess before a walking metal ball came after her. "The name's Skuld, by the way."

As the Tendo and Saotome families filed into the house, Hikari was the first to notice that someone was not following the two pretty girls. Her brother's eyes seem to be riveted to where the other beautiful white haired woman was hugging her brother's clone.

"Oni-chan?" Hikari asked in an attempt to get his attention.

"Huh?" Ranma said as she turned his attention to his little sister. "Oh, right."

Ranma gave a brief look back once more before he left. That white hair girl was hot! He felt the brunette was too motherly for his taste, and had the black hair girl been a few years older, she might have been pretty also, but as it stood, she was just a cute kid. That white hair one though... Hot Damn.

Hikari narrowed her eyes at her brother as she recognized his expression before she said, "Perv, can't stop thinking about girls even now with everything going on, can you?"

Ranma grinned at his baby sister and ruffled her hair before he ran inside the house with his sister in hot pursuit as he said, "You know me too well, li'l sis!"

Once they were alone on the street, Urd, the Goddess of the Past, sobbed in the original Ranma's arms. She and her sisters had pretty much pulled every one of her files since her career started in order to find out which of her wishes had been broken. While it was not as extensive as Belldandy's file, Urd had still had quite the number of wishes granted in her lifetime.

However, it turned out all of their effort in getting the file was for naught. Not wanting to pour over her files in Asgard but instead in the comfort of her home, the three had gone back to their temple residence only to find that it looked like it was under attack. Thankfully, Keiichi's appearance reassured them as he came running up to them waving.

Keiichi had then explained to them what happened even as Skuld ordered her Banpei units to stand down. At first, Urd thought that she didn't hear Keiichi right. Her second thought was that maybe it was the new Ranma that had found his way to the temple, but she had kept tabs on that Ranma. He was fun, but he lacked something the original had, something she couldn't describe that had drawn her to the original in the first place. He was, however, a real lady killer with his good looks, and Urd had been fairly supportive of his conquests. It was, after all, something she wished the original Ranma had done. However, to her horror, it turned out that Keiichi was referring to the original Ranma. Her Ranma.

As Urd hugged the original Ranma tighter, she let her quiet sorrow loose. She had viewed the dossier she obtained from the files she pulled on Ranma. Because it was so extensive even though his trip to the other side was short, she had to dilate time to view it almost like in movie format. She and her sisters watched Ranma's new life. From the moment he stepped foot into his new home reality, misunderstandings seemed to plague him wherever he went.

Urd initially had smirked at that and shook her head. Only Ranma could get into that much trouble from the get go.

It was a surreal experience to see the younger version of her as Ranma's cursed body. Urd had read about it of course but to actually see it live in a manner of speaking was new. Of course, she noted the streak of red hair was no doubt from Ranma's original girl side.

Skuld had been jealous that even the young Urd had a great body. Well, that was a given of course, and as they watch, she was touched when Ranma willingly agreed to carry and nurture her soul. He didn't have to, and she knew he could be selfless when he wanted to be , but Urd would bet that he did not realize how big of a deal it was for him accept that of his own volition.

She and her sisters watched as Ranma nurtured her younger self and taught her right from wrong until she gained sapience. Even Skuld found the quiet moments alone when Ranma would read a storybook at night for her benefit adorable. Urd watched their bond grow and become as strong as the one she had with World of Elegance, her own special angel. She felt warmed by the intimate bond that her younger self had with Ranma.

It became apparent to Urd and her sister as they watched her younger self interact with Ranma that the young goddess was in love with him. Of course, Ranma cluelessly didn't see her that way, but how could she not love her savior? The person that did not have to take on the burden to share his life with her in any way? Urd saw it in her younger self's posture as she spent her alone time with Ranma and how she took great comfort in sharing their bed. Even Skuld and Belldandy could not help but smile at her younger self's effort to become even closer to Ranma.

Then, it took a darker turn. Urd and her sister watched as a completely different Saffron wreaked havoc in the world. They watched as that world's defenders battled bravely and cheered at Ranma's arrival. Just when they thought it was over, her mother showed up and escalated things.

This proved to Urd why she could never let down her guard against her mother. Though she was Hild's daughter, Urd could not even begin to comprehend her mother thoughts let alone Hild's chaotic unpredictable capricious nature.

They watched as Hild managed to bar Heaven from the mortal plane. Skuld's eyes had widened in horror at the devastation the Daimakaicho unleashed via Saffron. Belldandy for once saw Urd's mother how Urd had always seen Hild.

The three Nordic sisters watched the other Hild, through the manipulation of Saffron and the Lord of Terror program, cripple Yggdrasil and blind the very heavens themselves. Hild's cruelty and malice was showcased as she took her final revenge on the Sailor Senshi.

There was so much death and destruction that it was sickening, and her mother reveled in it. Of course, as horrifying as everything was, it only got worse with the separation of Ranma and her younger self. They felt despair at the next sequence of event as the three sister watched in horror as the younger demon influenced Urd killed Ranma.

At that point, the three sisters had been in tears as they saw Ranma's life leave him. Surprisingly, one of the Sailor Scouts went against Heaven's Will and revived Ranma. Unfortunately, that was where the file stopped.

Skuld had theorized that it was probably because the Yggdrasil on the end was destroyed. Thanks to their manipulation of time, what took days to view only took a few mortal seconds.

The thought of Yggdrasil being destroyed was unthinkable, yet the loss of data proved that fact. Skuld had also put together a working theory on why Ranma ended up back here in his original reality.

While Yggdrasil ran things smoothly on each plane of reality, for an outside intruder to be introduced, it must be cleared by the mainframe from both worlds first or else bugs and virus would be created that would wreak havoc in the form of manmade disasters.

When Urd granted Ranma wish, their Yggdrasil talked with its counterparts across the mutli- dimensional plane to try to find a reality that would accept the criteria of Urd's request.

Once it was accepted, that other Yggdrasil in effect gave Ranma a Visa pass. It never bothered incorporating him into their reality fully because the younger Urd was an original resident of that reality. In effect, it never fully integrated Ranma since the likelihood of Urd getting separated from Ranma's soul was so low that Yggdrasil decided that full incorporation wasn't worth the energy.

Except it did end up happening, and because Yggdrasil never fully integrated Ranma, he rubber banded back to his original reality. In effect, he was deported with nothing enforcing his stay there in said reality. Of course, that's where the problem on Urd's end occurred.

The original Ranma had been dead. Yggdrasil had processed Ranma's death. The natural progression of thing was for Ranma soul to be placed in the appropriate afterlife. However, his soul transference was forcibly stopped by Urd. Doing that gave Yggdrasil fits as it had struggled to carry out its function of processing Ranma's death.

In order to get around Ranma's death order, Urd changed the parameter of things by creating a slight divergence in Ranma life at a younger age.

Of course, Yggdrasil STILL had orders to execute the death of a sixteen-year-old Ranma Saotome. So Urd cheated. If the dead Ranma was no longer in their reality, then Yggdrasil could not execute the order because he was not there in the first place. That would then mean the paperwork for the first Ranma's death would be deleted and give him a new lease on life. It was a bit complicated, but it was her best shot at gaming the system. After that, she went to Ranma with the offer and the rest was history.

Only now it wasn't. Ranma was back, and Yggdrasil couldn't boot the boy since his imprint pretty much told the world tree that he belonged in this reality. Which brought them to the crux of the matter, why did Yggdrasil not have a file for such an existence? Thanks to Skuld reading the history logs and deciphering it, they were able to determine that the Ultimate Force had wiped out all of the original Ranma's data from its system to make way for the new one.

So that was the problem in a nutshell from an administrator perspective. Kami-sama had tasked the three Norn's with finding out the problem, and they found it. Of course, when they found out and reported it to Kami-sama... It was time to face the music.

Urd was not normally so emotional, but the viewing and everything that happened since made her feel extremely guilty. That was NOT how Ranma's retirement should have gone, not even in the slightest. So when Urd laid her eyes on the original Ranma who she never thought she'd see again, she was unable to control her emotions.

"Uhh..." Ranma said uncomfortably as he patted a much taller Urd who clung onto him as she cried in a very soul-crushing manner. "It's...okay?"

Urd hiccupped a bit more before she relaxed as Ranma's efforts to comfort her finally reached the distressed goddess. It was then that she noticed something that she hadn't paid attention to before, and it embarrassed her. Cheeks flushed scarlet as she suddenly jumped away from Ranma as if on fire. Her face was redder than usual as she said,"Oh-heh- hey... Sorry 'bout that..."

Ranma gave Urd a sidelong glance. First, she was crying, and now she was acting embarrassed. He knew how Urd would act embarrassed, he seen it often enough. As he read her familiar facial expression, he confidently asked, "What are you getting shy about now?"

Urd's blush only grew brighter, but she kept her lip tight. The reason of course was something she couldn't tell him. How could she tell him that she could smell her essence, her scent, mixed with that of his own? Even thought it was her counterpart scent that was mixed so intimately with Ranma's...she found that she quite enjoyed it.

"No-nothing!" She said before she calmed herself down.

"Right, well now that you're here, when can you send me back?" Ranma asked cutting to the chase. He was glad to see her but for a different reason. She'd sent him there, so she could send him back again. However, the troubled expression on Urd's face worried him. Ranma began to close the distance between them and prompted again, "Urd?"

Urd looked down to the ground before she strengthened herself. She had to be the one that told him; it was her fault. Belldandy had offered, but this one... this one was all on her. Slowly, she said, "Ranma... I... I have bad news. We... We can't send you back."

"No," Ranma said as he looked at Urd. He wasn't stupid, but he couldn't see why she couldn't. He remembered his goddess lesson and how the system worked. "Just give me another wish and I'll be gone out of your hair. I am sure I must be driving Yggdrasil crazy right now."

Urd looked to the very heavens and closed her eyes before she looked back at Ranma with a sorrowful expression on her face. She softly said, "I'm sorry Ranma, I really am, but ...I can't."

The angry glare he gave her hurt, and she said, "Not won't, can't!"

"Why the fuck not?!" Ranma shouted angrily. Did she not realize what he had at stake over there? He couldn't quit now, not in the middle of such a major cluster fuck! He saw Urd flinch back from tone and calmed himself. He didn't want her to be afraid of him, and he could plainly see the guilt on her face. "Sorry Urd... I... I shouldn't have used that tone with you."

"No..." Urd said in a hurt tone. She guiltily looked away from the pig-tailed boy before she continued, "It's alright, I deserve it. I was the one that messed up your life not you."

"Messed up my life?" Ranma asked as he looked at Urd as though she was a few bricks shy of a load. He closed the gap between them to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Ranma felt Urd stiffen under his touch before she tried to shrink down on herself. In an attempt to reassure her, Ranma said, "My life being crazy had nothing to do with you."

"It...it actually is..." Urd said guiltily. She swallowed thickly before she continued. "I...Ranma. Some of your... fiancé problems and rivals... might have been my doing..."

Ranma let Urd's shoulder go at her admission and looked at the platinum hair goddess before he whispered, "What did you say?"

"Back then... when you were here..." Urd started to look guiltily away from Ranma while played with one of the sleeves of her outfit. "I... I might have... 'encouraged' some fiancées and enemy's to come ... here."

His crazy life was Urd's fault? Ranma couldn't believe it. His tone grew cold, and he said, "Explain."

"It's just that... sometimes, I would help people find you... for... amusement…" Urd said in a small voice. After a bit, she finally admitted, "I didn't... couldn't... it was my fault Kiima came here. I left the clues. And she wasn't the only one."

Ranma could not believe what he heard. His fiancé trouble could be laid at Urd's feet? His fights? His Rivals? His friends' deaths... his death? Urd's fault? The betrayal he felt was clear in his voice as he whispered, "You?"

"I... I took great enjoyment in watching you juggle your love life, and you provided me with entertainment when you fought," Urd said. Her eyes were still downcast and was unable to face someone whose life she could have helped. It would have made things easier if she didn't think it was so fun to watch. For once, even she found her action irresponsible and reckless.

"I… Trusted… YOU!" Ranma growled out. Anger started to flood Ranma's body, and before his mind could process what happen, he let loose a primal angry roar and punched the Tendo compound wall, which shattered with a single strike.

+++ Minutes earlier, Tendo Compound ++++

"Whoa," New Ranma said with a shake of his head. After hearing the abridged version of what happened, he was stunned. He could have turned out different? Him?

If Belldandy was to be believed, the guy outside was the original Ranma of this world while he was just a replacement. A fake. 'No damn it! I am not a fake!' New Ranma thought vehemently as he shook his head. 'My memories of growing up with Hikari, Ryu, Mom, Dad are real!' He thought fiercely to himself.

"You... is saying. Ryu brother, no real brother?" Shampoo asked tactlessly after hearing Belldandy's tale of what happen with the other Ranma.

"Shampoo," Cologne said in a warning tone. That girl could not read the mood sometime!

"HE'S REAL!" Hikari jumped up immediately rebutting Shampoo statement as she furiously defended her brother. "I don't care who the other guy is or where he came from, Ranma-nichan is real!"

Ryu also looked like he wanted to start a fight until Belldandy held up her hand passively. In a soothing tone, she said, "Oh my! That was not what I said at all!"

"Sounds to me like you are saying my son is not my son," Nodoka said darkly.

"SHUT UP!" Skuld yelled and grabbed everyone attention. She pointed at their Ranma and said, "We never said he wasn't real!"

"But you just said-" Akane started but was cut off as the black hair girl took out an iron mallet and smashed the table in front of them.

"Skuld!" Belldandy said; she was shocked by her younger sister's behavior.

"Listen closely! He is as REAL as the other one out there. IF YOU HAVE to make a REAL comparison, then think of them as if they were twins!" Skuld shouted before she turned to look at Nodoka. She then pointed at the mortal mother and said, "You!"

"Me?" Nodoka said as she pointed at herself.

"You gave birth to them both!" Skuld shouted.

"But I don't remember the other one!" Nodoka cried out in horror. If she did give birth to twins, how horrible of a mother was she to have forgotten a second son.

"Of course you don't!" Skuld said as she looked at Nodoka as if the woman was stupid. Skuld pointed at the compound's wall with her thumb and said, "You never raised that other one."

"Urgh, my head hurts," New Ranma said. "So he's my twin, a brother from the same mother?"

"Ok, lemme put it in terms you can understand," Skuld said slowly. "The other Ranma, which I shall dub Original Ranma, was here FIRST. He lived a full sixteen years of life and then DIED, but it wasn't just him. Most of you were killed."

The Tendo and Saotome family members were shocked by the crass way the black hair girl said it.

"HOWEVER! My sister gave him a wish, and he wished to give you guys back your lives, for you to be happy and not be involved in the crazy things in his life. There was a single turning point in his life where everything cascaded to make the original Ranma who he was today," Skuld explained as she glared at them. "Still with me?"

"I... I think so," Nabiki was the first to chime in since her mind always working as she looked at her Ranma. "Basically, Ranma-baby here got a do over."

"Thank you FATHER Almighty!" Skuld said in relief before she turned snarky in an attempt to calm herself. "Ding-ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!"

"But... I'm still here? I never did anything over," New Ranma said.

"The turning point, the path where you and he diverged-" Skuld said as she pointed to the wall where the other Ranma was last seen, "Was when your mother prevented YOUR father from taking you on that training trip when you were five."

"What training trip?" New Ranma asked as he looked at his mother.

Nodoka silently looked away. The argument had become somewhat of a sore point between the two of them, and it was thanks to Ryu and later Hikari that their relationship had become less strained. Nodoka softly said, "Ask your father."

Genma, who was deep in thought, looked up at his son and then looked away.

"When you were five, I wanted to take you away to train you to become a better martial artist," He said and noticed that Ranma looked startled. "I felt that your mother would coddle you too much and you would turn out soft and weak..."

Ryu looked uncomfortable, because while he did not think his brother was weak or soft, he was not up to par. In effect, their father just told his brother that he preferred the twin outside to the son he raised.

Hikari, along with the majority of the females in the room, turned to look at her brother with clear sympathy in her eyes.

"I... I see," New Ranma said softly. He was hurt; he couldn't deny that, but to think... He tried to laugh it off to get through the sting of the pain, "I... hah, I guess your prediction came true right old man?"

Genma looked at his son and stood up before, to everyone surprised, he hugged the boy. Slowly, he grumbled out, "I... came to appreciate the fact that you had different... talents. That you had strength of a different kind. Though some of it I cannot approve of... you did turn out to be a son I am very proud of."

Once he said his peace, he let his son go and turned away with an embarrassed look.

Hikari and Nodoka were in tears while Ryu smiled on proudly. The Tendos just looked on with smiles; they knew that there was a strained relationship between father and son, but maybe it was never as bad as they thought.

"Geez old man, laying it on kinda thick," New Ranma said, but his voice was choking and full of emotion when he said it. Tears fell down his cheeks, and he turned away from the girls before he said, "Someone cooking onions or something?"

He couldn't look so uncool, now could he.

"Dear," Nodoka said as she put her hand on her husband shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze.

Skuld and Belldandy looked at each other and smiled. They loved happy endings.

"So... that's my other... brother out there, eh?" New Ranma said once he finally recovered his emotions.

"Yes," Belldandy said gently.

The light and sweet mood was killed when the wall to the Tendo compound shattered to reveal a very angry looking pig tailed boy and a cowering Goddess.

"Ranma-kun?!" Belldandy cried out in alarm as the Tendo wall caved in. She could see the clear anger Ranma had toward her sister and moved toward him.

The Saotomes and Tendos in attendance could only look at the… the... original Ranma of their world, if what Belldandy said was true, as his angry red aura flared to life.

"Whoa," New Ranma said as he felt the power that was radiating from his twin.

Ryu turned to look at Natsume before the two nodded and slowly ease themselves in front of their family just in case something crazy happened with the other Ranma.

"Ranma-kun!" Belldandy said fearfully as she finally got between her sister and Ranma.

"You," Ranma said as he looked at Belldandy. He felt hurt and betrayed by people he trusted unconditionally, and he pointedly asked, "Did you have fun at my expense too?"

"What?" Belldandy said. Her eyes widened as she tuned to look at her guilty looking sister before she demanded, "What did you tell him?"

"That it was all my fault that his life was a mess," Urd said miserably. She was still shirking away from Ranma's anger.

Belldandy turned around just in time to see Skuld put herself between Ranma and her.

"Ranma-kun," Belldandy started slowly. "What Urd told you was a lie."

Ranma, who was about to lay into Belldandy verbally, stopped. He looked at the three Norn sisters before him and asked, "What? Lie how?"

"It's true she pointed them in your direction, but since I am goddess of the present and Skuld the future, I can tell you that they were going to find you ANYWAY," Belldandy said hurriedly. "Yes, it was wrong of her to do that, but each and every single outcome would have stayed the same SAVE one."

"Explain," Ranma demanded.

"Urd... atoned, I think for her mistake," Belldandy said as she rested her hands on Skuld's shoulders. "The only real mistake that she made was pointing Kiima in your direction too soon. Had things progressed naturally, Kiima would have arrived a week later and events would have turned out differently for ALL parties involved."

"So... I was destined to fight every fight and deal with every crazy fiancé anyway?" Ranma asked flatly while he looked into Belldandy's eyes and searched for the truth.

"Yes. Nothing would have changed, none of your opponents, save the final outcome," Belldandy said softly. The goddess of the present gestured to the Tendos and Saotomes that were staring at the unfolding events with a sweep of her hand before she continued. "And for that... she went behind Kami-sama's back and undid her mistake in the only way she knew how."

Ranma's eyes trailed to look at the new Saotomes and Tendos of this reality with softened eyes. Former friends and enemies stood comfortably near each other. He turned to look at the three Norn sisters, and his gaze hardened.

Ranma moved forward and lightly pushed Skuld out of his way before he stood in front of Belldandy. "Please move." He said neutrally.

Belldandy looked worriedly between Ranma and her sister, but it was Urd who drew herself to her full height and walked past Belldandy.

Ranma and Urd stood there looking at one another, the former with an unreadable expression, the later a guilty one. Finally, it was Ranma who spoke first. In a hostile tone, he said, "Prepare yourself for your punishment Urd."

Everybody gasped when they saw Urd bowed her head down as she looked miserable.

"Wait! You shouldn't!" New Ranma said. His damsel in distress meter was skyrocketing.

"Ranma, please!" Belldandy pleaded.

"Don't hurt my sister!" Skuld said as she went to tackled Ranma only to find herself too late when Ranma arm lashed out toward Urd's head with lighting speed.

Urd closed her eyes and accepted her punishment, but she only felt a light tap on her head. When she opened one eye slowly, she saw that Ranma had performed a painless chopping attack on her head. She intelligently voiced her confusion. "Huh?"

"Bad Urd," Ranma chided and then painlessly struck her heard again with no strength behind it.

"Urd no baka," He said again as he did a third harmless chop to the dark skin goddess.

"Eh?!" The majority of the girls in the yard said upon seeing what the original Ranma was doing. That was a punishment reserve for kids or idiot friends.

Urd started to tear up a bit because this gesture meant that she was effectively forgiven.

"Hey, no crying," Ranma said softly as he looked at Urd. "It'll ruin your pretty eyes."

Urd blushed and shied away from Ranma.

If he was going to meet the others anyway, then it really didn't matter what Urd did. It was more forgivable than if she just forced them into his life. As for her part in his death, his friend's death, his family's... She fixed that too. Although he still had to sacrifice himself for it to work, in the end everyone ended up happy. Even him. He found a family that truly accepted him, quirks and all, in his new home. There were no more violent fiancées, and he had all the time in the world to fight and train. It was... nice.

So as much as he had wanted to tear into Urd, he decided not to once he weighed against what he gained and what his family gained against what she did. It came out just right. Sure, some people had the raw end of the deal like Herb and Taro, but then again, he was not their keeper. Their attitude brought their fate upon themselves. He always wondered about what would have happened had he never met them. Well, now he knew.

"So... you're not longer mad?" Skuld asked hopefully as she peered up at Ranma.

"Oh I'm still mad but more at her meddling in the first place. I guess everything turned out alright for the people I care about," Ranma said as he looked to Skuld and Belldandy. "You know, you may not be my Skuld and Belldandy, but having you around makes me feel a lot better."

Belldandy gave Ranma a beaming smile while Skuld blushed and turned away with her arms crossed.

"So, it's true then, you were the original Ranma-baby here," Nabiki said as she gave the other Ranma a look over.

"So, you guys know now?" Ranma asked the Tendos and Saotomes in the yard while he looked over to Nabiki and nodded.

"As hard as it is to believe..." Soun said slowly as he looked at the twin of his best friend son before he turned in the goddesses' direction. "I believe we have no choice but to believe what they said."

"Wo-" New Ranma started hesitantly. When he thought this was some magical shenanigans, he found it cool. Now however, to know that this Ranma lived just like him but in a different manner, and that this was how he could have turned out. It kind of intimidated him. Still, he shocked his family members with his initiative when he asked, "Wo-would you like to come in for lunch?"

"Yes, we would love to hear stories from before," Akane chimed in and was surprised by the soft sad look the other Ranma gave her.

"Sorry, no can do," Ranma said as he declined the invitation. He turned to Urd and the other two goddesses and said, "I need to get back... home."

"Ranma..." Urd said as she once again looked guilty. "We... We can't send you back. Kami-sama forbade it."

"We can't even try the same method like last time even if we wanted too," Belldandy quickly chimed in to elaborate. "Right now, even as we speak, Kami-sama is observing us."

"Then you have to send me back!" Ranma said in a hurry as he looked up to the sky. "You hear me! You have to SEND ME BACK!"

There was silence as the wind kept on and clouds continued to move at a steady, slow, and lazy pace.

"Ranma... there is no easy way to tell you this," Belldandy started again for Urd. "What Urd did for you was NOT supposed to happen."

Ranma was still facing the sky and found that there was no answer from Kami-sama, so he turned his attention back to Belldandy. He said, "But Urd granted me a wish! It's a legally binding one, I SHOULD get the chance to make the same one again. Isn't that what the Ultimate Force is for?"

"She did it, yes, but it was against Kami-sama's wishes," Belldandy said softly. She looked directly in Ranma's eyes to soften the blow. "Ranma... What Urd did for you was highly illegal, and she in turn was punished for it. But the truth of the matter is, had Urd went through the channel normally, her request and your wish would have been denied."

"What? Why?" Ranma said shocked. Him being in the other reality proved that it was possible.

"Because Ranma," Belldandy said sadly. "You never deserved a wish."

Ranma felt like he was punched in the gut from Belldandy words. He wasn't worthy of a wish? Him?

"Ranma." Belldandy said again giving Ranma a sympathetic look. "You have studied with Urd in the other reality. You remember the rules... if you were honest with yourself. Do you think you would have been selected based on that criteria?"

Ranma eyes fell and looked at the ground in front of him. He reflected on what Belldandy said, and true enough... if he were to give anyone a wish using the same criteria that was from the Goddess Relief office, he would not deserve one. Wishes like those are reserved only for people like Keiichi.

"I'm a loud mouth, arrogant, trash talking, petty son of a bitch half the time ain't I?" Ranma said softly more to himself then to anyone. For the first time, with his newfound knowledge, he truly appreciated what Urd did for him and what she also risked for it. Seeing as how she was still here, she probably only received a slight slap on the wrist for her trouble.

Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld closed the distance between themselves and the pig tailed boy to embrace him and hide his pained features from the on lookers.

***** Ranma New Reality ******

If anyone ever asked Hagall, second in command of Hell's forces, her opinion about the gods' chance of fighting the demons, she would have said that Heaven's forces would have been curb stomped by those of the Daimakaicho any day of the week.

It was a belief that Hagall held as she rose through the rank until she became second only to Hild. Many times on multiple battlefields when strength of arms could have settle the contest, Hild always told her to back off since that was as far as they could push Heaven's before they would take them seriously.

Hagall always found it distasteful when she had to pull out from any campaign. She was more blunt and forceful than Hild, so the cat and mouse game with the gods only provided so much fun. She needed a battle, a true battle, just once she wanted to prove her superiority to the gods and gloat.

Even the light skirmishes they had with the Valkyrie units from time to time were laughably easy. The gods even went so far as to bond with angels to make it an even fight against their forces. Unlike Heaven, most demons did not have limits on their powers.

So, when Hild told her to marshal the forces and prepare a strike team, she salivated at the chance. The gods and goddesses that she fought, the self-named War Council, were decent she'd credit, but in the end it took one of their own, Hild's daughter, to fell her.

However, as the battle progressed against the traitors Lord of Terror Hybrid scum, she found herself more and more impressed by the gods. After Ares was killed, something appeared to have changed inside the gods as they were now fighting with such ferocity that she knew her own forces would find it difficult to match. 'Wrath of the Gods hmm,' Hagall pondered as she watched the God of Thunder utterly beat down one of the Saffron's clones.

As she turned to her left, Hagall noticed that other goddesses like Athena and Artemis were fighting in a similarly ferocious manner. Though the goddesses in question were not as powerful as Thor was, their precision strikes were actually keeping the other Saffron clones off balance.

"Move THOR!" Hagall said as she finished charging up one of her more powerful Hell beam attacks. With a loud noise of exertion, she fired and watched Thor pin down the Saffron clone just long enough to be struck by her attack. It also shook the land mass around them.

"SEVEN HEAVENLY STRIKES!" Thor roared as seven powerful lances of lighting shot down towards the fallen one.

There was a loud explosion as the landmass of Japan was once again changed.

Hagall and Thor floated and panted hard as they viewed the crater their combined attacks had made. Their battle had moved from the shores of Japan to deeper inside the city. When the dust cleared, they were able to see the clone of Saffron was leaking power and struggling to maintain its form.

"Let's say we finish this one, eh Thunderer?" Hagall quipped and saw the God of Thunder composing himself before he flew with a large overhand strike.

"Men," She muttered to herself before she matched his pace, and together they slammed into the broken clone and triumphantly snuffed out its flame.

The two sat in the crater as black and reddish flames dissipated all around them while they a small break to let their mana regenerate.

"You did well..." Thor's voice said slowly. "...Demon."

Hagall was actually surprised; he had been silent preferring only to attack up until now. Still, she felt the need to tease him as she corrected him. "It's Demoness, sexy."

She was rewarded for her efforts when the handsome blond god looked up sharply at her and glared.

"As if I would ever sink so low," Thor growled out.

"Hey, don't knock it till you try it. Even Kami-sama couldn't resist," Hagall replied archly and saw the God of Thunder become red in the face.

"That's different!" Thor protested hotly. He wanted it to be slander, but Urd was living proof that there was some truth to the demoness' words. So, he kept his mouth shut and flew off to assist his allies.

Hagall smirked at her small verbal victory. For some reason, she found his reaction cute. Maybe the Daimakaicho was on to something. Idly, she wondered how the 'wrath of the gods' she witness earlier translated into bedroom talk.

+++++ A few miles away ++++

Saffron Prime was busy beating down his stubborn little sister when he felt the flames from one of his clones merge back with his essence.

"Huh, Impressive," He said as he slammed the Taxiarch into the ground again and squeezed her throat while the memories of what Thor and Hagall did filled him.

The battle between the two had taken them into the heart of the nearby city. It was mostly in flames now from their attacks, but even now, he could hear the lowly mortals running away in fear as their city burned.

The Taxiarch charged her energy and punched through Saffron's face. However, she found out that it was an after image, and Saffron once more grabbed her roughly by her hair as he broke another one of her wings, which caused her to grit her teeth in pain as she felt her body drop to the ground. Once she stopped falling, she supported herself onto her arms. Out of her eight wings, only two were still unbroken.

"Hmmm," Saffron mused before he grabbed the Taxiarch by the back of her head and pulled her up to be on his eye level. He brought his face closer to the honey blond beauty.

"I always did find you attractive," He commented with a leer as he ran his eyes up and down her body. "And my dear Kiima is dead, why don't you take her place?"

The Taxiarch's reply was to spit in Saffron's face, and once she had given her answer, she glared defiantly at the twisted version of what was once her brother. To her disgust, he actually licked off her spit and made an obscene, pleased growl.

The Taxiarch knew she was spent. Her brother had returned even more powerful than she could have anticipated. The last time they fought, she narrowly defeated him because he kept trying to convince her to switch sides. Now, with him combined with the Lord of Terror, his boost in power was greater than she'd imagine.

"I'll take everything you'll give me and more, dear sister," Saffron said with a leer. He ran one of his clawed fingers along her cheek and whispered, "After all, you are the only one that had ever been worthy of my attention."

If the Taxiarch still had her emotion, she would have been terrified from his tone, yet now she just stoically glared at the fallen, disgusting piece of filth that had once been her brother. She hoped, however, that her gamble had paid off since there was only one final weapon that could be brought to bear against him. Someone that was the same as him, someone that could fight him on equal terms if given enough support by the gods and goddesses. She did her best, but she could only erase three of his clones permanently. She hoped that was enough.

"Well then, you are still pure, right?" Saffron asked as he threw his defeated sister on the ground.

The Taxiarch just glared as her brother got closer. He was too arrogant in his assured victory, and that's why he was going to lose. Still, she was gathering her strength in an attempt to get her second wind so she could renew her offensive when she saw a bright beam headed her way.

"Hands off, asshole!" A familiar voice said.

Before Saffron could react, he felt a powerful beam of energy slam into him and throw him away.

The Taxiarch traced the beam origin back to its source and was surprised by what she found there. Sure, the girl was Urd, but it was not the Urd she was expecting. In fact, this Urd appeared to have de-aged by a couple of years making her appear pubescent.

"What went wrong?" The Taxiarch asked as she struggled to her feet. As if in answer to her reply, her emotional self, who also looked like a pubescent version of herself, appeared from Urd and grinned.

"Hiya! Sis! We're here!" The miniature version of the Taxiarch said before she flexed her arms and asked, "Saw what we did? Are we bad asses or what?"

"What happened?" The Taxiarch asked again before she saw Hild finally coming up behind her daughter. The expression on the Daimakaicho's face was anything but pleased. When Hild heard the Taxiarch's question, she pointed accusing at the Archangel.

"What happened? What HAPPENED, she asks? You bonded TWO young beings together." Hild said archly while she gazed fondly at her daughter before she looked up to glare at the offensive angel on her daughter. "Their body reflects their immature nature and you expect her to stand up against Saffron?"

"Hey, I can still fight, and I'm stronger than ever!" Urd piped in. She continued in a voice that was a few octaves higher than before as she looked at her mother, "Heck, I feel stronger than when mom gave me that devil egg thingy."

"That's because she was a stable, mature devil, young lady," Hild replied while she looked down at her daughter fondly. "There were stronger ones, but they always want to take control of their host; thus, they were unacceptable for you."

"Pfft, you devils are a bunch of pussies, and you know it," the miniature Taxiarch said again in a cocky manner. She held up one hand with her palm open while the other was cupped into a circle and said, "In case you've forgotten, Heaven - five, you bitches - ZERO."

"Hush you," Urd said while she pinched her angel's cheek and caused her to squeal in pain. The feeling Urd got from her new angel was quite different than Ranma who acted like a stabilizing force and taught her right from wrong and the devil who just wanted her to draw exclusively from her demonic side. "Language."

"You shitting me? Who the fuck you think invented swearing?" The miniature Taxiarch said incredulously.

"It's true, but due to our... excessive use of it, it annoyed Kami-sama. So he banned it," The Taxiarch said flatly. Under her breath she muttered, "Beside, father was a lot worse."

Urd blinked at that revelation.

"That is beside the point. Can you hold out long enough for us to gather the others?" The Taxiarch asked while she looked directly at Urd as an equal.

"We got this sis!" The Angel Taxiarch said with a wink and victory sign. A moment later she pouted as her creator completely ignored her. She dejectedly began to draw circles in the air and said, "Ah... so I'm not even worth your time..."

"The plan sound complicated but, I will hold him. I will use everything I learn from Ranma and stop him here," Urd said with determination from her young voice.

Hild sighed, but she had to admit that this was the best plan they had. Only her daughter could do this. Hild looked at the Archangel and said, "I will draw the runes, you gather the others."

"Your minions will obey my command?" The Taxiarch asked doubtfully.

"They are scared shitless of you," Hild said flatly. "They'll do as you say, and if they don't, just take out your sword and light it up. That'll put them in line."

"Then it is agreed," The Taxiarch said before she turned away from Hild and focused on Urd again. She slowly walked over to the younger white hair goddess and bent down on one knee as she placed her hand on Urd's shoulder. Softly, the Taxiarch said, "All of our hopes rest on you."

"I won't fail," Urd replied back with a nod.

"What about me big sis, what about me? Pep talk for me too right?" The Angel version of the Taxiarch asked excitedly as she pointed to her face.

The Taxiarch looked at the angel protruding from Urd and narrowed her eyes a millimeter.

"WHAAAH! SCARY! HELP ME URD!" The Angel Taxiarch said as she hid fearfully behind the goddess. She clutched her head and shook in terror as she begged, "Don't lock me up again, don't lock me up again, please don't lock me up again."

"Wow. If you ever get bored of playing nice, I got a position in hell for you." Hild said in admiration. Frankly, she'd been trying to get that foul mouth little shit to shut up for a while now to no avail.

"Do your duty," The Taxiarch replied before she flew away.

"Do your duty," Hild mimed childishly as she stuck her tongue out at the retreating figure.

"Ok Urd, make momma proud!" Hild said as she too ran off and left Urd standing alone on the battlefield. Normally she would be worried, but her daughter was now bonded with the highest quality angel in existence. She'd just have to buy enough time for them to end this.

With that, Urd found herself alone with a determined look in her eyes. She could still hear her angel muttering to herself in distress. Softly, almost like when she was with Ranma, Urd sent a reassuring emotional wave to the angel and felt her relax.

The Miniature Taxiarch told Urd of her special nature and what the Taxiarch had planned. It all depended upon her. When she reflected back on the situation, Urd wondered if she would have been as brave if she had not inherited Ranma's bravado.

A large explosion detonated in front of her and revealed a very pissed off looking Saffron who immediately focused his sights onto her.

"Where is Hild?" He said menacingly as he flew forward fully intending to kill her. "I want her to see me tear you limb from limb."

Urd stood in place and braced herself as Saffron flew closer. She could see his movements now.

"DIE!" Saffron shouted as he lifted his claws up before he brought it down to eviscerate the child goddess. He had thought that she was weaker, and that's why she was smaller. This was why he was surprised when his claws were stopped by a blade made of fire and another matching blade was stabbed into his body that actually caused him pain.

When he looked up, he was able to see a younger version of his sister translucently appear over the small goddess, and her hands held the blades of fire.

"Booya, Duo-wielding, sucka!" The Angel Taxiarch said gloatingly at the surprised Saffron.

"Moko Takabisha!" Urd shouted as she fired a powerful burst of Ki at Saffron, which sent him painfully away.

"What the hell was that?!" Saffron said as he felt his body hurt all over from the strange attack.

"THAT," Urd said as she stalked closer to Saffron, "Was a Ki attack."

"Hey-Hey, Asshole -bro, I got a question for you." The Angel Taxiarch said as she gave Saffron a coy look. "What do you get you mix one half god and one half demon?"

The angel smirked and threw her flame blade at Saffron before she made it detonate against him. Upon impact, it sent him flying off painfully. Saffron was once again surprised by power that hurt him. The fire from the Taxiarch was indiscriminate, so its ability to burn him was a given, but how was the younger goddess seriously hurting him? His memories were a mess, but Ki sounded familiar.

"Double Moko Takabisha!" Urd said as she cupped both her hand and fired the attack at Saffron. She ended up nailing him twice and sending him slamming back again as two matching holes appeared in his body.

"How?" Saffron said before Urd shot forward and launched her Ki laced fist into his gut.

The Angel version of the Taxiarch leaned in close to her brother who had doubled over from the punch and gloatingly smiled before she said, "How does it feel to be mortal now, fucker?"

**** Ranma Original Reality *****

Ranma took a moment, just a single moment, to indulge in his feeling of weakness and leaned into the embraced of the three goddesses. After that moment, he gathered his willpower and pulled himself away from their comforting embrace before he said, "Alright then."

"R-ranma?" Urd asked in confusion. For a second, she had felt him lean into her before he pulled back. She looked at her two sisters who also seemed as surprised.

"Well, I'm sure you guys didn't just come out here to give me bad news," Ranma said as he looked at the goddesses and the other people gathered in the yard. Everyone appeared to be quite interested in what was going on. 'Ah just like old times, everybody in everyone else's business.' He thought with a grin.

"Well... with your pseudo training ... You know that you are buggy right Ran-Nii?" Skuld said as she looked up at Ranma.

"Yeah, Banpei told me," Ranma said with a wry smile as folded his arm across his chest. "So... you gonna take me out Skuld-chan?"

Skuld's jaw dropped from Ranma brazen suggestion.

"What? No!" She protested and found her head patted by Ranma.

"I am guessing - wait lemme think about what my Skuld told me," Ranma said as he put a hand on his chin in deep thought.

Skuld blushed a bit when she heard Ranma say 'my Skuld.' He said it so casually.

"You gotta squash me!" Ranma said before he looked down. "That's how my Skuld does things."

"Hmm! Well she's probably not as sophisticated as me," Skuld said proudly before she shook her head. Did she just dis herself? "A-anyway, I would like to integrate you back into the system. Right now you are causing Yggdrasil fits."

"I see," Ranma said then looked directly at Skuld. "And if I refused?"

"Wh-what?" Skuld said as she backed away from Ranma a bit. The thought that Ranma would refused to be reintegrated into the system had never crossed her mind. "Y-you have to!"

"Ranma-kun, you have to back in the system before you create too many bugs... bugs that the Daimakaicho exploits, and I think we both know how dangerous she can be when given loopholes," Urd said while she looked at Ranma to convey to him that she KNEW about his adventure.

"I know goddesses don't lie." Ranma said softly before he turned to Belldandy. He looked directly at the goddess of the present and asked, "Is there any possible way on Earth for me to find a way back to my home?"

"As far as I know, no," Belldandy answered in a soft tone. "There are some relics that are said to be cursed or costly on this planet but nothing concrete. If you want to try that... you can after we integrate you."

"Will you promise to help me find a way back?" Ranma asked the goddess of the present softly.

"I can only promise I will try, but you must know the situation in you old reality has gotten worse," Belldandy said.

"You can still see over there?" Ranma asked excitedly. "How's Urd and the others?"

"Unfortunately, the data that was transferred stopped shortly before your arrival here," Belldandy said sadly.

Ranma looked to Skuld questioningly.

Skuld was a bit surprised that Ranma just deferred to her like that, but then she felt a bit proud at the fact. Someone was looking to her for guidance!

"Ah, well, think of Yggdrasil as big tree and that each reality carries a single branch from the main tree itself." Skuld told Ranma. "If the branch is still connected we can get information from it, but if it's broken off or destroyed, then it goes dark, and we are completely cut off."

"And Kami-sama doesn't care?" Ranma asked in mute anger.

"That is not fair to Kami-sama," Belldandy said in defense of her father. "He only has control over his domain which is this reality."

"But another whole universe is going to hell in a hand basket, and he doesn't care?" Ranma asked while he looked up to the sky.

"Ranma, to us gods, realities of the multi-verse are like leaves on a tree. Some thrive, some die, and some get plucked while other just slowly wither away in the grand scheme of things. It's only one out of countless others," Urd said softly before she looked away from Ranma. "If I could send you back, Heck, if I could go with you to help the other reality, I would in a heartbeat, but each reality has its own free will to do as it want."

"Why would you want to go?" Ranma asked perplexed. He had a reason to go, but this Urd did not.

"Because it's my FAULT that Universe is dying," Urd said softly with a guilty expression on her face. She had balled her hands into fists and squeezed tightly. She closed her eyes and said in a hushed whisper, "All of those deaths and lives are on my head..."

Ranma's eyes widened at Urd's proclamation, but he felt that she was wrong. He began to speak to her quietly but became progressively louder as he said, "You dumbass. Your fault? If I didn't take your offer, none of that would have happened. I CHOSE to let you do it, so don't you try and take all the blame!"

Sure Urd sent him over there, but it was his fault for being selfish in the first place. He should have just accepted death.

"It's nobody's fault!" Skuld said as she got between Ranma and Urd. "Every universe has a Ragnarok scenario, even ours. It's not your fault it turned out that way Ranma... Urd."

Ranma and Urd looked at each other before they turned away with their fists still balled tight.

"But Ranma, I'll personally help you find your way home, but I need to integrate you NOW before something disastrous happens and people end up dying here. Please, Ranma," Skuld pleaded urgently.

"Okay Skuld, I trust you," Ranma said.

"Alright then," Skuld said with a smile, and before Ranma could react, she materialized a giant high tech mallet and hammered Ranma into the ground.

"I thought you said you weren't going to squash me!" Ranma shouted a moment later after he had gotten back on his feet.

"Oh? Are you in pain anywhere?" Skuld asked with a cocky grin. Her expression turned down right smug as the pig tailed boy felt all over his body for broken bones and found none. "That was the quickest, most direct way. Integrating you via lines and code would have taken too long, and your essence might have resisted. With your acceptance, this was simply a matter of... hammering out the rough edges."

Skuld finished as she cupped a hand to her mouth while she giggled. Urd gave Skuld a baleful look at her bad pun before she turned back to Ranma.

"W...what will you do now?" Urd asked softly.

"Find a way back of course, but the only person that I know that can help me is Skuld here," Ranma said as he looked at the goddess of the future. "She's super smart. If anyone can figure it out, it'd be her."

Skuld was practically preening at Ranma's compliment.

"I'm smart," Urd grumbled. "Would you like to stay at the temple then until her smartness finds you a way back?" She said looking at Skuld gloating expression.

Ranma blinked before he asked, "Really? You guys don't mind?"

Belldandy sighed before she went over to Ranma and gently, as only Belldandy could, smacked him upside his head. In a stern tone, she said, "I don't even need to tell you why. You are smart enough to figure out why."

Ranma gulped and pulled at his collar before he swallowed hard and said, "Rig-right you are Bell-nee!"

"Hmmm, Bell-nee eh?" Belldandy said with a giggle that blossomed into a smile. "I like it."

Urd smiled, and for a moment, she allowed herself to relax. The death of a universe was something she'd have to live with. Additionally, the chances of Skuld finding it would be quite low, and then there was the issue of crossing over dimensional barriers.

"Hey baka, I already told you it's not your fault so wipe that guilty look off your face," Ranma said firmly.

Urd was about to protest her guilt again when powerful presence made itself known. The skies darkened as she shouted in warning, "This is... BELL!"

"What's going on now?" New Ranma asked as the once sunny skies became dark and ominous.

Cologne, however, was shivering in fear. There was a dark, powerful, and malicious presence coming. She could feel it. "Everyone be on your guard!"

Ranma's eyes widened. He felt this power before and caught the onset of a dark tornado touching down inside the Tendo yard. He spat out her name venomously, "Hild!"

"Hild-sama?!" Belldandy asked when the tornado cleared. She noticed that the woman in front of her was not the young Hild that usually harassed her family. Instead, the woman standing in the yard holding herself in a haughty and sensual manner was the Daimakaicho in full glory...

Hild, the Daimakaicho, formed in the Tendo yard and gave the assembled people a once over. Slowly, she arched her back and intertwined her arms over her head before she stretched in a way that jutted out her breasts in the process. She winked to the men in the yard and left them a drooling mess before she sultrily made her way to her daughter. She happily said,"Urd-chan!"

"What do you want Daimakaicho?!" Urd asked with much more venom than usual, but in her defense, she had just witnessed her mother in another dimension initiate Ragnarok, so she found that she could excuse her rudeness.

"Awww, so mean to your mother," Hild pouted cutely before she turned her attention to Ranma and gave him a once over. She smirked when she saw his expression become threatening and said, "Hmmm, nice."

Ranma knew he was no match for Hild but damn if he wasn't going to try every possible method to get his licks in as he fell into a battle stance.

"Now, Now Ranma," Hild said as she took out a small fan and started to fan herself. "Is that anyway to greet the woman who's going to send you back home?"

Hild smirked victoriously as she saw the look of shock on Ranma and her daughter's faces. It was priceless.

"What are you planning, Daimakaicho?!" Urd demanded. There was no way she'd let that woman play games with Ranma. She'd protect him at all cost.

"You can send me back?" Ranma asked softly before he shook his head and looked suspiciously at the ruler of all of hell again. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "Why? What's in it for you?"

Hild snapped her fan shut and looked at both Urd and Ranma.

"Yes, Ranma. I can send you back. You forget two can play the wish granting game," She said with a smile. "As for what's in it for me, well imagine my surprise when I saw your file on my desk just a few moments ago. I've always kept my eyes on you, and your replacement has turned out to be disappointingly orderly. It's always romantic conquest after conquest. where's the bloodshed, the violence, the jealousy? Ahem but I digress."

Ranma was surprised by Hild's declaration and sweated a bit. Just how many people found his life as a form of amusement?

"Anyway, Ranma, I want to send you back," Hild started off seriously.

"What's your play? I won't let you trick him!" Urd said fiercely.

"No trick, free of charge, I even pay the fee with my own power to drill into the other universe," Hild said with a serious expression. There was no hint of playfulness when she made her offer. If there was one thing people knew about Hild, when it came to contract negotiation, she was all business. "Still, my offer stands, Ranma-kun. Are you interested?"

"What's in it for you?" Ranma asked as he tried to figure out Hild's angle.

"A universe where Urd can call me momma?" Hild suddenly gushed as she clapped her hands together in front of her face and leaned on it. Her attitude floored the other goddesses with its abrupt changed. "Why, that's sounds absolutely heavenly."


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