Chatty Plunnies
By: Dragon-sama
Inspired by/with: The KSA.
Things to note: Almost all KaiShin, all short, and may or may not be "complete".

These are a collection of my on-the-spot writing while chatting with various chat partners. They will not be expanded, but they were fun and so I thought I'd share. Surrounding commentary is just so you know where our minds were at the time.

Dragoon Sama: Before you run off, give me a prompt to do some sort of a plunnie on!

Justine: yay!

Justine: ok! prompt...uummm...i have two for you to pick from

Dragoon Sama: hahahahaha

Justine: Onsen fun~

Shinichi sighed as he relaxed back into the onsen tub. He could feel the water's steaming warmth seep into his skin, while the cool sea breeze against his face was a pleasant contrast. At this time of night the bath was thankfully empty, near midnight and too close to closing for the night for most people staying at the hotel to bother. All Shinichi wanted was a few moments to relax, so this was sufficient.

The water sloshed against his chest, causing Shinichi to open his eyes as his companion joined him with a heartfelt groan. Kaito had arranged this trip away, claiming that Shinichi was working far too hard and not paying him enough attention. On reflection, Shinichi had agreed that they both needed a break from the stress of everyday life. In fact, when he looked at the magician's tired face as Kaito slowly made his way to sprawl on the ledge next to him, Shinichi rearranged his own mental agenda.

Kaito's eyes popped open when Shinichi slid over to straddle his lap, a smile tugging at his mouth as he looked appreciatively up at him. "Why Shinichi, I had no idea you'd be this perverted. Maybe I should have suggested this trip earlier!"

Rolling his eyes and swatting Kaito upside the head, Shinichi sat back comfortably on his boyfriend's legs as he began massaging Kaito's shoulders and chest. "Unlike you, I have a sense of public decency," he murmured. If his face was flushed, it was surely just because of the heat of the water.

Kaito let out a long, sincerely-felt moan, immediately putting Shinichi's resolve to the test as he relaxed further under the detective's assault. "No, wait, we came here to get you to relax, not—oh god never mind just keep doing that…" Kaito's protests trailed off into quiet hums of pleasure as Shinichi dug his fingers into tense muscles, working out the kinks caused by long days and longer nights.

The onsen was outdoors, and during the daylight hours overlooked the ocean. Now all that could be seen was the inky black water, lights on a jut of land across the way where another resort rested, and above the sky was sprinkled with stars. It was incredibly peaceful, and Shinichi let his mind rest as his massage turned into softer caresses. Kaito's hands came up to hook around his waist in a loose embrace, not asking anything, just enjoying the closeness their position allowed.

While it may have been true that Shinichi was overworking himself between college classes and the cases he worked on, it was also a fact that Kaito had been doing near twice as much work lately, thanks to his 'extra curricular' activities. Kid had gone on a few international heists over the last month, but Kaito had been attending his own classes daily. The strain that amount of travel put on him was showing its toll as the normally vivacious magician had been much more subdued in his enthusiasm lately.

Shinichi had even offered, somewhat reluctantly as it was deep into the gray area of his morals, to substitute for Kaito's classes for a couple days to give Kaito a chance to catch up. Kaito had refused the offer, though. Kid was his business, and he was content to keep it that way. Dark shadows taking pot-shots at him were one thing, but he wouldn't ask Shinichi to forsake his sense of justice any more than he had already by conceding to keeping Kid's identity a secret. If Kaito was unable to pull off his own tricks, then it would just have to be a trick Kid would forgo.

Soft lips against his collarbone brought Shinichi back to reality, and he rested his hand lightly on Kaito's head as the magician continued laving attention on him lightly. "I think," Shinichi began as he pulled Kaito's head back to allow him a proper kiss. It was warm and soft, but also brought home just how tired Shinichi himself felt when he couldn't dredge up any energy to deepen it. "That we should head back to the room," he finished, sliding off Kaito's lap with a sigh.

"That sounds a lot less interesting than I'd hoped," Kaito said, standing up as well and stretching with a groan.

"Sleep tonight, ba'aro. You can play tomorrow when you're well rested," Shinichi admonished. He paused as Kaito caught his hand and brought it up to his mouth to give it a quick kiss. Squeezing back, Shinichi didn't relinquish the grip as he guided them back into the hotel.

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