Umm… well I was reading a LOT of StarVix's stories and I decided to try my own hand at the "StarVix baby universe" thing! In this story, the Chaotix get toddlerized and Sonic and Shadow wind up taking care of them.

Me: Shadow, disclaimer pleez!

Shadow: Fine… why do me and Sonic have to take care of them?

Me: just say it!

Shadow: [rolls eyes] fine… Shadowgirl2.0 does not own the Chaotix or me and Sonic… She doesn't own Maria and Zombie the chaos either… StarVix does.

The Chaotix were having a pretty normal day…

"OW! Charmy, the toaster's still plugged in!" Vector, the leader of the "defective detectives" yelled at Charmy Bee.

"Oops… why is it important to unplug it in the first place?" Charmy wondered, hovering in front of Vector.

"It wastes power when you leave it plugged in… not to mention that it gives me a painful zap!"


During this stupidity, Espio, the brains of the Chaotix, simply ate his toast in silence, wondering whether or not to leave right now.

"Hey, Espio?" Charmy wondered with childish curiosity.

The Chameleon sighed and looked at the hyper little bee.

"What, Charmy?" He wondered, thinking about how nice it would be to move to China, or maybe even the ARK, if that was still around.

"I found this weird thing yesterday and I was sorta wondering… what is it?" Charmy wondered, holding up a weird-looking machine with a pretty red button on it.

Espio's eyes widened. "Charmy, DON'T push that button!" He said realizing where he'd seen it before. Now if you've ever watched a child like Charmy, you know that telling him to not push a button means 'why don't you push it, just to get everyone mad at you so you can cry and get a lolly pop to cheer you up.' To make things short, Charmy pushed the button.

A weird light surrounded the table, which all three Chaotix were currently at.

When Espio sat up, he knew instantly that something was wrong… One, he couldn't see Vector or Charmy [it was Charmy that he was worried about more than Vector] and two, everything was a lot taller than he remembered.

"Vedor Charry… where is you?" Espio wondered. He then noticed that his voice sounded childish and he couldn't seem to get many words right. "Hewo? Why I is talky wike dis?" he asked anyone within hearing range.

"I is here Espio!" Came another, toddler-like voice. Espio then saw a two-year-old crocodile staring at him.

"Vedor?" the chameleon asked in amazement.

"Espio?" The crocodile said with equal amazement.

"You is wittle!" they both said, startled.

"We is wittle… Charry is wittle too!" Espio realized, starting to panic. Just then Charmy walked up to them.

"EEK! Where Vedor 'an Espio is?" The startled bee said, staring at the two other toddlers.

"We is not gonna panic, we is gonna find Tails!" Espio said, pretty sure that Tails would be able to change them back. Just then, There was a voice that didn't at all sound like Tails.

"They'd better be here or…" The voice came. Espio's golden eyes widened as a single name ran through his head… Shadow.