Last we left poor little Espio and the others, Espio had run away because he thought Shadow and Sonic didn't like him anymore.

Disclaimer: Purple cheese cows eat butter!


I sniffed sadly as I packed my stuff from Shadow's room… I wondered, why did they think I was so annoying? I thought Shadow liked me. I didn't even try to shake off the childish thoughts that ran across my mind… I'd forgotten that I was actually an eighteen-year-old, so I really thought that I was a toddler with super-amazing abilities. Vector and Charmy were asleep when I went to Sonic's room to tell them my plans.

"Bye Vedor, Bye Charry… pwobly f'ever 'n' ever." I simply said, walking out silently. As I passed Shadow's room, a glittery thing caught my eye. I ran over to it, and found it to be a pistol, what kind? I'm not sure. All I knew was that it would help me… only, Shadow, who was a very light sleeper, was resting in the bed, with one arm dropped so that it was on top of the prize.

"Uh-oh… no good." I muttered to my self, thinking that maybe, just maybe I could slip the gun out from under Shadow's arm, and then, get out of the house before he noticed. Only one problem with my plan I thought, common sense regaining control, I'm a 25 pound toddler, that is a very speedy, 75 pound hedgehog, who also has more than one gun, and happens to be a sharpshooter, while I probably couldn't lift the darn thing.

Apparently luck was on my side, as just as I was about to give up on getting the gun, Shadow turned over, dragging his arm off of it. I grabbed the pistol before Shadow finished turning over so as not to wake him up. I may be a toddler, but I'm not stupid; If Shadow catches me stealing one of his guns, he'd kill me. I managed to get out of the house without any real trouble… why do they make doorknobs so high up? I'd just barely been able to jump the six extra inches it took to grab the darned thing…. I like push doors better.

I'd been walking for a while, when this really tall (okay, maybe I'm just short but he looked tall) and scary-looking raven guy. I went to go around him, because I was hungry and was about to crawl into a McDonald's dumpster to eat the leftovers. He stepped in my way.

"Whatcha doin' out here so late, all alone, huh?" he wondered, grinning at me with a mouth full of rotten teeth. I'd never really liked talking to complete strangers, but my toddler instincts took over.

"I is getting' yummy yum cheese burjer!"

"Uh-huh… I see… how 'bout you come with me?"

"NO! I WANTS CHEESE BURJER!!!" At that, I ran.