Eva leaned her head on Jack's shoulder to comfort him but he shrugged it off

"but why did you leave him? And why in port royal?"

Jack got up and looked out the closest window to him

"I don't know why, I just did, it felt right at the time savvy?"

The door to the wicked wench slammed against the wall beside it as it was forced open, causing Eva to jumped, Jack immediatly got his sword out and stood in front of Eva to protect her, but lowered it when he saw Will standing out of breath

"Will?" Eva motioned for him to sit, placing him in a chair

"Jack, some child, a boy, he needs your help, he asked me to get you, he's being attacked"

Jack's eyes lit up as he looked at Eva, they were both thinking the same thing "Josh"

"Leave him be"

Jack drew his sword and placed it at the attackers neck

"Eva luv', if you please" Eva nodded taking Josh by the arm and pulling him away from the crowd

"well, well, Captain Jack Sparrow, helping a child are we?"

Jack rolled his eyes "he aint much of a child now is 'e?"

and with that Jack with-drew his sword and made a run for it, dodging the bullets as they were fired at him, he ran quickly back to where he knew Eva, Will and that bloody child would be.

"Now Josh, lets not get angry"

Eva said trying to calm the boy

"how'd you know my name?" Josh asked, his sword pointed straight at Eva and Will, he was starting to get worried now, not many people knew his name.

"cause I bloody told 'em Josh" Jack appeared behind Josh who turned to face his brother, Jack ran his finger along Josh's blade, stepped forward and with one sweeping motion disarmed Josh, Elizabeth and Will relaxed and observed the two siblings

"you left me!" Jack nodded

"Aye that I did, what you want an apology?" Jack stifled a laugh

"no, I want a reason! Why did ye leave me? I trusted you! I looked up to you" Jack sat down on the closest seat to him, showing no interest in the show his brother was causing.

"cause that's how I felt when dad left me, its how I still feel now, I didn't know how to look after ye, I was young, I wanted to be a pirate, I made sure I left ye in good hands didn't I? Not like da'"

Josh stood staring at his older brother, watching as his facial expression changed as he remember their dad

"Jack? That still no reason why ye left me"

Jack stood up suddenly making Josh step back "cause I was scared! I was scared, angry and confused, and I took it out on ye, ok? Is that what you wanted to hear? Me…Captain Jack Sparrow was scared"

Josh stood mouth open he shook his head "no, that's not what I wanted to hear Jack, and ye know it" out the corner of Jack's eyes he saw Eva take William out of the Blacksmith's giving them some privacy.

"Josh, sit down" Josh did as he was told and sat down on the closest thing to him

"The day Ma died was the day I told her I was accepting Piracy like Dad, she thought I was crazy and kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to look after you if I was a pirate, you was all she ever thought about"

Jack sat down opposite Josh "you see you and me have different Ma's, I don't know my ma as Dad took me away from her when I was young, apparently she was a crap ma, lady of the night I imagine and when dad married your Ma she didn't like me very much, said I wasn't born from her and therefore he had no need to look after me and when ye were born both she and dad started to like ye more, showed you more affection, dad even stopped pirating as much to spend time with ye…not that I minded any of this, it gave me time to myself, time to figure out my life, but then when your ma died she asked me to look after you, no words of goodbye or affection, just you"

Jack looked at Josh to see how he was taking this, Josh looked back at Jack

"so ye left me cause ma and dad liked me more and that pissed ye off?"

Jack rolled his eyes at his brother "no, I left ya…cause you weren't my responsibility, I 'ad no one to take care of me, so why should you?"

Jack looked away from Josh, guilt suddenly rising within him, he knows he shouldn't of left him, but what choice did he have? He was young himself, he had his whole life ahead of him.

"so…how ye' been keepin' up, they look after ye'?" Jack asked.

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