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Chapter Two: The Angels of Death and Destiny

October 20, 1999

Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World, shuddered deeply wincing as the tiny movement sent a wave of pain through his newly broken ribs and shattered leg. Harry thought about moving into a more comfortable position but decided against it. The last time his uncle had broken his ribs it had pierced his lung and he had almost died. That had been really scary. It had hurt so much, and he had coughed up so much blood. He remembered lying in a pool of his own blood slowly losing consciousness when he had heard the beautiful haunting melody. He wasn't sure if he had been hallucinating or not but five beautiful birds appeared each a different color. The lead one was black and silver, the other red and gold, blue and silver, purple and copper, and green and bronze. They had settled around him in a circle the black and silver one at his head. The black one began to cry on him, the others following suit. He had lost consciousness then. When he had woken up he had been miraculously healed.

He shifted slightly again and whimpered. If those birds didn't show up again then he was a goner. Sad and as pitiful as his life was he didn't want to die. Especially if he was going to hell like his aunt and uncle sad he was. Harry jerked upright as he heard an unfamiliar angry voice yell at his uncle. Something about the Police and abuse. He gasped, oh god, he shouldn't have done that. He looked down at his shirt that was rapidly darkening with his own blood. He was sure his rib had punctured something again. The door to his cupboard creaked open and he flattened himself against the back coroner a preemptive strike against his uncles flailing fists that were sure to follow. But it wasn't his uncle who had opened his door it was a woman. She's really pretty Harry thought dazedly taking in her delicate features dark brown hair and equally dark brown eyes. She was staring at him concern, which was strange because nobody was every concerned about him. Harry noticed she was asking him something but it came out all weird and he couldn't understand. He just stared at her blankly, and she gently reached in and picked him up and carefully brought him outside the cupboard and placed him on her lap. Was she going to help him? Harry thought so but you could never be sure with adults. Harry closed his eyes, he felt safe in this woman's presence. She was speaking to him soothingly and even though he didn't know what she was saying he felt safe. He couldn't ever remember feeling this safe before. And with that last comforting thought he passed out.

When he next opened his eyes he wasn't in any pain anymore, though his head felt fuzzy and his body unsubstantial. He was in an odd place. He was lying on a cool black marble floor that had swirls of gold throughout. The edge of the floor was interspaced with large black columns supporting an nonexistent ceiling. Between the columns were large swirling purple blue portals, between the portals where mahogany doors with diamond doorknobs. The floor itself was decked out on comfortable leather chairs and mahogany furniture. Harry himself was lying on a reclining black leather armchair in front of a large mahogany desk. Behind the desk a man and a woman stood arguing. The man was tall and pale his plain brown hair growing just past his ears. He wore a pure black dress shirt, black dress pants, and pure black overcoat. The woman was his exact opposite. She had copper colored skin and black hair curling around her face delicately, and where the man was thin she was slightly plump. The woman wore a simple white dress with a plain white over robe.

"His destiny remains unfinished," the woman yelled at the man gesturing towards Harry who neither noticed was awake.

"He's dead, the man yelled at her. He's dead and he's not coming back to life. He's the master of death and he needs to be trained for his full powers." The man stated calmly although you could hear the cold venom hidden in his deep voice.

"I am the Angel of Destiny and I say his destiny remains unfinished you know that as well as I. how can he be The Master of Death if he is dead? He can't that's why, I know you want to train him to use his powers he gets from being the Master of Death but you can't forcibly keep him in the afterlife its not his destiny."

"What would you have me do? He needs to be trained." The man asked the woman running a hand through his hair tiredly.

"Ah… excuse me? Harry asked shyly. The turned to him surprise etched on their faces. "Uh, where am I? He asked warily.

"You, you are in elder land," the woman said after a considerable silence, "More specifically you are in the realm of the dead." She paused leveling the man with a hard stare. "I am one of the Angel s of Destiny, and he is an Angel of Death."

"Death," Harry asked his voice wavering, "Am I dead?"

"Yes, you are, temporarily," Death replied giving Destiny a sour look. She just beamed at him.

"So I'll be alive again." Harry stated nervously. The woman nodded her curls bouncing in place.

"Yes, but my dear friend here and I are having difficulties deciding on how to give you your life back. Should you go back to the mortal planes and fulfill your destiny or stay here and train to be The Master of Death. "

"Cant I just do both? Harry asked. They stared at the preschooler confused. "Cant I go back to the mortal world and come back here every once in awhile for training. " Harry elaborated. They glanced at each other in surprise. The woman smiled and clapped her hands in joy.

"It is decided then, the man said, you shall awaken and return to the mortal world. You will continue on with your destiny, and I shall train you in the powers you receive from your position as Master of Death. "

"Okay," he said slowly wondering what powers he would receive as Master of Death and what that meant. Was magic real? He was so confused. Harry glanced up at Destiny to see her smiling kindly at him.

"It is time for you to join the realm of the conscious Little One, I shall be watching over you. She said giving him a kind smile. Harry opened his mouth to ask how he was getting home and to ask why she would be watching over him when the world or realm he arrived in slowly darkened and faded away.

Harry opened his eyes and found himself in a white room that Harry recognized as a hospital rom. One of the first things Harry realized was that he had tubes in his nose that were attached to what looked like a faucet connected to the wall. He also realized that there was a clear tube coming out of his ribs a couple of inches below his armpits. The tube coming from his ribs was connected to a basin with two compartments next to his bedside. The tube was emptying blood into one compartment. The other compartment had bubbling water in it. The leg that he had shattered, his right, was in a cast up to the top of his thigh. His left arm was in a sling from when his uncle grabbed his arm so hard that it had been dislocated. His right arm had an IV attached to it giving him some pain medication and nutrients for severe malnourishment.

He looked around the room and was disappointed to see that the woman who rescued him was not there. There wasn't any reason for her to be, but he wanted her all the same. Harry blinked. He was so tired. He fought against his eyelids as he felt them droop. He wanted to stay awake. Find out what happened. And more importantly he wanted to know if that woman was coming back. He fell asleep smiling for perhaps the first time in months, his thoughts revolving around the woman that saved his life.

He drifted in and out of consciousness the next few weeks. The first time he woke up he was overjoyed to find the woman who rescued him sleeping in the armchair near his bed. He had fallen back asleep before she woke up though. The next time he had woken up it was morning and a different woman had been waiting with him. She was taller than the woman who rescued him and she had darker hair. She had been pacing as she spoke into a phone talking about some estate sale. She had said she and her sisters had saved him from his aunt and uncle. That the woman who pulled him out of his cupboard was named Phoebe, her other sister was Piper and she was Prue. She had called her sisters but he had fallen back asleep before they got here. He had woken up other times as well but only for a couple of seconds each time. Almost always with someone in the room with him, it made him feel protected and loved.