Phoenix Sannin


"Demon/Inner Self"

'Demon thoughts'

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or get any profit from writing this story. I do this for my own purpose of having fun.

Three years ago, a demon fox with nine tails appeared. When a tail was swung, it would destroy a mountain and cause a tsunami. To counter it, the people gathered ninjas. One ninja sealed the monster in a life or death battle and died himself to insure his villages' survival. That ninja was known as the Yondaime Hokage... and with his death, he sealed the powers of the Nina-Tailed Demon Fox into the body of a young boy...

This young boy's name is Uzumaki Naruto. Most people in the village dislike him and consider him a pest or worse The Kyuubi incarnate. He's ignored because people for the most part think he is the actual demon fox. The only people who actually see him as him and not the demon itself or even just the container of the demon are the Hokage, most of clan heads of Konoha either sympathize or are indifferent, and a simple ramen chef named Teuchi and his daughter Ayame. Sadly on October 10th, Naruto would get beaten half to death by mobs of civilian and shinobi alike even with the Anbu shadowing him. Today just happens to be that day...

Naruto was running through the street of Konoha as fast as his legs would carry him, which sadly was not fast enough considering there was a mob right behind and was gaining on him fast. Finally, when he could run no longer his legs gave out and he fell right in the middle of the street.

"Please!" he cried out. "What did I ever do to you to deserve this!?" He asked the crowd in front of him. He honestly didn't know why he would always be beaten and glared at whenever someone saw him.

"What you did! You don't fucking remember killing all those innocent people, DEMON!" One Chuunin said. "We'll show you the pain you've caused all those people!" he shouted in a voice filled to the brim with malice.

Thus the painful beating began. This went for almost ten minutes until an Anbu with dog mask appeared in front of the bloody heap that was once a young smiling boy, and released a HUGE amount of killer intent the made the crowds gasp for breath.

"You are all under arrest!" he said as he summoned a dozen kage bushins to take them all in, at first they appeared to want to fight but the killing intent stopped those ideas. Even the couple Chuunin in the crowd knew fighting against an Anbu even if they were just clones was of no help.

The crowd was quickly round up, and the area cleared as the Anbu went to check on Naruto and found him unconscious clinging to life as if by a thread. He made note of the injuries which were a few cuts on his body, a large gash on his chest reaching and gouging into his ribs, and bruises on his face along with a broken jaw. The dog Anbu decided to take Naruto to the hospital immediately while sending another kage bushin to inform the Hokage in case the hospital staff wasn't feeling like cooperating.

The next day Naruto woke up to see a white ceiling. Not knowing where he is he quickly and yet very cautiously looked around the room and saw the Hokage was coming through the door.

"Ahhhhhhh, you're awake now Naruto-kun. How are you feeling?" asked the old Kage.

"Like I've been run over by something, Oji-san". Said Naruto in an emotionless tone. "Can I ask you something Oji-san?"

"What is it Naruto-kun?" asked the Hokage knowing what was coming.

"Well, when I was being beaten" started Naruto making the Hokage wince at the emotionless tone as much as the word used. "One of the person said that I killed a lot of people and everyone called me a demon. Why is that?" finished the young blonde, his tone changing into one of slight irritation.

The Hokage was baffled by the question for a minute, but knew he would have to answer the question someday, but now was not the time, so he skated around the issue and said, "You didn't kill anyone and you are NOT a demon. The people in Konoha are narrow-minded and bigots when it comes to certain issues. As for the reason they think you are a demon I'm afraid I can't tell you right now, but I will tell you when you turn twelve or when you're a strong enough ninja. How about that Naruto-kun?"

"Okay Oji-san. Oh yeah can I join the academy to become a ninja just like you?" said Naruto in a hopeful tone.

"You are not old enough to join the ninja academy, but how about I make you a deal. I will take you as an apprentice and teach you how to defend yourself and you also don't have to go to the academy if you don't want to." Said the old Kage as he formed a plan to stick it to those bigoted villagers.

"REALLY OJI-SAN?" shouted Naruto happily.

"Hai" Said the Sandaime as he braced himself for the inevitable; Naruto jumped from the bed gave the Hokage a big hug causing him to chuckle at his enthusiasm. "Alright Naruto you are free to leave the hospital once the proper papers are filled out, and we'll also start the training one week from now so be prepared. Oh and you're also going to be moving into my compound so I help you to reach your full potential." said Sarutobi with a true smile while opening the door.

"Thanks Oji-san." Shouted an enthusiastic young blonde.

"You're welcome and remember one week," said the Hokage with a warm smile while leaving the room.

A week later Naruto was standing in front of the Hokage on his private training field behind the Hokage Monument. The blonde was now wearing black t-shirt and a black pants with orange stripe on the side along with black fingerless glove. Naruto was wearing this because Hokage had told him that orange wasn't a color that a good ninja would wear.

"Okay Naruto for the next eight years I will teach ninjutsu and taijutsu and maybe some genjutsu. I want to make you strong enough to be able to stand toe to toe with at least one of the stronger ninja of this village." started Sarutobi before continuing after making sure his young charge was paying attention. "I also want you to specialize in ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu, and also kenjutsu. The reasoning behind my decision is that there are not many ninja in our village that are specialized ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu or kenjutsu, and none that specialize in all three. I also have something very special planned for you after our training finishes, so I want you to work as hard as you can. Do we have a deal Naruto-kun?" said Sarutobi with a smirk once he saw Naruto's awestruck expression.

"Deal, Oji-san." Said the energetic blond known as Naruto with a salute.