I copied this from SamCrow who, in turn,copied this from Jay Frost, and I'm posting because I totally agree.

This is not a real chapter and I know many might be angry that I have not updated but am posting this crap. I know I would. But everyone is breathing down my neck to focus on school, and as such my time to write is short. I will, however, be posting a new chapter somewhere between this month and next.

Onto why I have posted this. Many are aware that for whatever infinite wisdom FF holds removed the MA rating back in the 2002, they were lenient on violence and lemons since then but it seems they have started removing all stories with no warning. I post this in hopes that between myself and the many other authors and readers who enjoy a little citrus with the stories will band together to hopefully reinstate the MA rating or stop the purge all together. Post anywhere and everywhere about this travesty going on, force them to listen to us or hopefully compromise and allow us to continue our perverted ways.

Do it for me!

Do it for yourself!


And the lemons, don't forgot those…

EDIT AT 9:16 P.M. June 4, 2012

This is a message I received after posting just the complaint written above. I am now including this message, because it is completely true, and I hope that this will inspire the rest of you, wait for it…

127 people

Who have already seen the complaint.

Hopefully the rest of the 516 people who favorite this story will see this as well.


Subject: FFnet cracking down

Heres what to do they aren't going to look through every single M rated story

for Lemon content and the Violence is a pipe dream unless they read every

single M story goto your naruto fanfiction section put M only in the search

filter there really going to look through all those stories and thats just

Naruto so what everyone needs to do is yank the usual search words out of

there summary like Lemon Sex Harem because those are neon signs to check those

stories at this point make sure that all of your stories are saved to your

computer so if someone reports you and they takedown the story you can always

move it to one of the other archives realistically this is a scare tactic they

did this a year or two ago and got rid of a bunch of stories but there full of

them again just back up your work to be on the safe side.


I would like to wish a sincere thank you to Darkepyon for this.