Author's Note

Hey there everybody! I just want to say thank you so much to everyone that's been reading my stories and keeping up with them. However it's come to my attention that having not updated in at least a year that I'm really not giving the time to them that they need and you deserve. Unfortunately real life came knocking like a wrecking ball and really hasn't let up since, which has meant that ideas are very thin on the ground and effort is even more so, and the stress has meant that writing is just not the relaxing pastime it used to be. I still love reading though, and escaping for a short time into the world of BtVS and seeing the vast stories that other people come up with. I promise that I will endeavour to continue when I can but it does mean that, for now, I will have to consider this piece abandoned. I will continue with it when I have the time and post it when it's completed though. I can't guarantee when this will happen, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, but I really hope that everyone who's gotten to this point will stick with me!

Thank you and I really do hope to post again soon! Maybe the Starfury Vampire Ball will give me the boost of inspiration I've been looking for.

Until next time.