I had just watched Wanted the other day, and I absolutely love it! But anyway, I hated that Wesley didn't get a girl, I mean come on, he goes through all this crap, for what? It's crazy! So, I made my version of the story, because it just wouldn't leave me alone.

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When All This Shit Started

I don't know how it is that my life has led me to this moment. I do, however, know when all this shit started. That one day, that one hour, that one man. I was 15 years old when I was approached by The Fraternity. I had been shuffling from one foster home to another for almost all of my life. So when I got the opportunity to have what I thought could be my family, I took it, no questions asked.

4 years earlier….

Sam Anders was walking down the street to the little pharmacy that was only about a block away from her house. Or, well , the house that belongs to her newest foster parents. They were nice, a little boring, but nice. They didn't drink too much, or smoke, or beat her up. But they didn't seem to really want her either. Can you really blame them though, she thought to herself as she entered the store, I'm a fuckin' 15 year old orphan, people don't want that, they want babies, and I sure as hell, ain't no baby.

They had this other daughter, Rachel, who was actually their child. After Rachel's birth, there were some complications and Peggy, Sam's foster mom, was told that she couldn't have anymore children. They had been foster parents for a really long time, but they never found a child that they held onto for that long. There could be many reasons. But it's probably that fucking whiney ass daughter of theirs, I swear one of these days…

Sam walked up to the counter where she handed the physician her prescription. She had these crazy harsh anxiety attacks, so she had to have her prescription filled often. I probably spend more time here than my 'home', she thought to herself as she waited for the man to come back with her prescription.

She turned to her right and caught her reflection in the mirror. Sam looked in the mirror often. Not because she was an egotistical bitch or anything, but she always thought that if she looked long enough, by some miracle she might get an idea of who she is. Did she look more like her mother, or her father? Which one of her parents had the large dark blue eyes? Who gave her her long curly light brown locks? Was her mother also short? Did her father have dimples when he smiled like she did? Did her mom give her these boobs that get her a lot more attention than she cares for? Who is she? Where did she come from?

Sam looked away from the mirror when the tears started to well in her eyes. As she turned to look in the opposite direction, she almost bumped into a man that was standing alarmingly close to her left side. She jumped back a little as she felt her heart speed up.



The man looked at her with a slightly weary eye. He was told to come here and take her back to the mill. Her passing out on him, well, that would make it a little more difficult than he cared it to be. He saw her take control of her breathing and her heartbeat, which was impressive. Sloan will be pleased. She looked at him again. He just stared right back.

"Ca…can I help…help you?" Sam finally stuttered out. The man smiled and held out his hand.

"I'm Cross and your Sam." She looked a little frightened when he said he knew who she was, but being a person who was forever polite, stuck her hand out and shook the man's outstretched hand.

"How do you know who I am?" She asked her voice stronger than last time, but still respectful, she was dealing with an adult, after all.

"I am in an organization that calls themselves The Fraternity. We are super assassins. And so are you." Sam's eyes widened when the man had said assassins, but when he said that she was one, she knew it had to be a joke. She just laughed and grabbed the bag from the physician. She set money on the counter and left the store still laughing.

Cross followed her out of the store. He had seen many things happen when people are told they have this 'gift', but he had never seen one just laugh it off. He fell in step beside her, waiting for her giggle fit to cease.

"Are you done yet?" He asked, in a slightly agitated tone. She took a breathe and stopped laughing. Sam tried to look serious, but she just couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, but, come on. Super assassins? Even if I did believe that there is such a thing, me being one? Not likely." Sam started to walk away, but a hand came out and grabbed her arm. She immediately felt the effects of an anxiety attack coming on.



Thump, thump, thump, thump

Cross looked at her and realized he had scared her when he had took hold of her arm, but it was necessary if she was to understand.

"Do you se what is happening to you, right this moment? You aren't having a panic attack, you are getting an excess of adrenaline pumping through your veins, your heart is beating impossibly fast, you can hear better, see farther away. Don't tell me that you believe that is just a normal panic attack." She was looking at him with wide eyes. Sam took three deep breathes and fought the urge to reach for her medicine. That would be weak. She wasn't weak.









Sam looked up at Cross and just stared. How could this be true? Is it even possible? She was just regular Sam Anders, nothing special, nothing important.

"How do I know you are telling me the truth?" She asked slowly, still trying to calm her fast beating heart.

"I can show you. But you have to trust me. Can you do that?" He asked, letting go of her arm, which calmed her exponentially. She looked in his eyes for a long moment and then nodded.

"Alright, come with me." He guided her to a car he had stolen earlier. He walked her over to the passenger side and opened the door for her, she nodded her head in thanks and climbed into the car.

The car ride over was extremely quiet. Sam hadn't talked since he had said he could prove it. He had called her bluff, and now she was on her way to, well, actually she had no idea where the fuck they were going, she just knew that from the instant she stepped out of this car, her life would never, ever, be the same.

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