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Rory walked into Andrews book store she had read everything that she had and she needed something new something to make her think. Everyone knew she hadn't been the same since the last time she saw Jess. He had asked her to run away with him and She had ended up in Dean's arms one of the biggest mistakes in her life. Then there was Logan the rich egotistical jerk he had cheated on her and she had left him the brides maids were to much. On a break her ass. She always went for the wrong guy trying to get him out of her head.

"Hi Andrew." She walked into the book store.

"Rory hi looking for anything in praticular."

"No just looking."

"Ok well tell me if you need any help."

"Will do." She started to browse the selection thinking about her life She thought of how she almost stole that yacht luckly she had came to her sense before she went through with it. She chalked it up to temporary insanity. She looked at the books all she had read and she wondered if there was anything new something she hadn't read yet.

"Andrew do you have any new books in."

He looked at her like he didn't want to answer. "Yes."

"What are they." He reluctently came over to her and went around the corner to another book shelf. He handed her a book She read the title not looking at how the athour was . Small Town Love. Something about this book intreagued her something made her want to read it. She glanced down at the name of the athour. She was shocked at what she saw there in bold print was the name Jess Mariano starting back at her. She quickly flipped the book over and read the summury

Big town boy from New york Nathan comes to Small town Staryville Conneticut to live with his Uncle Matt. After his drunked mother Meg ships him off. He hates it he despises it but then he meets her the brown haired angel. Ella. There 's only one problem she's the small town Princess and he's the Big city thug everyone loves to hate. Not to mention her boyfriend Steve and her mother Emma. Everyone hates him everyone one but her. can they fall in love will it survive and what happens when his long lost father returns and he breaks her heart can he ever find his way back to her will he ever again see the girl that stole his heart. Can Small town love last.

Rory flipped the book back over tears stinging her eyes as she noticecd that Andrew wasn't there anymore He had went back to the counter. She wasn't sure she should acually read it she knew what it was about but she had to see what he had to say. She had to know she clutched the book to her and went to the counter placing it down. Andrew looked up at her sympathy written in his eyes. "Are you sure you want to read this."

"I have to ."

"Rory I'm not going to charge you for this book you decerve to read it more then anyone. I was surprised when my usual shipments came in and these were in there take this copy read it and get some closure."

"Thanks Andrew." She smiled at him not sure what else to say." She held the book close to her as she exited the store. There was only one place she could read this book. The bridge there bridge no were else was right. She made her way there and sat down taking Her shoes off and dangled her feet in the water. letting the memorys of those long ago days of seventeen wash over her. She opened the book and found the dedication written inside.

to the brown haired angel with the bright blue eyes you are my muse you were and still are my everything.

She felt her heart stop. Could he mean it was it true. She turned to the first paige of that book the first chapter and began to drift back to seventeen wondering what she would find and were it would lead.

A/N ok this wouldn't leave me yes I know my spelling sucks anyway hope you like it just so you know jess never came back early in the sixth season Rory never dropped out of Yale or lived with her grandparents and this book would take the place of the Subsect. The time period is right in before he had the Tronchon open house and there will be no Anna or April but everyone else will be in the story. So please read and review but no flames thanks.