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Rory was once again on the bridge her toes skimming the water. She opened the book and started to read.

I got off that bus and I thought I was in Hell Staryville was nothing like NYC and everyone looked creepy to cheerful for my taste. I wasn't sure what to think people were staring as me and Matt He told me not to call him Uncle Matt but I decieded that I would do it anyway just to upset him. Yeah back then I had a cocky don't care hurt people before they can hurt you way of life. Were I grow up it was concrete and hard knocks and I had just been dropped in the middle of fairytales and princess's. The town was to sugary for me I could almost feel my teeth rotting out of my head just looking at the place.

Rory couldn't help but laughing when she read that part.

Matt took me upstairs and showed me were I would stay he tried to make small talk I pretended that I wasn't lisening but really I was I was lisening trying to soak up as much history as I could becuse Meg certinly never told me about the family I had or didn't. He showed me were I would sleep a blow up mattress what he didn't know is that I had sleep on worse. I had sleep on bare floors and ratty blankets to me this was heaven. Ok well the bed was Heaven the town was hell but we will get back to that later.

I dumped my stuff on my bed and siffted through it well he went downstairs I then left I wanted to act tough. Of course there was acually nothing to do in that tiny town but it was worth a shot right. I came in to the diner to find Matt talking to a woman I was told was named Emma. I watched the way she looked at him and the way he looked at her and I asumed like any normal person that they were together. I would later find out I was wrong but who can blame me for the mistake.

Later that night Matt found me smoking on he didn't say anything he was asking me as many questions as he could and I was trying to push all his buttons seeing how fast he would throw me out. He informed me that we were going to Emma's house for dinner the next day. I couldn't have cared less not knowing that the minuet I walked through those doors my life would forever be altertered. We showed up late becuse well I didn't feel like being on time. Emma was to happy and peppy for me to swollow but there was something lurking in the back of her eyes something I noticed. Something I idenified with. We were walking past a room when I met her Ella was her name and I couldn't believe the buauty that was in front of me. I looked in her room noticing the books I noticed a kindered spirt in her I also noticed pain to the untrained eye it wasn't noticable but to me I could see it would take me weeks no months to figure out that it was her absentee father that caused the pain. I tried to get her to sneak out the window with me but she refused. I won't say I fell in love at first sight becuse I don't believe I did. No I was to busy being rebelous sneaking beer on the back porch. Emma caught me she tried to talk to me but I wouldn't let her I still saw something in her eyes that called to me to open up to this woman and not knowing what it was I didn't I wouldn't fully understand for another year when I met her mother. But thats for a diffrent time a happy confused time.

I will forever regret not trying to get along with Emma becuse I think if I had let her She would have been a good person to have on my side and I just wish I had the chance to say I was sorry. Sorry for the way I treated her the way I caused a rift between her and my uncle. That you must understand was not intentional For it was never a good idea to come between Matt and Emma it seemed as though the town almost feel apart when there gruff diner owner and coffee queen were fighting they were Starryville Royalty. Yup still think I was in the middle of a story book. But for then I was ready to say the hell with it it was better then with my mother.

Rory closed the book. Taking a deep breath she went home and grabbed another book. She dropped it in front of her mother at the table. "Read." Is all she said before leaving the room.

Lorelai stared at the book before slowly cracking it open.

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