So this idea randomly came into my head after watching Smallville and entirely too much Dexter. It's probably out to lunch, but I thought it was cute.
I'm inexperienced at writing Dexter, so I hope you won't be too harsh with me. But I would like to know what you think. Also, this is a oneshot.

Well I don't know what else to say except, hope you like it!

"Deb, what are you watching?"

Deb turns her head slowly and glares, daring Dexter to say something.

"I'm watching Smallville, you got a fucking problem with that?"

"Since when do you watch TV?"

When she doesn't answer Dexter throws up his hands in a truce, and sits down next to her. Deb continues watching the screen half-heartedly, but observes him out of the corner of her eye. Dexter peeks at the TV, wondering what has his favorite foulmouthed sister so fascinated.

A paramedic is stepping out of his ambulance, full of blood. Panicked, the character begins to wipe down the ambulance, and proceeds to pick up two bags of what Dexter assumes to be crushed body parts, promptly putting them in the dumpster.

"Fucking psycho, huh Dex? Jesus, I thought the Bay Harbour Butcher was sick. And look at this shithead pretending to be a paramedic too."

Dexter inwardly laughs at the irony of Debra's statement. Debra's eyes suddenly narrow as she notices his silent mirth. She quickly looks away and stares dejectedly at the couch cushion.

He's never been good at reacting to Debra's emotional responses, but he can clearly see that she's distressed. He wonders what that means for him. After all, dearly deceived and now disconcerted Debra couldn't have possibly have figured him out, could she? He stands, taking one last glance at the careless killer on TV.

"Amateur." he thinks. "He's going to get caught." The dark passenger echoes its agreement.

"God what a fucking moron. He's totally going to get caught." Debra blurts.

Dexter turns around, his curiosity overwhelming. Debra is looking at him intently.

"You don't want him to?" he dares to ask.

"No I fucking don't, you moron."

Dexter tenses, and looks directly at Debra. He sees recognition in her piercing green eyes.

"Yeah I fucking know, Dex. When the fuck were you going to tell me?"