Exit Strategy

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Spoilers: Set two weeks after the events of Freak Nation, includes spoilers for the entire series.

This is the epilogue I promised. It's broken up into newscasts featuring Melissa Bycroft (Sketchy's friend and Alec's pet reporter). Each break signifies a new report, all of which aired over the course of two weeks following Ames' attack on Alec. Most are portions of a full broadcast, so if they end in a strange place, don't be alarmed. When you see (BEGIN TAPE) or (END TAPE), it signifies a taped portion of the broadcast, as opposed to the live portion. Try reading them aloud, in your best newscaster voice, for the full effect.

Epilogue: Breaking News

This is a Channel 3 Newsbreak.

ANCHOR: Shots were fired at 8 o'clock this evening outside the gates surrounding Terminal City, leaving one dead, and one wounded. Investigators say the incident began with an altercation between an unidentified man and a group of transgenics, and ended in a shoot out with the Seattle Police Department. Melissa Bycroft joins us live from the scene, with details on this breaking news alert. Melissa, what can you tell us?

MELISSA BYCROFT, FIELD REPORTER: At this time, police are still trying to piece together the reason behind the altercation. What I can tell you is, the transgenics involved do not appear to have been the instigators.

I spoke with Detective Matt Sung of the Seattle Police Department, who was present at the scene, and he had this to say:


BYCROFT: Detective Sung, what can you tell us about the events that transpired this evening?

DETECTIVE SUNG, SEATTLE PD: We received an anonymous tip earlier this evening, which led us to this location. When we arrived, a man was brutally attacking one the transgenics. The transgenics at the scene were noncombatant and did not attempt to retaliate. The man drew a weapon. We requested he put down the weapon and back away, but he refused. He then discharged the weapon, and we were forced to take action.

BYCROFT: What can you tell us about the identity of this assailant?

SUNG: I have no comment about the identity of the assailant at this time.



ANCHOR: News continues to break and new developments are coming in every few minutes about the shocking shootout that took place outside of Terminal City earlier this evening, between a man attacking a group of transgenics, and the Seattle Police. Melissa Bycroft reports.

BYCROFT: Authorities say the man who initiated the confrontation, who was shot and killed by the police at the scene, has now been identified as a rogue government agent. At present we are unable to release a name, but can tell you he was heavily involved in the government investigation of Project Manticore. While his superiors have no comment at this time, this seems to have been an unsanctioned assault.

The mayor's office has yet to comment on the situation, but Detective Ramon Clemente, who heads up the Seattle PD's Transgenic Taskforce, has released his own statement.


DETECTIVE RAMON CLEMENTE, SEATTLE PD: For weeks, we have worked to create a mutual and peaceable solution with the transgenics. I have personally spoken with their leaders, who have assured me of their dedication to resolving the situation at Terminal City with nonviolence. This unfortunate incident has proven their commitment to that promise.

After speaking with Detective Sung, and the other officers who were present, I have determined that the transgenics were not the aggressors in this attack. I, along with the rest of the Seattle Police Department, will continue to investigate the situation. In the meantime, I can only express my disappointment in the necessity of an investigation of such a violent and abhorrent crime, involving a government agent. Furthermore, I would like to extend my apologies to the transgenic community, and the transgenic that was injured in the attack.



ANCHOR: We are continuing to follow the story of the transgenics who were attacked outside of Terminal City last night. More developments have taken place, involving the transgenic that was wounded. Melissa Bycroft joins us now from the studio.

BYCROFT: Immediately after the incident, the wounded transgenic was taken back into Terminal City for treatment; so I cannot comment on the injuries he may have received. However, my sources tell me that the wounded transgenic had left Terminal City to seek medical attention for another condition, before the attack.

ANCHOR: So the injured transgenic was already ill when the assault took place?

BYCROFT: Yes, according to my source, he was incapacitated, once again, prior to the attack.

This same transgenic has been identified on tapes that were released earlier today of a reported robbery in Sector 7. The stolen items consisted mainly of foodstuffs and basic medical supplies.

Since the siege began, a number of robberies have taken place. Authorities are hesitant to attribute these crimes to the transgenics, but I've been told that the goods taken were similar, mostly small amounts of the most basic necessities.

I spoke with Detective Ramon Clemente, from the Transgenic Taskforce, about a possible connection between the crimes.


BYCROFT: Detective Clemente, do you believe the attack this evening was in any way connected to the recent robberies that have taken place in the Sectors surrounding Terminal City?

CLEMENTE: No, I see no connection between the crimes.

BYCROFT: But you are aware that the transgenic who was wounded in the attack this evening, appears to be the same transgenic who helped perpetrate at least one of the robberies?

CLEMENTE: I am aware of the robberies and their alleged perpetrators, Miss Bycroft, and I do not condone the actions of these individuals.

BYCROFT: With all respect, Detective Clemente, is it possible that these robberies were the only thing sustaining the transgenic population, as they are otherwise unable to provide for themselves while barricaded inside Terminal City?

CLEMENTE: Allow me to state that, under no circumstances, is breaking the law justifiable. However, I am deeply saddened that these perpetrators felt the need to go to such lengths to enjoy those things vital for their survival.



ANCHOR: Three days have passed since the shoot out that took place outside of Terminal City, between the Seattle Police Department and a rogue government agent. The agent, whose identity shall remain confidential, was shot and killed by the police while allegedly attacking a group of transgenics. One transgenic was injured in the attack, before the police arrived and were able to intervene.

Melissa Bycroft joins us from Terminal City with updates on the incident.

BYCROFT: In the time since the attack, a special commission has been created by Washington, and brought in to investigate the case. After a brief inquiry, the investigators, with the full cooperation of the Seattle Police Department and the NSA, have determined that the transgenics involved were not at fault for the incident. They have also confirmed the undisclosed agent's culpability in the attack, which was, in fact, unsanctioned by his superiors.

I spoke with Colonel Donald Lydecker, who is heading up the commission.


BYCROFT: Colonel Lydecker, how confident are you with your analysis of the incident that took place outside of Terminal City?

COLONEL DONALD LYDECKER, HEAD OF SPECIAL COMMISSION, WA: I am one hundred percent confident in the determinations we were able to make, based on our investigation. We interviewed all of the officers who were present at the scene, and took statements from the transgenics who were attacked. We also spoke with the agent's superiors and partner, to verify that his actions occurred with complete autonomy of any government agencies.

BYCROFT: What can you tell us about the status of the transgenic who was injured in the attack?

LYDECKER: The wounded transgenic was already battling with an unrelated health issue at the time of the incident, and the injuries he received did manage to accelerate his condition. At present he is incapacitated, but more than that, I cannot say.

BYCROFT: Now that your investigation is complete, what further purpose does your commission serve, while in Seattle?

LYDECKER: Our current task is to prompt the resumption of negotiations between the leaders of Terminal City and the Mayor's office.

BYCROFT: How soon are you projecting these talks to resume?

LYDECKER: We would like to see them resume as soon as possible. I have made contact with the transgenic leadership. They have asked for several concessions to be made, before they are willing to reconvene.

BYCROFT: And those would be?

LYDECKER: At this time, they are asking for food and medical supplies, to sustain themselves while the negotiations take place.



ANCHOR: Today marks the fourth day of the renewed negotiations between the leaders of the transgenics and the Mayor's office. These meetings initially began nearly a month ago, at the start of the siege at Terminal City. They were later delayed following the attack that took place, just two weeks ago, outside the city's borders. With the assistance of a special government commission, and the support of the Seattle Police Department, talks were finally able to recommence and, our sources tell us, things have been progressing quickly, with each side working hard to reach a resolution.

Melissa Bycroft joins us now from Terminal City.

BYCROFT: The atmosphere outside of Terminal City is one filled with trepidation, as the transgenics await the return of a delegation of their leadership from the Mayor's office in this latest round of talks. Earlier today, I spoke with a member of this delegation, an X-5 transgenic that goes by the assumed name Max Guevera, to discuss the transgenic's expectations going into the negotiations.


BYCROFT: Miss Guevera.


BYCROFT: Max, at this point in the negotiations, what kind of expectations do you have going forward?

GUEVERA: I expect to see results. Compromise. No one is happy with the situation, but we will only be able to reach a resolution if we're willing to work together.

BYCROFT: Yet, before you agreed to reenter negotiations after the attack outside the barricade, you demanded supplies for Terminal City.

GUEVERA: We have no desire to be a burden. Manticore was destroyed over a year ago and, up until the siege began, most of us were living in the city. We worked to support ourselves, like anyone else. We can't do that while behind the barricade. We're not asking for special favors, just food and supplies to sustain us, until we can provide for ourselves. That's all that we're asking for, really, the freedom to live. We're all capable; we were born and raised to be self-sufficient. But we need to be protected, need the law and the government behind us. We need to feel safe.

BYCROFT: Has the mood in Terminal City changed since the attack?

GUEVERA: Not really. We needed our freedom and safety before, and we need it now.

BYCROFT: What can you tell me about the transgenic who was injured?

GUEVERA: He's still...he's alive. He's alive.


And...that's all she wrote.

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