Characters belong to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. Not me. Story line is my own. Don't ask where this came from, I don't write this stuff normally.

Ted chewed his lip.

Barney touched his ear.

Ted took off his jacket.

Barney undid his shirt.

Ted hooked his thumbs into his belt loops.

Barney rested his hands on his hips.

Robin was amazed at all the ways the guys could touch each other without ever laying a finger on the other. She had heard the fight come in the door. Ted and Barney had been shouting so loud the bar could hear it below, and that's saying something. In a hurry, she turned on the camera on her phone and put it atop the television, then dashed out.

Watching it an hour later, she loved all the implications. The way the guys touched themselves to satisfy the longing to touch the other. Of course, the minute that Barney tilted his head to the side, voice growing louder as his point was reached, Ted couldn't take it anymore. Such a long neck, white, perfectly angled…

Ted broke the "I touch my hair because I want a taste of yours" pact and tackled his friend. It wasn't long before Ted was sucking on Barn's Adam's apple, huffing and puffing as he moved inside his friend. Marshall would still hold that he was Ted's best-est… but after a fight Barney always came out on top. As Robin saw when Ted nearly reached his peak and Barney rolled them over, taking charge to postpone the rising orgasm. Tilting her head as she watched her small phone screen, she decided it was time to get an iphone. That way, the screen and image quality would be better. She also resolved to get Barn and Ted into more fights. Fight + iphone + hot makeup sex = free porn for Robin! Or better yet, maybe she'll just hide in the kitchen instead of running out the door. Yeah, much better idea.