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Austin and Skye were two normal teenagers who were changed by accident in the woods surrounding their small hometown. They only have each other as they try to cope with their new vampire abilities, until they decided to get out of the woods and head to Forks, in the hopes of finding a vampire coven that would take them in.

When they get to Forks, they run into the Cullens and move in with them, adhering to their vegetarian way of life quite easily. But, when it comes time for school to start, something major happens that could tear Austin and Skye apart. Plus, will a past mistake get them in trouble with the Volturi? Read to find out!

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"Hey, Austin, we're gonna have to find a place to move today."

Austin dropped down from the top of the pine tree he had been sitting in, landing gracefully on his feet. His light blonde curls settled around his adorable baby face, and his large, round topaz eyes looked thoughtfully into mine. He sat down beside me on the pine needle covered forest floor and said, "I was thinking that too. But I don't really know where else we can go, Skye."

I ripped the needles in my hands apart and let the pieces float down from my palms. "Well, I'm not staying here forever. So, I think it's time we put my plan to the test." I looked over at Austin, raising my eyebrows. He narrowed his eyes at me and puckered his mouth: his skeptical face. He wore it every time I brought up my "plan".

"Aww, c'mon. It'll work, and you know it. Plus, we're not going to be hurting anyone." Austin let out an exasperated sigh and took my hand, pulling me effortlessly up off the forest floor.

"Oh, all right."

"Yes!" I laughed, and Austin let out a disapproving snort, but I knew better. He was just as excited as I was to try out my powers for the first time.

"But we're going hunting first, all right? Just in case."

"Yeah, yeah," I reassured him, as we took off deeper into the forest at inhuman speed.

When I first realized what I had become, it had been so hard for me to feed. I detested draining humans of their blood, but I couldn't help it. The thirst was too much for me. Even though I only fed as often as absolutely necessary, about one human per few weeks, it still bothered me to think of myself as akin to the monsters that had created me.

Back a few months ago when I was a human and lived in Boston, I loved taking walks through the endless woods behind my house. There were no trails, but that suited me fine; I cut my way through the underbrush, and eventually wore down my own paths. The woods in my town were always full of hikers, because of the scenic hills and streams. Every once in a while a hiker would disappear, get lost in the woods, whatever; but it never scared me, though it did rattle my erratic, overprotective mother. She never liked me to go exploring on my own, but this became one of the very reasons I kept doing it. So, whenever I was stressed, I'd go out back with my hiking boots and bug spray, and head into the woods.

That day six months ago, I got into a fight with my mom and decided to go on a walk. I can remember her pained expression as I stormed out of the house. It's one of the last human memories that is still clear to me.

I didn't grab my cell phone, as I usually do, in my rush to get out of the house and escape from our disagreement. Hours passed as I wandered aimlessly, farther than I had ever gone before, straying off the paths I had carved through the trees. I sat down to rest on a dilapidated log, and buried my face in my hands as I started to cry.

Suddenly, an ice-cold hand was on my shoulder, and cool breath was at my ear, telling me everything would be all right, everything would be fine.

But it wasn't.

I had no time to react. The time that passed between when the hungry vampire putting his hand on my shoulder and when he bit my neck can't have been more than a nanosecond. His fangs pierced my neck and I felt warmth spread down my chest and shoulder. The pain was excruciating; it burned across my skin like a torch and started to spread, until I could feel the heat and flames flooding my face and going down my arms. And all the while, the vampire held me in his death grip, cradled me almost tenderly, while draining me of blood; draining me of life.

Then, just as quick as he had descended on me from behind, the vampire was gone, being thrown thirty feet in the air by another vampire who had seemed to appear out of nowhere. The second vampire, with shoulder length dark hair and burning red eyes, crouched over the blood-covered one, snarling ferociously and snapping his teeth like a wild animal.

"I told you this was my hunting grounds." His voice was like poison; even while i was trapped in a haze of pain, his growls sent chills up and down my spine. The vampire that attacked me straightened up from the ground into a crouch and let out a hiss, sounding absolutely terrifying. He lunged, but the dark-haired vampire was quicker, and then suddenly, there were more. A female vampire with wild curly black hair hurtled through the air at my attacker, pinning him down and tearing chunks off of his arms with her bare teeth. Another vampire man with long black hair sauntered over to help, looking almost arrogantly bored at the proceedings, and body parts were being scattered across the dead leaves on the forest floor.

I was fading in and out of consciousness, the burning sensation was increasing as it spread down my arms and my torso, and I lay there on the ground, frozen with pain and fear. The last thing I saw as my last human memory fell into the dark oblivion was purple smoke rising from the scene where the vampires had fought, and the blonde vampire's voice muttering, "It's too late now, she's already changing. We're leaving."

And then everything was darkness and torturous agony.

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