Disclaimer: I do not own Fired Up!, sadly.

A/N: This ficcie was inspired by "Twisted Shots, Anyone?" by JustPlainPrincelyPerfect

"You're eyes go on forever..."
"Dude' I'm not a girl... that shit doesn't work on me."
"Uh.... I love every bone in my.... your..."
"Shawnzy, no, just no."
"I suck at pick-up lines."
"What are you smirking about, Nick?"
"Ever heard about football pick-up lines?"
"Uh.... touch...me down...?"
"Uh, no."
*leans closer*
"I'm not saying this to impress you, but I'm Shawn Colfax."
*Shawn smirks*
"Oh? But you don't look like him."
"Well, I'm just that good."
"Fuck pick up lines. You're fucking hot, and we're fucking tonight whether you like it or not."