H-hello…everyone… I'm not dead yet… PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

I meant to post this author's note a long time ago, but I'm just far too lazy! I'll undoubtedly go to hell for making all of you wait for so long only to be let down! *faces growing, murderous anger* Gomen nasai!

This is an official declaration. 'WANDERING PATHS' IS ON HIATUS UNTIL I SAY OTHERWISE! *runs away screaming*

I actually have several good reasons for this, so don't kill me just yet, please!

Number 1: I have trouble finding Naruto episodes with the original Japanese and English subtitles! I was screwed over numerous times concerning when I tried to write yet another chapter (the videos wouldn't load, people are liars – it was in English -_-, I used up to much 'time', per se, etc.). One had terrible quality, was in Japanese, AND had Russian subtitles! Does it look like I know Russian, you stupid Internet people that post foreign language videos on English-speaking sites? I about nearly blew a fuse at that!

Numero 2: Have you seen how long my chapters are? I tried to write 30 pages, AS A MINIMUM! AGHHHHH! DO YOU KNOW HOW AGONIZING THAT IS? DO YOU?

Numba 3: It simply took up all of my time! I had other story ideas, but trying to write 'Wandering Paths' allowed very little freedom when it came to writing other stories.

I learned my lesson. Have you seen my InuYasha/Bleach crossover? Its chapters are MUCH shorter, too short for some people. But it's easier to pace and doesn't make me want to tear out my hair until I'm bald.

I gave you my reasons (pretty damn good ones, too). I bet about all of you would want to be on my firing squad, wouldn't you? -_-;

In my defense, I wrote over twenty LONG, AGONIZING, enjoyable T.T…chapters. It was fun writing it, really, but think of it as my wonderful debut into the fanfiction world! Taadaa!

I thank all you for your continuous support of this story, and may it inspire you to write self-fulfilling Inu/Naru xovers yourselves! I don't know when this story shall rise again, but I ask you again, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!

Oh, yeah. If you send an incredibly rude review saying that you hate my guts, I'll be rude back, just to let you know. -_-;

Tch, I hate having to threaten you guys. Please, don't make me be a meanie! T.T


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