"Why are we going so fast?" Kagome whispered. "I don't know, but I'm tired." Sango replied. Inuyasha's ears twitched as his anger rose. "We have to hurry we have only three hours left." "For what?" Miroku said. "Don't worry about it." Inuyasha replied curtly.

Suddenly the wind began to pick up, and rain started to fall. The group kept walking. The moon was almost gone; they weren't going to make it. "There's a cave up ahead we can stay there." Inuyasha yelled over the rain. They all followed as the stormy winds picked up speed.


As the ningens slept, Inuyasha kept a close watch. It was that time again. It was mating season. The time when all demons instincts took over for one whole day. There would be blood and lots of fucking Inuyasha thought. I have to watch them or they'll be attacked. His ears perked as he took a sniff of the air. Suddenly an ear shattering howl was heard. Inuyasha flattened his ears as the howl went on. He covered his ears as Kagome, Sango and Miroku jumped up.

Inuyasha could feel the blood in his veins quicken as his instincts told him what time it was. It was time to mate, to claim what was yours. He held his hands over his ears as he spun to face his friends. His eyes were starting to bleed crimson as he transformed. "Miroku make a barrier around the entrance and keep it up for two days. I… gah... will be back soon. Don't come look for me." And with that Inuyasha ran out of the cave into the field out front.

'I have to get away from them. I can't hurt them.' Before he could get out of their sight, he dropped to his knees. He threw his head back as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. It was always harder for hanyou. Thin streaks of pure silver ran through his hair, blue stripes appeared on his face. His body convulsed, he threw his head back and howled; letting every available demon know that he was ready.


The wolf Prince stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the second howl. He knew that voice. He spun on his heels with a smirk as he took off toward the sound. 'He's mine. All mine.' The wolf Prince ran faster as he got closer to the hanyou. He could smell his erection, his anticipation. This only fueled the Prince on faster. His own markings had appeared.


Inuyasha's head whipped around as he heard the wolf demon coming his way. He crouched low to the ground and began to growl. He bared his fangs as the ookami appeared. "Hello mutt." Said Koga. "What do you want you flea bag?" retorted Inuyasha. Koga's smirk grew wider and a shiver ran down Inuyasha's spine. Koga suddenly sprung at Inuyasha, sending them crashing to the ground.

Koga growled in approval as he ended up on top. He leaned down into a growling Inuyasha's ear. "You smell so good baby." Inuyasha groaned at the deep husky sound of Koga's voice. It was so sexy. Koga lifted his head and Inuyasha saw the markings on his face.

They were like tribal tattoos. They matched his tan skin perfectly. It looked as if someone took a brush dipped in ink and drew symbols across the left side of his face. His hair was out of its usual ponytail and flowed over his shoulder like a curtain of black ink. He dipped his head into the crook of Inuyasha's neck. He let his tongue slip out and trace Inuyasha's jugular.

Inuyasha submissively leaned his head to the side and gave Koga more access. Koga chuckled deep in his throat. He grabbed Inuyasha's haori and pulled it down slowly. Inuyasha was becoming impatient. "Koga." He whimpered. Koga looked down at the hanyou and saw his pleasure filled face. He smirked, 'it's all for me'

Koga snatched the rest of Inuyasha's clothes off. He licked at his neck eagerly. Inuyasha moaned as he grabbed hold of Koga's shoulders for support. Koga trailed hot kisses down Inuyasha's chest, to his belly button. Koga plunged in his tongue. "Ahhhhhh!" Inuyasha cried. He thrusted his tongue in and out.

'Oh Kami! This is so good!' Inuyasha thought, before all thought was erased from his mind as a wave of pain and pleasure mixed. He threw his head back and cried out again. Koga had inserted two fingers into Inuyasha's entrance. He scissored his fingers preparing Inuyasha.

"Koga!" Inuyasha cried as he nearly came before Koga took his fingers away. Koga placed his member at Inuyasha's entrance. He leaned down and devoured Inuyasha's mouth as he pushed in. Inuyasha screwed his eyes shut as a burning pain exploded in his backside. He gripped the grass as the pain intensified. He let out a whimper, but the pain still came. He became angry.

Inuyasha growled as the pain continued. Koga snarled at Inuyasha silencing him. When Koga was fully sheathed he stopped moving. He had almost cum at the tightness of his soon to-be mate. He held as still as possible. Inuyasha could feel the tears behind his eyes. He wriggled, trying to lessen the pain. Koga groaned as Inuyasha moved around his member.

The pain began to lessen and Inuyasha was beginning to feel the pleasure. He rocked his hips trying to get Koga to fuck him. Koga grabbed Inuyasha by the waist and pulled out, then slammed back into him. Inuyasha cried out as his spot was hit repeatedly. He had never felt such pleasure. He came immediately, leaving Koga unsatisfied.

Koga pulled out of Inuyasha, making him shudder. He turned Inuyasha on all fours. "It's not time to sleep yet my little puppy." He pushed Inuyasha on to his forearms and slammed into him. Inuyasha threw his head back and screamed. Koga panted as he thrusted into Inuyasha. "Ahh Koga faster!" Koga eagerly obliged to his little puppies command. He drove even faster, going at demonic speed. Inuyasha began to chant out Koga's name and other incoherent words.

"That's right my little puppy. Scream like the bitch you are." Koga squeezed Inuyasha's hips as he laid over his back, driving home. He could feel the coil snap as he sunk his teeth into Inuyasha's neck. Inuyasha screamed as he came. "Kami, Kami, Kami." He kept repeating over and over. Koga lapped at the wound he had caused. He wrapped Inuyasha into his arms as they laid on to the ground. Koga wrapped them in his furs and inhaled Inuyasha's scent one more time, before he was unconscious.