Inuyasha smirked as Rin dragged him to a seat. He was a bit shocked to see that Sesshomaru was already seated. Rin sat next to him on his right while Inuyasha sat to his left with Kouga next to him. An awkward silence filled the room as the four of them sat there. Inuyasha cleared his throat. "Aniue, thank you for having my mate and I." Sesshomaru nodded as he motioned for the servants to begin serving the food. As they ate Inuyasha couldn't help but sneak looks at his brother. 'This is insane.'

Sesshomaru put his chopsticks down and made eye contact with Inuyasha. "This Sesshomaru has come to the decision that he will honor your union." Inuyasha gaped at his brother. "We are very thankful Lord Sesshomaru. I will need a messenger so that the treaties can be signed and this union recorded." Inuyasha turned and gaped at his mate. Inuyasha looked at Rin who smiled at him. "Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin questioned. Sesshomaru nodded to her with a small smirk gracing his lips. Rin smiled, "Oto-sama, can Yasha and I go for a walk in the garden before bath time?"

Both Inuyasha and Kouga gaped at Sesshomaru. He nodded again and Rin squealed getting up and dragging Inuyasha along with her. Once their footsteps were no longer heard, Kouga and Sesshomaru became quiet. Sesshomaru sent for a servant to bring him the scrolls that needed to be signed and some paper and quills so that they could begin the guest list. "Traditions have always been strictly enforced and treasured. This Sesshomaru will not break tradition any longer. You and Inuyasha will remain here for a month. We will have his ceremony here and you will invite your healers and close family. The ceremony will be a blend of the Inu traditions and the wolf tribes."

Kouga nodded throughout Sesshomaru's speech. "Inuyasha will meet my parents and the rest of the wolf tribes' royal family during the winter months and we will all return here for the birthing ceremony. We will use this bond as proof of our peoples alliance with the western lands. There will be no hostility from our end." Both men nodded as the servant entered with the supplies.


Inuyasha slipped from Rin's grip as she dashed off towards the small pond. It was more like a lake! Inuyasha admired all of the different flowers that swayed in the breeze. Fall was approaching and he could see that some of the flowers were beginning to die as leaves slowly descended to the ground. He ran his fingers over the lilacs and the daffodils. There were hundreds of flowers. As he neared Rin he noticed that there were fish in the lake sized pond. They ranged in color and size. There were lightning bugs skittering atop the tall grass. He watched as Rin tried to catch them in vain.

The child was to slow. He chuckled as she opened her clasped hands to find them empty. She frowned and ran over to Inuyasha. "Yasha help please?" Inuyasha nodded and followed her closer to the tall grass. He sat down. "Watch me then you try ok?" Rin nodded and sat still as she observed Inuyasha. He lifted his hands and froze. A lightning bug slowly landed onto his palm. Rin gasped, thrusting her hand out to do the same. Slowly but surely one descended onto her palm. Her eyes were bright as she glanced up at Inuyasha.

The bug flew away and she plopped into his lap. He ran his fingers through her hair. "I'm glad you're here. I've been lonely." Rin rolled over in his lap so that her face was facing him. Inuyasha looked down at the dozing child. "I've missed you Yasha. I'm glad you and Koga-sama are together and having a baby for Rin to play with." "This baby is not just for you to play with Rin. It's going to be my child." Inuyasha whispered as he ran his hand along his still flat tummy. It finally sunk in. "I'm going to be a father. I'm going to have a baby!" Inuyasha said out loud to himself. The warmth that ran through his system was welcomed. His life was falling into place.


Kouga sighed as he finished the last of the scrolls. He grabbed a handful and looked over every detail. He sighed again as he filled the basket provided by the servant. The scrolls lay neatly in the basket as he turned his attention to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru looked at him and nodded. Kouga rose gracefully as he exited the dinning room with a goodnight. He sniffed and walked in the direction of his mates scent. He smiled as he noticed the way that Inuyasha's scent mixed and surrounded with the human child's.

Once Kouga made it to the garden he saw Inuyasha with his legs crossed. He made his way over to his mate. He sat next to Inuyasha as he looked up at Koga. Inuyasha rested his head against Kougas shoulder and continued running his hands through Rins hair. The child let out a soft moan and burrowed herself deeper into Inuyasha.

Both demons sat quietly as they watched the setting sun. Two birds flew by dancing around each other. "I'm pregnant." Kouga turned his head toward Inuyasha. Looking at him incredulously. "Yes I know." Inuyasha turned his head and locked eyes with Kouga. Kougas' breathe hitched as he saw the elated look on Inuyasha's face. Inuyasha looked back toward the sunset. "I'm actually…excited." Kouga smiled rising to his feet. "I'm glad to here that the mother of my child is excited." Inuyasha turned to look up at him.

"Yeah I… wait. I'm no ones mother!" Before Kouga could reply, the sound of footsteps filled the garden. Inuyasha rose from the ground with a sleeping Rin in his arms. He easily passed her to Sesshomaru. "Goodnight." Sesshomaru said as he turned to leave with Rin. Inuyasha tilted his head to the side watching Sesshomaru carefully walk back to the castle. 'There's a lot more to him when it comes to that human child.'

Kouga grabbed Inuyasha and ushered him into the castle. They both went into their bedroom. Inuyasha sat back in the vanity chair, and took out the hair clip. He sighed as his hair fell against his back. He looked at himself in the mirror again as he stood up. He dropped the clothes that he was wearing onto the floor and crawled into the bed naked. A dip in the bed alerted him to Kougas presence.

Inuyasha rolled over laying his head on Kougas' chest. Kouga leaned his head against Inuyashas'. "Why so quiet Koi?" Inuyasha buried his face into the crook of Kougas neck shrugging his shoulders. Kouga ran his hand up and down Inuyashas back in a soothing manner. "We will talk in the morning. Now sleep." Inuyasha nodded and soft snores were heard seconds later. Kouga chuckled to himself and fell asleep soon after promising to find out why his mate was being so silent.


Inuyasha sat in front of the vanity once again. His face passive but relaxed. He was dressed in a beautiful navy and red kimono. His hair was down against his back. 'What the fuck has happened?' Inuyasha tilted his head to the left and then to the right. He repeated that until he began to blush.

Inuyasha shook his head from left to right. A sound from behind him made him freeze. He turned in the chair slowly. Looking over the bed post, Inuyasha gazed at Kouga lovingly. Inuyasha walked over to the bed, still gazing at Kouga's sleeping face. 'How beautiful.' Inuyasha removed his clothing and lay against Kouga's side. He closed his eyes and began to trace a clawed finger along his mates' abs.

'Would it be weird to say love to one another? Is there a process we have to follow first?' Inuyasha whined lowly at his conflicted thoughts. He froze when Kouga grunted in his sleep pulling Inuyasha closer. 'There has to be a guide book to this cuz this shit is ridiculously confusing.' Inuyasha pondered a little while longer on love, not noticing how low his clawed finger had traveled.

Amidst his musings Kouga had awakened due to an incessant scratching by his navel. He opened one eye to a moon white mass of hair. A small smirk appeared on his face. Kouga watched the clawed finger circle his navel at a slow and lazy pace. He breathed in the scent of his mate, alerting Inuyasha that he was no longer asleep. Inuyasha continued what he was doing not caring if Kouga was asleep anymore.

Kouga suddenly rolled over pulling Inuyasha to his chest and held him there. Inuyasha pressed his forehead against Kogas'. Before Kouga could open his mouth Inuyasha began to speak. "I've always been alone. My mother was my only companion until I met Kikiyo. When I met her I believed that I was ready to settle down and fall in love with her like my father did with my mother."

Kouga growled at this causing Inuyasha to roll his eyes. "I remember the day she shot that arrow causing me to remain against that damned tree. I've never been so alone. I dreamed the same dream. My mother crying in her room after my father died, Kikiyo shooting that arrow at me enraged and filled with sorrow. Day after day I had that same dream." Inuyasha took in a shuddering breath. He pulled back from Kouga to look him dead in the eye. He grabbed Kouga's face in his hands.

"You annoy the hell outta me. You are irritating and cocky. I hated your guts until four days ago. Now I feel like I've known you forever. I never want to be separated from you, but I will not become some submissive bitch. We are equal and we will remain this way. It may be too early, but I have to say this cuz I'm tired of ruminating over this shit." Kougas' eyes were wide. Inuyasha's hands began to tremble, but his eyes were like burning topaz filled to the brim with determination and confidence.

"I love you Kouga." Inuyasha leaned forward and kissed his parted lips. He pulled back from Kougas shocked face and dressed opening the door when he finished. "I'm going to breakfast, you need to hurry and get dressed or you'll miss it." Inuyasha smiled sweetly before he walked out the door, closing it quietly behind himself.


Inuyasha leaned against his bedroom door and sighed inn relief. He had gotten everything out, and now it was time to move on. He began walking toward the dining room. As he opened the door the smell of hot food assaulted his sensitive nose. He groaned at the scent stepping fully into the room. "Good morning Inuyasha." Inuyasha sat in his seat from yesterday. "Morning Aniue." Sesshomaru lifted his bowl of rice and began eating his breakfast. Inuyasha hesitated for a second and began eating as well.

Both brothers ate in silence. As Sesshomaru swallowed, he put his bowl silently back onto the table. His eyes lifted up to Inuyashas face. Inuyasha sat as still as possible as he felt his brothers' eyes boring into his skull. He slowly lifted his eyes to his brothers face. "Is there something wrong Sesshomaru?" Instead of answering the question Sesshomaru just continued to stare.

Inuyasha began to fidget. 'What the fuck man?' It was too much. Inuyasha was trying to be polite, but his brother was pushing his buttons. His eyebrow began to twitch and his hands slowly became tight fists. "Sesshomaru either tell me what it is you need or stop fucking staring at me." Inuyasha ground out through clenched teeth. Sesshomaru dropped his eyes to his bowl and beckoned a servant to refill it. With that he continued to eat.

Inuyasha glared suspiciously at his brother, but in the end he continued to eat. His eye twitched again. 'Where is Kouga?' He thought as he looked over towards the door. Again he felt eyes boring into his skull. His head whipped back toward his brother. When he turned Sesshomaru was not looking at him. His mind blanked. 'What the fuck?'

Again he looked away but soon his confusion turned to anger as he felt the eyes again. He looked up at his brother, but again he was not looking at him. 'What the fuck is going on?' He growled in frustration. His ear twitched at a horribly disguised cough. Sesshomaru had his fist up to his mouth as he cleared his throat. Inuyasha looked incredulously at his brother. "What the hell are you doing?" He glared at Sesshomaru as his brother looked at him. "I am eating Inuyasha."

"The fuck you are! Stop fucking staren at me dammit!" Sesshomaru just sat there staring at his little brother. "That! That right fucking there. Stop it Sesshomaru it's irritating." Inuyasha glared at his brother who was still staring. His eyebrow twitched. "Sesshomaru enough! Finish your breakfast. You're being childish." Inuyasha continued to eat leaving his brother a tad bit startled. Not that you could tell by looking at him, but it was there.

Inuyasha rose to leave as he sat his chopsticks down. "I wish to speak with you later on this afternoon. Lunch will be served outside in the gazebo." Inuyasha looked over at his brother and nodded. He looked at the plate of food in front of his brother. It was barely touched. "Aniue eat." With that he walked out of the dining room and out into the gardens.

Sesshomaru was left shocked as a dazed and love sick Kouga entered. Sesshomaru and Kouga thought in unison. 'Amazing.'