AN: yes this is a totally random oneshot, but there are literally no Howard/Raj fic's at all! It's very fluffy slash, nothing smutty (I couldn't do that to the big bang boys ) but yeah random implied fluff. Enjoy :D

It was yet another freezing night in the magnetic pole, Raj (who was currently shivering under a mountain of covers) could hear the howling northern wind as it battered the shack. It's a wonder this thing hasn't collapsed yet, He thought whilst drawing his knees closer into his body. The bitter, taunting memories of India filled his mind and he rolled over, not sure why he'd even agreed to this stupid plan anyway. Three months trapped with Sheldon, in the coldest climate in the world, It would kill him, let alone drive him completely mental.

It was just then that Raj noticed the subtle creaking behind him, his body tensed and he slowly opened his eyes.

Mustering up all his courage he whispered, "hello?" and turned onto his back.

A pair of sleepy eyes met his own, "it's only me, no need to hit the rape alarm," Howard Wallowitz was hovering over his bed, three blankets and a coat wrapped around his skinny frame.

"jeez Howard, do you have to creep up on me like that?" Raj asked letting out a sigh of relief.

"I wasn't creeping," Howard said, an agitated tang in his voice, "i didn't want to wake you"

Raj chuckled, "you say coming into my room at night isn't creeping? Besides, what do you want anyway?"

Howard cast his eyes down at the floor and mumbled, " 's cold..."

"and what do you want me to do huh? Scoot over!" Howard glanced up with a pleading look, "oh no way!" Raj said, "that's just weird"

"oh come on" Howard whined, "only this one time!"

Raj sat and contemplated for a moment, then, grudgingly, moved to the other side of the bed. Howard beamed, and then burrowed under the mound of blankets.

"Wait Howard, What are you wearing?" Raj asked pulling a face.

"Boxers," the other replied, "I always do to bed." Then snaked his arm around Raj's waist.

"Great! As if this isn't gay enough!" He exclaimed with a scowl.

"You're warm." Came the muffled answer, and there was silence for a while.

Suddenly, in a sleepy voice, Raj mumbled, "you so owe me now."

He felt Howard laughing, "Yeah, Chinese will be on me once we get back."

Raj found himself smiling now, the cold completely forgotten, and the wind a distant memory. And as sleep fell upon him he dreamt of one thing, Howard.


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