The Latin Series: Semper Fi by AndromedaMarine

Always Faithful

Laura Cadman stands crisp, at attention, her hand unmoving in its saluting position. She's frozen in loyalty, duty, service to her country (or, more specifically, Atlantis), and respect. She honors the chain of command, and always steps up when military commander Colonel Sheppard asks her to. As far as Atlantis (Sheppard and Weir) are concerned, regulations are a thing of the past. Laura is a Marine; a Jarhead, and lives by her branch's motto. Semper Fi.

At first, Laura found it hard to adjust to existence on a military base in another galaxy. But in all her life she'd never abandoned an ordered posting, and so help her she would stick it out in Pegasus. Wraith or no wraith. Semper Fi.

She watches as Major Lorne doesn't move from his position where full-bird Colonel John Sheppard is bestowing the promotion to Lieutenant Colonel upon him. There are soldiers and airmen around her, witnessing the same thing she is, but for Laura it's in a different light. Lorne still may be her superior, but the distance of ranks between them is now greater. And if she had anything to do about it, the only time he can boss her around is in the field. And even then she'd risk a kiss on-duty instead of being ordered to walk stiffly in the other direction. Not that Evan really minded. Laura is a Marine. A faithful, loyal, dutiful, respectful Marine willing to serve her...err...galaxy. Semper Fi.

Laura Cadman is restricted from accompanying Lorne on his missions, but Sheppard knows it's for the best. He knows what's good for his men and women. What's good is to keep Laura and Evan together – on base, not off-world. Everyone's happier when the two aren't giving each other the silent treatment (not that they ever would, they're too crazy about each other). Semper Fi.

So Laura watches, trying to keep the huge grin off her lips until the right moment when applause will burst out. And when Evan glances just slightly in her direction, their eyes meet and their eyes smile for them. It's likely Atlantis will be there for a very long time, and equally as likely that the United States Air Force would retain military control over it. Which meant that nobody was going anywhere for a long, long time, unless transferred out by the (shudder) IOA or the SGC. Neither Laura nor Evan ever wanted to leave the City of the Ancestors. Semper Fi.

Sheppard finishes promoting newly-titled Lieutenant-Colonel Evan Lorne, and waves his hand in the general direction of the gathered military and civilian personnel. They relax, allowing themselves to smile in congratulations for Evan, but Laura's beats them all. The Marine; the Jarhead, the always faithful soldier for the galaxy of Pegasus, planet of Atlantea, city of Atlantis. She takes a few unsure steps forward, and then Evan breaks through the crowding pat-on-the-back givers, to envelop his – his – almost-there Mrs. Lorne in an embrace. Semper Fi.

Laura insists there is a bit of Marine in every citizen of Atlantis for one, simple reason. The current citizens have been here since day one of their arrival. None have requested transfers out; none have complained about the living conditions (which are quite spectacular, actually). They are all faithful to the mission. All faithful to the colony of Atlantis. That little bit of Marine in everyone is the adhering to the Marine motto: Semper Fi.

And she is always faithful in more ways than just to the Marines. She loves Evan. She's faithful to her fiancé. She's faithful to the city. Evan loves Laura Cadman more than he's loved anyone or anything before. He is faithful to his fiancé. He's faithful to the city.

Evan and Laura are always faithful.