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Sometimes, Naruto wondered how the hell he ended up in this position. For that matter, he had to wonder how in the hell he ended up here in the first place.

Take that back, Naruto did know why he was here. The damn fox is at fault for that one. He still hasn't told him how he did it, but the fox somehow managed to transcend worlds and send him here. Or at least he believed the fox was the one that brought him here.

Ever since Naruto arrived in these lands, everything here had become absolutely insane. Run ins with the strongest creatures imaginable and doing it on a daily basis, keeping his group of soldiers from killing one another, dealing with two kids, one falling for the other without knowing it, their two caretakers, and the damn woman that he wasn't sure if he loved or just liked.

Now Naruto was fighting for his life and he didn't know why he was doing it. It is kind of annoying to him that he did this just on a whim, but he couldn't complain. People deserve to have better lives than what they did before when he arrived here.

Just how in the hell did he get into this situation with this monster that was staring him down?

"Ow..." Naruto softly muttered under his breath.

Looking around, Naruto could see nothing but blue skies and a sun that seemed like an oven that was set on extra crispy. To make things worse, his head was pounding as if he just woke up after going out drinking with Tsunade. "What the fuck did I do last night?"

Knowing that he wasn't going to get an answer as simple as that, Naruto placed his hands onto the ground to pick himself up. As he did so, his hands slowly dug into the ground quite easily as it shifted like it was made of loosely packed dirt.

As he sat up, Naruto noticed that he was completely surrounded by nothing but sand. "Oh, great! I'm in a desert and Gaara isn't anywhere in sight!"

Calming himself down, Naruto slowly stand up and looked around to see if there was any features he could recognized. Then he remembered this was a desert, so he couldn't help but mutter to himself. "Just peachy. I'm in the middle of a desert and have no clue where the hell I am! ...Well, let's see... If this is the desert in the Land of Wind, I'll be all right as the Land of Fire is to the west of here..."

"But if I'm in the Land of Rock... Well just being here, I'm kind of screwed." Naruto commented to himself while looking around, hoping for a sign to tell him which way to go.

So Naruto naturally looked up into the sky as the sun was always a good indicator of what direction to go. But it seems that Naruto was having a rotten day as the sun was directly in the middle of the sky. "Perfect... No landmarks and it will be a good hour before the damn sun moves from that spot to tell me which way is east and which is west!"

Once again, Naruto calmed myself down and began to think. What would Jiraiya...

Naruto stopped thinking like that as the pervert would have made the best of the isolation and probably began writing on his perverted series. He kind of missed him and his hilarious antics, but he left him with what he needed to survive in situations just like this.

Just as he was thinking about the pervert, Naruto remembered one of the things he left him. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a compass and smirked as now he would have a pretty good idea on which way to go. Even if he was in the Land of Rocks, heading west was the best move as that would take him to the ocean and there he could barter for a ride home.

But it seemed that an omnipotent force was out there waiting to rape him as the compass hand was spinning around madly with no attention of stopping.

Twitching at this, Naruto chunked the thing as he was ready to go into a rage and start cursing the entire world out for having it in for him ever since he was born. "YOU NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT!! YOU'RE JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!"

After a few moments of ranting to himself, Naruto had calmed down to the point that he could think logically about how he would get out of here. Figuring he could probably get the compass fixed later, Naruto started to walk towards the direction he threw it in when a sound behind him caught his attention.

Turning around, Naruto was genuinely shocked to see a hideous creature approaching him. It had to be the most disgusting thing he had ever seen before, and that was a tough thing to say as Naruto had seen the aftermath of Jiraiya being pummeled into a pulp by Tsunade.

It had a sickening reddish skin pigment and stood about eight feet high and had the brightest and deepest set of gold eyes with the darkest pupils he had ever seen.

Each finger on its hand was a razor sharp blade that seemed to be perfect for slicing through almost any flesh. The creature had over extended arms to give it more range for swiping and more momentum for its razor blade fingers to slice through whatever was challenging it.

There was also the tail that was almost equal to its body size. It didn't seem to have very much purpose but to be a weapon for anyone that got behind the creature. Its knees were inverted, allowing it to be able to have greater burst of acceleration and speed.

Finally, there seemed to be a patch of blonde hair on the top of the scalp and at the chest, there were two protruding bumps almost like that of breasts making it seem more and more like it use to be human.

"What the fuck?" Naruto murmured to himself as he looked at the creature.

It was nothing like Naruto had ever seen before, even compared to the snake's human experiments. It was more disgusting than any of the creatures or transformations he had seen before of the snake's work. Yet he could not help but look on in awe as the creature radiated an aura of power that match that of a jounin's.

After staring at it for a moment, Naruto was left with one conclusion. The creature used to be a human and not only was it human, it used to be a woman. "Damn that pedophile and his sick experiments..."

Without forethought, Naruto drew a kunai from his pouch as the creature continued stalking towards him. He did not want to hurt the creature as it was misfortunate enough to have gone though whatever the snake was but if his life was in danger, he would defend himself.

It wasn't helping that much that the female creature was staring him down as it stopped only a few meters in front of him with a hungered gaze. There was something else to it, but he really couldn't identify it all too well until it spoke in a dark, demonic sounding voice yet keeping its feminine touch to it. "Oh, you look so yummy... Maybe I should play with you first before eating your organs..."

Naruto felt a little sick from her words as he was very sure that play was something he did not want to do with this creature. ...No, she wasn't a creature. There was no doubt in his mind that this was a monster. It might have been human at one point, but now there wasn't a doubt that she was a monster as she no longer could control herself.

He was suddenly caught off guard as her claws shot out towards him as if they were lances, moving so quickly that he couldn't keep up with them for a brief moment. He barely managed to roll out if its way and gave the monster a look of mild interest as he stood up, his red cape with black flames bellowing in the wind behind him. "Well, that's something I don't see every day."

A faint smile crossed his lips as he dodged yet another bladed lance attack, this time much more easily as he was ready for it, and caught the motions of the tendrils. He was quite curious to see if it had any other attacks before he put an end to its misery. After all, it could have something up its sleeve and severely injure him.

But it was seeming less and less likely that it had another attack as it continued using its lance attack although it was beginning to vary the number of them sent towards him. Getting tired of this repetitive assault, Naruto gripped his kunai tightly in his hand before mock rushing towards the female monster.

"Ha ha ha! You humans are so funny! You'll charge towards the jaws of death, even knowing there is no escape!" The creature screamed at him as Naruto ran towards her and quickly sent her lance to intercept him.

Naruto only smirked as she misjudged his speed and he passed by the lances harmlessly and was already on her.

The creature toothily smirked back, showing off her jagged set of shark like teeth, as she looked down at Naruto as her tail pierced through the ground and through him as if it was butter. But something was off; there was no blood as she did this. In fact, it was like it wasn't even...

Appearing behind her, ready to deliver the death blow, Naruto swung his kunai towards the back of her neck but with a quick burst of yoki the creature had managed to almost instantaneously jump from where she was to where she was twenty meters in front of him.

This caught the shinobi off guard as he had never seen something of such size move so quickly. He had seen Madara move that fast, but he had a technique that allowed him instantaneous movement and to fade out of the world.

As he landed, Naruto could only smirk as he noticed a small amount of purple blood on his kunai. "Ah, it seems those legs of yours can allow you to travel at break neck speeds... But if I'm right, it tires you out the more you use it as you used a whole lot of yoki..."

Naruto stopped as he mentioned the last word of his sentence. She could use yoki, meaning she wasn't a creation of the snake... Rather that she was actually a demon. But this once again caught him in a vice as the only demons he knew of were the nine bijuu and he knew this wasn't Shukaku as the damn tanuki looked nothing like this.

He was shook out of his mind as he dodged the lances sent towards him as the creature screamed at him once more. "What would you know, you little human?! Other then having a tight ass, you know nothing of what yoki is!"

With that one sentence, Naruto stopped and allowed the lances to graze his arms and chest and even pierce through his stomach. The creature had said the one thing that could trigger Naruto into a fury as his eyes suddenly bleed crimson and red yoki exploded around him.

Sand was kicked up into the air from the force yet the pull of the yoki brought it back and it swirled violently around him. The wind kicked up blowing the sand into the creature's face like that of a sandstorm's allowing to see and hear almost nothing. But there was one thing she heard that sent chills down her spine.

"I am more of a demon than you are!"

As soon as she heard that, the sand had begun to subside around her. Being able to see once more, she looked around for traces of the blonde haired teen but could find nothing.

Suddenly she found herself looking up towards the sky as she fell. As she fell, she noticed that there was a large object standing where she was just seconds ago. But something wasn't right. That wasn't the body of another awakened one... That was her body...

As she realized what happened, she caught glimpse of the blonde haired teen as he stood with his back turned to her and using the last of her strength, she calmly spoke. "I see... You are the true monster... Of the nine..."

Soon as the last word left her tongue, her head suddenly split into hundreds of pieces as purple blood stained the sand.

With a flick of his wrist, the blood of his kunai was flung off before he placed it back into his pouch. His wounds were no more than tears of his clothes as the burst of yoki had regenerated any damage he had taken.

His crimson eyes slowly began to fade away and revert back to their crystal blue color as he answered. "That may be... But I plan on staying human."

And with those last words, he walked into the direction he threw his compass, leaving the corpse of the creature behind.

Walking through the desert, a young woman with long, wavy platinum blonde hair walked besides a fairly young girl with long, light brown hair with a reddish tent to it.

The older of the two had pale skin that didn't seem to burn despite being in a desert.

She wore metallic shoulder pads with a white cape that reached her back and an armored skirt with a semi armored cloth shirt, probably meant to protect from lighter blows. She also wore a pair of boots with metallic casing on the foot yet not the ankle to hamper her movement.

Weirdly enough, she didn't even seem to be fazed by the heat despite the fact that she was wearing metallic armor in the middle of a desert.

But compared to all her other features, there were two that stood out beyond any other. It was her deep silver eyes that seemed to have an unnatural glow to them and the other was the overly large double edged sword she carried on her back.

The young girl standing besides her was not even half her size as she stood just even with her belly button.

She had on a brown, padded dress that seemed a little heavy to be wearing within the desert. She didn't show it, but it was a strain to walk through the desert because of the heat it attracted. But she stayed tough as she didn't want to slow down her caretaker.

Outside of her dress, she wore two fingerless gloves that stretched to just below her elbows. On her back, there was a small pack strapped onto her, so she could keep little things that she liked with her.

Looking up at her caretaker, she couldn't help but smile as she skipped lightly at her side. Just being around her made her happy and she didn't want to lose that feeling again.

Laughing silently as she saw this, the elder of the two females only shook her head as she patted the younger's head. "Calm down Clare. We've still got a day ahead of us before we reach the next village."

Clare nodded quickly while continuing to smile as she slowed her skip down to a walk. As soon as she did, however, a loud growl bellowed from her stomach, which resulted in her turning slightly red in embarrassment.

The elder of the two only rolled her eyes before stopping and looking around her. "Hm, guess you're hungry then. Well, there should be a lot of food to gather near the oasis. Hm... Now where is it from here? Oh yes, it only a few miles. By the time we get there, it should be nightfall though. Can you wait that long to eat, Clare?"

Once again, Clare nodded her head quickly before answering in a soft voice. "Hai. I can wait that long, Teresa."

Teresa only smiled at Clare and began to lead the way to the oasis as it was almost noon and they were still a good ten hours from the next village. It was quite different having the girl around as she only needed to eat something small every two days. But that was because she wasn't normal.

She was half human, half yoma created by a nameless organization to kill the yoma that fed on the humans. Not only that, but she was the best of every single half breed that the said organization created.

Well, she was the best. Now she was on the run from the same organization as she had broken the one rule the organization had given every half breed to prove they were there to protect, not to cause more death. She had slain humans, more specifically bandits that had targeted the town she had left the child at her side in.

The rule was ironclad and she could not escape the organization as she knew they would send everything they had after her. But she didn't care as all she wanted was to make Clare happy as long as they were together. She wasn't sure why as before she could have cared less about one human girl, but now it seemed as if she was her own child and she would die for her if she had to.

Suddenly, Teresa was broken out of her thoughts as a massive amount of yoki had appeared not too far from her location. She was a little worried as she instantly knew it was that of an Awakened Being. She knew she could handle the creature, but Clare was only a human child and could get dragged in and that was the last thing she wanted to happen.

Keeping a close eye on the yoki and a hand ready to grab the claymore sheathed on her back, Teresa walked calmly besides Clare hoping the Awakened One would not come their direction. After a few moments, she was glad as it seemed to be staying in the area but this suddenly made her worry more as there could be travelers where it stopped and it was devouring their innards.

Still, as long as Clare was in possible danger, she would not leave her side to help them out. It was selfish and uncaring, but the little girl meant more to her than anything and she was going to make sure she lived as well as she could.

But as soon as that thought crossed her mind, a large burst of wind and sand began to blanket her and Clare, forcing her to cover and hold Clare tightly to her to keep her from blowing away from the ferocious winds. Her body began to tremble as a second yoki had emerged and this one was far beyond anything she had ever felt before.

Teresa wanted to say that it was an Abyssal One and nothing more, but this one's power was just too frightening to be an Abyssal One. While the amount that was being used was only a fraction of what she could feel from within. The raw power was just too overwhelming that she couldn't help but have a look of fear on her face.

Something with that much power... Scared her. And what made it worse was that she couldn't sense it till now. She had sensed the Awakened Being long before she was worried about it, but this one just came out of nowhere and was so powerful. She wasn't sure that the three Abyssal Ones combined could stand up to this... Monster.

But as soon as the sand and wind started blowing, it suddenly began to subside until there was no more yoki present. Slowly standing back onto her feet, she looked at Clare and had half a mind to pick the girl up and run as far away from the area she could. There was something there that's power surpassed anything else she could even think of.

However, with just one look at Clare's face, Teresa was able to smile as she helped the young girl up. She didn't know something truly monstrous was there and she would only alarm her if she picked her up and ran away. "Come on, Clare. We still have a little bit to go."

Seeing the young brown haired girl smile at her as she picked something up from the sand, Teresa could only smile back as she began to head for the oasis. She would protect the child with her life, even from the power she had just felt.

After all, she was living only for her.

It was sunset now and Naruto was unsure in which direction to head now, so he decided to make camp near an oasis that he had sniffed out. He had a cauldron on top of the fire as he began to heat the broth as he was planning to make ramen as it was still his favorite food and nothing could keep him away from it.

He was slightly ticked that he couldn't find his compass, but it was a desert after all and it was hard to find small object in a place like this. Something told him he wasn't in any charted desert in the Elemental Countries as encounters with demons outside of the nine hadn't happened ever since the Sage of the Six Paths had been alive. While it was possible he was still home, something was bothering him.

Where would such a demon hide for so long? And even if it could, one of the few things he knew was that the nine exterminated other demons as they were a threat to their food source, AKA humans. Sure, all nine were sealed away but with the high number of ninjas, it would have been spotted and exterminated by an elite task force.

So where exactly was he and why was the damn fox demon being so quiet about everything?!

Getting irritated at its silence, he sat in a meditate position and cleared his mind, concentrating only on entering his own mind. Within seconds, he found himself in the swampy darkness of his mind.

Knowing the path all too well, Naruto walked through the dimly lit, water filled halls towards his destination. The gate that held in Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Standing before it, Naruto brought his foot before kicking the main bars of the gate. In an instant, the fox demon's paw shot out and sliced by Naruto's head, shaving a few of the hairs on his head as he turned his body side ways.

Kyuubi snarled as he slowly withdrew his claws and glared heatedly at the blond haired human. He was getting far too bold for his liking and no longer even feared him. But at the same time, he was completely impressed with the blond as out of every human there was, he was the most fit to be his vessel.

"What do you want, human?!"

Crossing his arms over his chest, Naruto gave Kyuubi a flat stare as his eyes glowed dimly. "You know what I want, fox. Now start explaining!"

Snarling loudly, Kyuubi wanted nothing more than to slice the human brat into two and devour his flesh. He could see the look in his eyes, the same look of the man that controlled him so long ago. And if there was one person that could ever make him feel fear, it was that man. And each and every day, the blond was becoming more and more powerful and less afraid of him.

When the time was right, he would make him pay for that. But as the way everything stood now, the human was the one with all the cards and he couldn't withhold what he knew without dire consequences. Growling that any human had any leverage on him, he lowered his head till he was eye level to Naruto to speak. "I do know of how we are here, but I do not know what could have caused it, human."

"Of course I know how we are here too. You fucking brought us here and I want to know why?!" Naruto countered as his chakra began to flare around him with dazzling strength.

Kyuubi was mildly impressed the blonde was stronger then any human he knew and he wished nothing more then to be free and fight him. It would be the first time in centuries that he would be challenged, but to his ire, he was stuck behind these bars.

"Ha, good one, human. If I had done this, I would have told you. I benefit nothing from you being here, so therefore, there is no reason for me to bring you to such a forsaken place." Kyuubi responded with a fanged grin as his dark crimson eyes bored into Naruto's blues.

Naruto was taken aback at what the fox had said before his eyes narrowed sharply. "If you didn't bring us here, what did?"

Scoffing at what the human had said, Kyuubi pulled his head away from the bars before turning away from Naruto. "I do not know what it was that brought us here. All I know is that whatever it was calling for my power and dragged both of us here."

Watching the fox lay down, Naruto frowned deeply. Something had called for the demon fox's power and therefore called upon him. He would have begun to question the fox about this, but a powerful presence caught both of their attention as it drew ever closer.

As Naruto exited his mind to see if the presence was a threat, Kyuubi smirked as he pawed the ground at the edge of the gate bars. "So... It seems this world has beings capable of forcing the human to use more of my power. ...Excellent. I might just get out of here yet."

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