There was no hesitation. There could be none. Not if he wanted to survive. Not if he wanted to save the others. Not if he was going to stop the person behind this horrible recreation of his loved one's.

There was no time to feel pain.

Grabbing the wrists of his parent's ready to strike him down, he slung the two above him temporarily before leaping into the air even higher. Then finally with a great heave he flung the two to the earth below with as much possible force creating a massive crater from the impact.

He knew this wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. But he wasn't finished. He was prepared for such an encounter as there was always the chance Orochimaru had taught someone his techniques or had left them behind for someone, a certain medic nin maybe, to find and learn. And he was prepared to eradicate the summons in case this technique just so happened to be used on him.

And thankfully Jiraiya had prepared him for such in their short time they had together.

"Katon: Shodo!" Naruto finished the seals and purged the very crater he threw his resurrected parents into with superheated flames that very few fire jutsu could ever hope to match much less surpass.

Only Amaterasu and a few bijuu/jinchuuriki related techniques ever reach such a high degree of temperature and surpassed it.

Yet despite these flames Naruto knew it would take much, much more to take care of his parents. He heard of their feats and knew just how strong they were from the mere displays from their sealed images within his seal. These two were the strongest of the generation, far surpassing everyone outside of maybe E and Kirabi.

And he knew that it would take far more than the flames than that of Scorched Earth to even slow them down without the added regeneration of the improved version of Edo Tensei.

And he wasn't surprised as his mother's chakra chains burst from the flames and wrapped around his torso and arms, pinning them to his chest, before he was violently thrown to the ground.

Gasping out from the suddenness of the slam while struggling against the chains the held him pin, Naruto managed to move enough to avoid a kunai aimed to pierce through his chest cavity by his mother before his father came in with a Rasengan. Lunging the lower half of his body upwards he kicked Minato as he moved in for the kill before using his momentum to spin and land on his feet.

It didn't seem Kushina was going to let him stay upright as he was once more violently pulled, this time straight towards his mother as she went through a few very familiar hand seals. "Katon: Gokakyu!"

And just as she took a deep breath and fire began to stream towards him, Minato landed just behind Kushina and to the worst of his luck his father had finished another series of hand seals, dispersing his Rasengan, that seemed just a little too familiar. "Futon: Harikēngeiru."

Cursing under his breath, as this was an old tactic used to empower fire jutsu and it was double trouble as Hurricane Gale was one of the most powerful wind jutsu around that wouldn't kill the flames, Naruto was held firm by the chains and drug into the fire.

Only to disappear in a flicker of light thanks to his old man's technique.

Sealing the kunai immediately, not giving his father the chance to use the flash against him, Naruto was a second too late as Minato was the fastest shinobi in history for a good reason. A kunai slashed through the back of his shoulder deeply enough to elicit a growl from Naruto as he stumbled forward, not able to react fast enough to avoid the slash.

He however did manage to move just enough to avoid his spine being severed so that was a positive.

Not bothering to cover the open wound, as there was no time to worry about it and he could feel it already beginning to repair itself thanks to the influx of Kyuubi's yoki flowing to the wound, Naruto drew a kunai from a seal within his cloak and retaliated with a quick spin.

His father's reaction was exactly as expected. Not only was it fast but the power behind it was enough to stand his swing and not buckle. And it soon became painfully obvious that he was nowhere near Minato's speed in any aspect as both went for a knockback breakaway, Naruto with a swift and chakra enhanced punch while his father completely spun for a roundhouse kick.

Minato won and caught Naruto on the chin with his heel.

The force of the blow again sent the Akatsuki leader stumbling but this time his mother was behind him. He hardly had enough time to set up a weak guard and could only bring his arms up to protect his face as Kushina kicked high off her heel. His forearms barely provided any protection and barely took the brunt of the blow and left him off balanced.

Kushina swiftly spun back and reset herself before launching out in a sharp and precise assault that was far faster and stronger than Naruto could have ever predicted. If it wasn't for the moment he would be surprised on just how capable his mother was and nearly had to put this onslaught on par of Tsunade's, being far quicker while thankfully lacking her immense strength.

Though her power was nothing like he imagined in the slightest and he could attest to it when she connected with another kick to his shoulder, jamming it and nearly breaking bone in the process.

But now that he was getting use to the speed, not having a true battle with someone comparable to him size for he only sparred with Teresa, Irene and Luciela in her human form, he began to match her quite easily. He became more fluid and could block her strikes without much protest as he was physically stronger and her speed was far less than his own.

However the fight wasn't just coming from his mother. His father came in and added far more trouble as he sided with his wife and attacked from two different angles. Naruto quickly disabled his father's left arm and knocked that kunai away from him but was punished with a hefty and enhanced blast across the temple from his mother that almost reminded him of one of Sakura's punches.

Losing his footing he righted his momentum with a forward roll within the air before rushing forward. His only chance was to gather distance so he could put together the intel he had learned from this brief encounter and formulate a plan after bringing Kyuubi into the fight for both his power and his knowledge of both his parents.

Very few people had a better insight on them than the fox demon and he was going to need that if he were to win this battle. They were a natural tandem and knew how to work well with one another and that was going to make them even tougher to beat.

Yet it barely even mattered after her sprinted ahead. He knew his father was faster than he was, even E had admitted that Minato without the flash was as fast if not faster than he was, but he was prepared as his Minato and Kushina chased him down.

Throwing the kunai he had drawn earlier directly at the position his father was about to be at, Naruto activated a single half seal before closing his eyes as he activated the seal on the kunai.

A bright flash of light enveloped Minato, completely stopping his approach and allowed the kunai to stick into his chest, while it simply stopped Kushina as she cried out and furiously rubbed her eyes. And taking advantage of this Naruto continued to sprint ahead before beginning to erratically change his direction to make pursuit harder.

'Kyuubi! I need some help here!' Naruto finally managed to focus enough to open a connection to the fox so they could speak. 'Anything and everything you have on my parent's would be highly appreciated!'

The response he got was not the one he was expecting. Kyuubi roared with laughter. "Ha! And just why should I? You've always wanted to know what it was like to fight the greats of this world... So here you go! Fight them on your..."

Before he could get any further Naruto growled back at his demon and cut off the insult and any future back talk the fox had in mind. 'This isn't the time fox! Either you help me or we're both fucked! Not only have my mother and father have been brought back to this realm by an Edo Tensei evolution but so has Ero-sennin, the old hag and quite a few others that are going to make our life hell!'

And to emphasize his seriousness at the end Naruto placed his hand on the seal and with flick of his hand activated a safety procedure that slammed the walls of the prison down and onto the fox. 'Everyone else is in danger, fox! Now are you going to sit there and be a little bitch about this or are you going to help me?'

For one of those few times in its lifespan since being born from the Juubi's separation Kyuubi felt a small trickle of fear for the blonde as the walls of the seal pinned him to the ground, placing enough pressure on his body that it actually felt like he was being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. And for the first time since that time someone had enough presence and authority to actually step up to him and command him.

Madara had tried but he had been unsuccessful in gaining the fox demon's respect and instead garnered his hatred. And while Naruto had put him in a similar predicament as the Uchiha had there was a difference between the two. Madara wanted his power and would do anything to get it.

Naruto needed it and wouldn't stop for anything to get it.

So he would begrudgingly help his container, if nothing else for the slight respect he just earned but mostly for their symbiosis. If Naruto needed all of these people and creatures around to be happy so did Kyuubi as his vessel's life affected his.

Simple fact of his sealed life.

"Fine..." Kyuubi growled out and was relieved to feel the pressure of the seal released so he could stretch his cramped muscles. "Of what I know of the two I would suggest taking out your mother first. It might enrage Minato and belittle his ego a bit but Kushina is by far the more dangerous of the two for you."

"Her sealing prowess is one of the best I have seen and considering I was sealed originally by Senju Mito, formerly an Uzumaki, and she just happened to be the foremost seal's expert of that time and taught everything she knew to Kushina who applied it to what she was taught and left to by her clan."

"Furthermore she is absolutely lethal in close range combat as with just one hit she can plant an invisible seal on you. No matter if it was a slap, punch, kick or even a head-butt she is capable of applying a seal through a method she specifically created that happens to work quite like chakra infusion. And because she worked so often with Minato she learned how to do this with the Hiraishin seal..." Kyuubi continued but was cut off by the lack of concentration Naruto could focus onto the link.

"Oh fuck!" Naruto yelled out loud, having just found that his mother had indeed planted an invisible Hiraishin seal on him, he ducked under his father's Rasengan before drawing a kunai and stabbing it into his stomach before he could flicker away with the flash.

And just after he indeed used the Flying Thunder God and appeared directly behind in near a millisecond but Naruto activated the seal on that particular kunai. "Fuinjutsu: Tamashi Doren!"

A blue chakra flare erupted from the spot where the kunai had stabbed his father and all that chakra was drawn into the embedded kunai. The stopped Minato in his tracks and forced him to grab the kunai's handle, which allowed more chakra to be drained through the kunai, but with a display of epic level toughness, despite the fact that he was mostly a zombie now, he ripped the kunai out and tossed it aside.

Naruto, however, didn't have any time to witness this for Kushina had followed after him and now had caught up, not so badly affected by the flash, and had a jutsu already readied to be used. And with a simple gaze of her eyes she released it. "Magen: Hyōji garasu o gyaku ni!"

The world around Naruto shimmered for a brief moment but nothing seemed out of the ordinary but he knew very well a genjutsu had just been casted. Already preparing to counter it by using a strong enough pulse to wipe it clean, Naruto held his hands into the ram seal. "Kai!"

Yet nothing happened. Nothing at all. No tell-tale sign of the genjutsu being purged. No visible change. Nothing.

"Shit! Kit this genjutsu can't simply be dispelled by normal means!" Kyuubi suddenly roared from within, establishing their mental connection itself knowing Naruto wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to do it. "She must have planted another invisible seal on you from another blow, probably the first hit, and set this up before hand and allowed it enough time develop into your system so you couldn't just purge it."

Glad that the fox set up the connection so he didn't have to concentrate and maintain it himself, Naruto saw his father coming for him from the corner of his eyes. Moving to jump back, he couldn't believe what happened next.

He jumped ahead, right into a clothesline by Kushina that flattened him. And as he attempted to get up, he hissed out as instead of jumping back to his feet he slammed his entire body against the ground in a useless flailing manner. "What the..."

"Get up Naruto!" Kushina screamed as she grimaced looking upon her son but had no choice but to follow her bodies orders and was preparing a jutsu. "Every single muscle of your body has literally switched!"

"Moving your right arm moves your left in the opposite direction! Reverse Viewing Mirror in plain terms reverses the way you view and react in the world! I know it is a lot to ask but you have relearn how to use your body and remaster your instincts until Kushina is defeated!" Minato yelled out as he was using Yumi Numa to turn the ground into swamp.

"What?" Naruto screamed, further unnerved by the fact that his parents were allowed to keep their conscience while fighting him to the death, before noting the swamp beginning to engulf him.

And he had no time and followed his father's instructions and reversed his movement, not an easy task. But if Kabuto could do it after Tsunade had changed his nervous system he could. There was no way he was going to let that snake medic better him in anything!

Leaping into the air by sheer willpower, Naruto was suddenly engulfed by a great burst of intense flames after hearing his mother's call and flung a. "Katon: Ōkina jigoku!"

With everything going wrong it was a matter of sheer luck and his knowledge of the landscape that he landed near a pond that Luciela had made to store her favorite fish. Mentally apologizing as this would indeed kill a lot of her fish, he quickly remastered how to roll and temporarily rolled the opposite direction for only a moment before finally managing to roll into the water.

Now a new problem came as he rolled himself too far in and had great difficulty controlling his momentum.

He now had to remaster swimming before he drowned.

"Dammit!" Kyuubi roared as Naruto was struggling to stay above the water's surface. "This is bad! You can't just dispel this no matter what as she's sealed the activation seal on you. The only way in taking care of it is to find the seal or take out your mother as not even my yoki can overpower this seal!"

"Fuck!" Naruto managed to rip off as he struggled like a common civil caught in a torrential wave, barely managing to get back to where his feet made contact with the pond's bank.

And to his misfortune he could see his mother using another jutsu while screaming at him. "Get out of there! Suiton: Wārupūru o doraggu!"

Despite trying to regain a semblance of control there wasn't a chance for Naruto to get out of the pond in time. The water began to violently swirl around him, rapidly increasing in velocity and strength and began to pull him towards the center, dragging him under a few times and making it further difficult to breath.

Fighting against it was useless in his condition and he knew it was going to hurt. But what worried him was that Dragging Whirlpool was a B-rank set up technique and it was meant to drag the opponent into a worse situation, sometimes into a more dangerous technique.

And his fears proved to be right as he saw Minato standing in the middle of the Whirlpool, using chakra to stay on top of the water while keeping himself from being pulled in. And he was preparing a Rasengan to finish the battle once and for all. Yet he could feel this wasn't a normal Rasengan. No there was something more to this one.

Something that made it more dangerous.

And there was no way to dodge it as he was drug into range of the attack, struggling to keep from being pulled under. It was all going to be over with this one blow. He was going to die at his father's hands just as he thrusted the spiraling chakra orb towards his face.

"Forgive me!" Minato cried out, wanting to close his eyes to not witness this act, but followed through and administered the killing blow

"Ha, so this is how the great Uzumaki Naruto's life ends?" A voice resonated within him, a voice that he did not recognize but somehow felt familiar.

And yet the voice wasn't finished and continued to belittle Naruto. "Pathetic... I thought you were going to change this world for the better? To make this world understand one another and bring forth the peace we both so desperately wanted to achieve."

"Too bad... I guess my way would have been more effective in the end, boy."

At those words he recognized the voice. He recognized that condescending voice, one that was sure that he was so correct that he was willing to see the world burn in order to bring it under one rule.

That voice belonged to Uchiha Madara.

And there was no way in hell he was going to let that bastard prove him wrong!

Unbeknownst to him but known to the fox a light begun to glow from within his mind. It was a silverish purple glow that flickered at the end of the large tunnel that lay before Kyuubi.

At first the fox demon wasn't quite sure what it was. However as it began to take a simple shape, the fox's crimson eyes narrowed. It was ovular in shape, almost like that of an eye. ...No it was that of an eye.

Then there was a second glow next two it, identical in feature and shade. The two shimmered in the darkness of his vessel's mind before they fierily erupted, showing the black rings that circled around the pupil, and its light began to fill the dark tunnels of Naruto's mind, shining light on places never tred before.

The light even lit up his dark and dank cage and then a feeling washed over the fox, one that was not unknown to him. One he hadn't felt in a long time.

A sly grin slowly traced Kyuubi's muzzle before a deep and dark chuckle filled his cage, as it came from him. "Well what do you know... You may have no special powers or bloodlines... But you do have something that everyone else in this world wished they could have."

"I never thought in a thousand years that you would grace this world again... But in the form of this boy, now that is rich!" Kyuubi bellowed in laughter, almost not believing what had just transpired.

Controlling his laughter after a moment, a glint gleamed from the fox's crimson eyes while his smirk did not diminish. "So let's see what you can do now that you've remembered who you are... The Second Coming of the Sage of Six."

Latching onto Minato's wrist with the Rasengan only inches from connecting to his face, Naruto's entire being stopped despite the drag from the waves. His entire being shook but the Rasengan did not move an inch. "No..."

To tell the truth both Kushina and Minato were stunned at this turn of events. They were sure they had just caused their son's demise yet this sudden act showed something completely different. Naruto had stopped them and had suddenly regained control of the situation. However what confused them was what he said.

No what?

"No..." Naruto said again, his body still shaking as he slowly and mysteriously began to rise from the water. It almost seemed that he was being pulled out as he rose but it was assured that he was being lifted by his own, on his own power.

Minato wasn't sure what to think of this. This was nothing like he had ever seen before and he had seen quite a lot during his time. And this took the cake. Naruto had lifted himself out of the water on his own power, after being hit by his wife's deadly Reverse Viewing Glass technique and had seemingly reversed it.

And that alone was something no one had ever done in the midst of battle. But to add to it something felt different about his son. Something that wasn't there before. Something that made him even more dangerous.

It also didn't help that Naruto's head was lowered and his soaking bangs covered his eyes, keeping them from being seen.

"No..." Naruto said yet again but this time with more of an edge in his tone before lifting his head enough for his eyes to finally be seen.

They were still the vibrant blue they always had been before but there something new to them. His eyes were gleaming with a new determination and an unyielding will bored into Minato's own seeing them. "I will not fail again!"

And before he could even react the Fourth Hokage was knocked off his feet as Naruto's connect his foot to his jaw.

Minato was sent flying from the force of the blow, skidding across the tumultuous waves caused by Kushina's jutsu. He soon attempted to right himself but immediately found his son was on top of him before he could prepare to defend himself.

And Naruto lit into the Fourth. Blow after blow, the Yondaime was not even able to lift a hand to defend himself and was rocked from his devastating assault. Every hit connected and did severe damage, occasionally even destroying a limb with a critical hit and forcing the Edo Tensei body to regenerate the wound only for it to lose that limb nearly seconds later.

Sensing his mother's presence, Naruto slammed his right palm into his father's chest and pushed him back before slightly turning his feet and his body to the side he caught the chains his mother had sent to constrict him in his left hand. He felt them tug against his grip, attempting to pull him from his spot and off balance so they could contain him.

He wasn't going to let that happened. So he yanked on them.


Kushina was in a state of disbelief. Not even the Kyuubi had ever been able to resist the power of her chains and always struggled against them. Yet here Naruto was able to catch her chains and then overpower their pull. And then with a yank she found that she had lost her balance and was pulled straight into him.

And to make matters worse he was prepared for her. With a Rasengan.

Yet before it made contact a flash of yellow appeared between both of them and Minato took the brunt of the Rasengan. It nearly disintegrated his entire torso from the contact leaving a thin strand of his resurrected body connecting his two halves.

This action surprised not only Naruto and Kushina but even their controller. Narrowing his eyes as this wasn't supposed to be possible, as his control was supposed to be absolute, Kabuto growled in his throat. "What the hell... Just what is going on?"

"Is something wrong?" Dae asked as he turned to his new master, though he would like to think it was more of a partnership, and gave the man a perplexed look.

"One of my summons... Managed to defy my will if only for a moment." Kabuto hissed out, now having control once more but was very disturbed by this turn of events. "While this is only a one time occurrence it is quite bothersome as if another has the power to overwhelm my control, possibly entirely, things could become quite dangerous as they are not easily defeated."

Looking genuinely surprised at hearing this, Dae was left speechless. From what he had seen of Kabuto's resurrected warriors none of them had been able to disobey his will and for one to do so, even if it was only temporary, was a truly horrific thought.

Each of these warriors seemed to possess the prowess becoming of an Abyssal and for one to run amok without any sort of control was definitely a show stopper as this technique had one flaw in it. To cancel it every revived warrior had to be canceled.

However Kabuto seemed to be a little worried as now he had seemed to have lost control but instead of showing his worry he simply grinned. "I will have to keep a closer eye on the others from now on to work out any kinks... But otherwise there is no worry."

"The Abyssal Warrior will be too distraught to launch an attack even if he makes through this trial intact."

"It still seems that you both are still in there..." Naruto spoke as he stood from a crouch, having jumped back to gather distance between the two, and watched as his father's body regenerated. "Then allow me to ease your pain... I'll finish this now."

"Please..." Minato spoke as his torso quickly began to reconstruct. "Come at us with everything you have... And grant us relief from this nightmare."

Kushina could only nod as she fought for control of her body with every fiber of her being, fighting tooth and nail to not relinquish the control her husband had regained for them. Her body trembled from the effort but she had managed to keep her body rooted to the spot she possessed.

Grimacing but nodding Naruto brought both of his hands before him and cupped them and began to form at what first seemed to be a Rasengan. However as the water in the pond began to spiral rapidly around him, rising form the water and creating a twister, it felt as if a vacuum was being created and was sucking everything nearby into it.

And everything that was being drawn into the Rasengan was eviscerated.

But the technique wasn't finished as he drew one hand with the Rasengan away while the other held onto it and the free hand yet another orb sprung to life. Yet this one was different from the other he created.

Nothing was being drawn into this one. Instead the water from the nearby twister began to evaporate into a fine mist as it tint shifted from the normal blue hue to a blazing red that almost seemed like fire with orange shading the shell of the Rasengan.

And yet he still wasn't done as he drew both away and held them in a symmetrical pose. "It's ready..."

"Do it! Do it while we still have control!" Kushina screamed at her son, losing the battle as he body began to move forward in order to stop Naruto.

Feeling vile rising in his stomach and into his throat, as these were his parents no matter what, Naruto swallowed the vile for he knew what he had to do. This wasn't about him anymore.

The others were in danger and he would be damned if he was going to lose any more of his precious people. Tsunade and Shizune was enough to lose...

He would lose no more!

Sprinting forward to meet his mother's charge, he spun underneath her guard and with a quick kick knocked her back and into the still regenerating resurrection of his father. Gazing at them one last time, he close his eyes and swallowed the lump in his throat. "Forgive me..."

And he lunged towards them, slamming the red Rasengan into Kushina's stomach and forced her into her father. "Katon: Rasengan!"

The spiraling flames burnt their flesh into ashes as it carved into his mother, smoldering her body quickly and started to singe his father's flesh. But it was not over as he thrusted the wind based chakra orb into them, making connection with his fire Rasengan. "Futon: Rasengan!"

And when the two Rasengans met they did not challenge one another. Instead the melded with the other, fusing into one massive orb of super-heated flames and cutting winds. But that was only for a moment as the vacuum of the wind style orb caught hold of the flame orb and violently erupted, dragging everything into it. "Jigoku no Shinkū!"

With a flicker of light, Naruto avoid the suction as he watched his parents be drug into the eruption. It thankfully as quick as their bodies just weren't enough to withstand the onslaught and were incinerated, leaving nothing but ashes as it truly erupted, scatting cutting flames across the land, turning everything within its range to ash while the water of the pond evaporated.

Once the flames and smoke had cleared the pond was no long there. In its place was a smoldering, ash covered crater. There was nothing left of his parents, who thankfully perished within the blast.

Ignoring the tears that trailed down his cheeks, Naruto turned from the spot without so much as a farewell or a prayer and disappeared in a flash.

He would not stop. He would not yield. He would save his friends and family.

It was a promise of a life time.

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Magen: Hyōji garasu o gyaku ni - Demonic Illusion: Reverse Viewing Glass

Katon: Ōkina jigoku - Great Inferno

Suiton: Wārupūru o doraggu - Water Style: Dragging Whirlpool

Jigoku no shinkū- Hell's Vacuum

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