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In everyone's life there have been moments that have impacted their lives forever. For Ryan Evans that moment had happened back in June of his junior year at Julliard, when his girlfriend of the past four years was involved in a serious car accident. As the twenty-one year old spent most of the day in the waiting room pacing back and forth nervously as he awaited news about his girlfriend, he wasn't concerned only about her well being, but that of their unborn child.

And tonight was going to be so special too, he thought bitterly, as he fiddled with the box in his pocket. Whomever did this to her is going to pay, he thought as he angrily clinched his fist as he thought about the jerk whose car ran into his four months pregnant girlfriend. Just then the door opened, "you're girlfriend had just got out of surgery," the nurse informed him as she give him a small smile." Would you like to see her?"

Ryan nodded gravely, a sudden sense of forewarning coming towards him. Walking over to where her room was, he quickly muttered a prayer. Upon opening the door he walked over to her bedside. Holding back tears, he looked over at his beautiful girlfriend as she laid in the bed covered with bandages, and still connected to a machine. Quickly grabbing a hold of her hand his asked the nurse on duty how she was doing.

"She'll be fine in a few days," the nurse replied somewhat soberly, as she looked over Kelsi's chart. Ryan sighed a sigh of relief. Even though the accident had left Kelsi with some serious damages, and that it could take months of therapy to get the young composer back to where she once was, Ryan was happy to know that she was still alive. "And the baby," he asked somewhat timidly.

The woman looked up from her charts, compassion clearly shown of her face. "I am afraid that the baby didn't make it," she replied her voice clearly filled with sorrow. "I am sorry about that Mr. Evans."