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"Attention shoppers, please make your way to the nearest exit immediately. Unfortunately the mall will be closing early tonight."

A man's voice came on over the intercom overlooking West Orange mall's empty ladies room. "Shit!" Alyssa hissed, struggling with the reluctant zipper on the brand new aqua mini-dress she had just bought at the mall's newest addition, a boutique called Plush. She faced her pretty reflection and tugged, wishing she had just been patient and waited until she got home, instead of impatiently rushing into the nearest restroom just to try on a freaking dress.

Five minutes and countless muttered swear words later, Alyssa threw up her hands in defeat and sulked back into the cramped stall. She stripped off the dress and changed back into the distressed dark wash jean shorts and crimson tank top she came in. She slipped on her navy rope flip flops and threw her wavy blonde layers back into a messy bun. Finally, she stuffed the disappointing dress back into its shopping bag, and hurried out of the restroom.

But as Alyssa stepped back into the mall's food court, her whole face fell in confusion and worry. Her aqua grey eyes scanned the vast area over and over again... But the scene remained the same. Empty.

Everyone had left, except Alyssa. The mall had closed, with her still in it! Alyssa glanced at the main entrance, and gasped when she saw metal chains locked tight around the handles. She was locked in a mall, no money, no food, nothing! What should she do? Call her mom? The police? Pizza Hut? What if her car got stolen? Oh god, her parents would kill her. She just got that car last week, for her 18th birthday! Alyssa shook her head slowly, looking around. It certainly didn't seem closed. More like... abandoned. The lights were all still on. Pleasant, festive christmas music still sounded from the speakers, and most stores weren't even locked up. Some, even, had the metal bars frozen halfway down. Alyssa wondered for a moment if time itself had frozen, but then thought better of it. There had to be someone still in this mall. Its was Black Friday. Shouldn't there be a night guard or something?

"Hello?" Alyssa called, stepping cautiously further toward the middle of the food court. "Is anyone else in here?!" she called again, her tone louder and more annoyed.

"Hey, who the hell is that?" A man's voice sounded gruffly from around a corner. Before Alyssa could respond, relieved, that she was locked in, a scruffy, dark haired man in all black darted around the corner. Alyssa tilted her head in confusion at the object in his hand, then froze: a gun. Alyssa's eyes widened in shock as the man's did the same. He held up the gun and started running toward her. "Aw, shit," she muttered, and without thinking she dropped her shopping bag and turned and ran the other way, as fast as her thin legs could carry her.

Alyssa struggled to breath as slowly and quietly as she could manage, but it was hard, due to the fact that she had just run the length of West Orange mall while being chased by an angry man with a gun- in flip flops, no less!- and was now hiding behind a fake plant next to Footlocker while the guy wasn't far behind. This sucked: she was locked in a mall with a crazy man who wanted to kill her. She had nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide. Alyssa figured that hiding behind this stupid skimpy decoration was probably about as bad an idea as sitting cross-legged in the middle of the hallway singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She decided that she had to think of something, fast. She thought hard for a moment, then devised a plan. Alyssa would crawl to the nearest directory, which was about five to ten feet away, and locate two things: a telephone so she could call the police, and whatever department store was closest, considering the bed sets that were sold were the perfect hiding spot until help arrived. It was simple enough, but would run the risk of being seen. Then again, anything was better than being "hidden" by this stupid plant thing.

So, mustering up all the bravery she had in her tiny body, Alyssa held her breath and slowly lowered to her hands and knees. But before she could even move an inch closer to the directory, she heard another angry voice.

"There she is!" Alyssa gasped and turned her head just in time to see two large men, one the same maniac from before, emerging toward her, guns pointed viciously. Alyssa panicked, threw up her hands convict style, and blurted the first lines that came to mind: "Don't shoot! I come in peace!"The two men crinkled their brows in confusion, then smirked. They put their guns in the holsters as they closed in on her, grabbing her arms and lifting her to her feet."What are you gonna do with me?!" Alyssa whispered, terrified of the answer. The men said nothing, just exchanged a look. Alyssa gulped.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

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