Me: Here is my fourth Storm Hawk story. Before you read this one you must read "The Girl with no Memory". Other wise it won't make any sense. Now before we start I would like to introduce CHICKEN FEATHER

CF: It Fist Striker

Me: Whatever. Chicken Feather is going to have a small spot in my story later so I invited him here.

CF: could you please tell those marshmallows things to leave me alone?

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CF: They are starting to creep me out, and where the weird blonde boy

Me: He got scared of Gatomon Fan 7 review and is also hiding from George and Andy along with Dark Ace

Aerrow: I can't believe you made me lost to the Dark Ace

Me: If you keep whining I will do something that makes me chased by you fan girls

Aerrow: Al right


Ace Fipke owns the Storm Hawks. Not I, but one of theses days.


It had been two hours since Terra Tropica had been attacked. Two hours since Aerrow gave up. Two hours since the Storm Hawks had been captured. Two hours since they were thrown in jail. Two hours, as Stork would put, Atmos found out they were doomed.

During the ride to Cyclonia talons passing the jail where Aerrow and Piper were, would ether spit or say something like how they now have the pathetic Storm Hawks. After a while Aerrow learned to ignore them and they ignored him and Piper, who was still in his lap. After sitting in the same position for about two hours the Dark Ace entered their jail.

He smiled at the sight of the two Storm Hawks. They were both in their swimsuits and were covered in grime from the laying in the ground. Aerrow growled when Dark Ace entered the room and held Piper closer to him.

"You two get up where here and Master Cyclonis wants you," ordered Dark Ace, who moved aside to let two talons in.

The talons handcuffed Aerrow and Piper. Then the two Talons grabbed Aerrow and lead him out, while the Dark Ace grabbed Piper. They were lead down the halls of the ship and towards the throne room. On the way they caught up with the others who were also handcuffed and being lead by some talons.

Amber was looking straight ahead and trying to act brave, but failing. Finn was being pushed roughly by Ravess when he did not go fast enough. Snipe and two other talons were holding Junko so he would not escape, but Stork only needed one since he was to scare to do anything. The last of them was Radarr and he was being carried in a cage. Aerrow then looked over at Pipe to see Dark Ace clutching her wrists tightly. Piper pretend to not notice the pain but Aerrow could see her lips go tight, so she would not scream. Soon they stopped in front of two giant metal doors. One of the Talons knocked on the door and they opened automatically, and they were lead in.

Inside was a long table and behind a strange machine. On the table were the Memory Wipe Crystals. Each of them filled with a different coloured mist. In the middle of the crystals was a bigger black one. Aerrow took a guess that was the Dreamless Crystal. It looked like Piper guess was right. Lucky them. Cyclonis turned around when she heard them enter, and gave a creepy smile.

"Welcome Storm Hawks. I guess your wondering why you're here," they did not answerer so she went on. "These white crystals here with the mist in them, hold your worse memorise. With this Dreamless crystal I will be able to give you theses memories back. The bad side they will be repeated over and over again, and you'll never wake up again. So who would like to go first?"

Aerrow was going to go first but someone else did it before him, and you'll never guess whom it was. It was Finn. The other Storm Hawks looked over at Finn in surprise when he walked forward.

"All right you'll go first, but before we do take the blonde girl back," ordered Cyclonis.

While Amber was dragged back to her cell, Cyclonis started to connect the Dreamless crystal and the Memory whip crystal with the yellow mist, together. Once she had them connected she pointed the black crystal at Finn. The yellow mist drained out of the Memory Whip Crystal and into Finn, who feel down onto the floor asleep. She did the same for Junko, Radarr and Stork (who had fainted before she even started). It was soon Piper turn and when Cyclonis pointed the crystal at her Aerrow was read to punch his guards in the stomach and grab Piper but he could not. Soon the dark blue mist went inside Piper and she crumbled down to the floor.

Aerrow did not notice that Cyclonis had pointed the Dreamless crystal at him. He was still starting at Piper, whishing he could do something to help her, but before he could do anything more the red mist entered him and he soon was engulfed into complete darkness.


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