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"Harrier are you and the others ready for attack?" asked Starling.

"Yes. We will be attacking in a couple minutes," answered Harrier from the radio.

"Good," said Starling and she hung up.

Starling made sure her nun chucks were on her belts before she turned to Dove and the Rebel Ducks. They nodded at her and they snuck into the dungeon. For a while they heard nothing but the dribbling of water, but then they heard a loud bang. The Sky Knights had attacked and they were safe to go.

Almost all of the guards left to help in the battle, so the ones left they could take care of easily. If they found any guards in the first place. Starling and the Rebel Ducks walked quietly through the dungeon. So far they had yet to find any of the Storm Hawks, or anyone else in the cells.

They were almost ready to think they might have been on the wrong side of the dungeon when they saw a couple of guards. They knew they had reached the hall where the Storm Hawks were being held. Starling smirked at the sight of the two guards. They were going to be so easy to defeat. The others must have really attacked the terra if they left these guys guarding the Storm Hawks.

Starling gave the signal for attack. So she and another member of the Rebel Ducks sneaked up onto the two guards and attacked. They took them down in one swift kick each. The rest followed them into the hallway.

When they first entered it was quite, but not for long. Soon they could hear somebody talking.

"Amber I'm bored," came a whining voice.

They all knew whom the whining voice belonged to. Finn. They were defiantly in the right cell. So instead of sneaking around Starling walked straight up. She also made sure that her footsteps were also loud. That got Finn to shut-up easily.

When she got the cells. She saw Junko in one cell asleep and twitching. Stork and Radarr in another cell also asleep and twitching, and Finn was doing the same thing but much stranger. Amber was sitting in the corner and Starling could not see her face for she was mostly in the shadows. Aerrow and Piper were no where in sight.

When she stopped in front of the cage holding Amber and Finn sh3e could not help but laugh. The Rebel Ducks came up from behind her and upon seeing Finn started to laugh too. Amber jumped up and marched up to the bars ready to shout at the "Guards", but when she saw whom it was she squealed.

Finn (who they had guess was having to pretend to be asleep for some reason) jumped up. When he saw Dove he went all la la land. As usual.

"Guys your finally here. Junko, Radarr Stork wake up," whispered shouted Amber.

The rest woke up and all let out a huge sigh of relief when they saw whom it was. They were finally going to get out of here. Now if only Starling knew where Aerrow and Piper where.

"It good to see you all. Where Aerrow and Piper?" asked Starling almost afraid of what the answer would be.

"They are just down the hall," answered Amber.

It was Starling turn to breath a sigh of relief. She then told them all to stand back. Andy then cut the bars for all of them and then Radarr little bars.

"Finally we are free," said Finn.

"Finn we still need to get out of here then out of Cyclonia. Then we will be free," informed Stork.

Finn face fell. He then crossed his arms and mumbled something under his breath. Dove giggled at the sight and Finn perked right up. Starling went over to Aerrow and Piper cell and found Aerrow lying down on his back, and Piper lying beside him, twitching like the others did before. Also like the others they were in their bathing suits. Downside of being captured on Tropica your stuck in your bathing suits.

The weird thing Piper act look so real and Aerrow was not doing it at all. Another thing was that they were holding their hands. Starling could not help but smile a bit. She knew they would get together soon.

"Aerrow, Piper. Get up we are busting you out of here," said Starling.

Aerrow sat up, but Piper did not. Amber then came up behind Starling and gasped.

"What is it?" Starling asked.

"Piper did not wake up," said Amber ignoring Starling.

"No." said Aerrow.

"What happened to you guys?" asked Starling again but was ignored again.

Instead Andy came over and cut the bars. Aerrow lifted Piper into his arms and walked towards the others. Something was defiantly not right here but for know Starling was not going to get an answer anytime soon.

Once everyone was settled Starling told them all the plan. First they were to get out of the dungeon, sneak into a cyclonia carrier that they are going to "borrow" and get out of Cyclonia as fast as possible. They also had to tell the others to end the fight and get the Strom Hawks back to Tropica where the Condor still was.

So they al sneaked out through the dungeon easily and got in the carrier without being seen. This part was easy and they all though the rest would be the same, but as usual it was not.

It was only when they entered the battlefield. Getting out of here was going to involve quick and skilled maneuvering. Which meant Stork driving. Who was all to pleased to be behind a wheel even if what was not the Condor, but of course Stork did not care.

"Everyone if I were you I would hold on to something," announced Stork.

All of them had already grabbed onto a pole. They knew that it would be a bumpy ride before Stork said anything. Since Piper was still asleep Aerrow held her close to him and grabbed onto a pole. As soon as the entered the battlefield they were bombarded with bombs. Starling had radio Harrier ahead for them not to attack them, so it was most likely stray shots.

It took Stork forever but the finally reached the end of the battlefield. They did not release their grips for a while. It was a very bumpy ride, but they did let go when they could no longer see the battlefield. Once they were safe Starling radio Harrier to tell them to leave and the Sky Council so they were not attacked when they entered the Sky Knight area.

They waited until they saw the other ships come out of cyclonia. Once they were Stork headed straight to Tropica. They could all tell he wanted to see the Condor.

"So what happened to you all," questioned Starling and this time they answered her.

"Cyclonis had the Dreamless crystal and Memory wipe crystals that had the Storm Hawks worse memories. She then combined them so that they would all be stuck in a nightmare but they each woke up. Except for Piper," said Amber.

"How did she get the Dreamless crystal?" asked Starling.

"There this one guy named Eric who owns it and Cyclonis stole it form him," answered Junko.

"He might know why Piper has yet to wake up," said Starling.

"Well visit him after we get rested up," spoke up Aerrow, who had been by Piper side the whole time.

"Were here. Oh sweet Condor you and I will be reunited soon," said Stork.

He really needed to be on the Condor. He was staring to creep them all out. Yet when they reached the Condor the rest of the Storm Hawks and Amber were all relived. Piper would be to if she was awake.

"Well I hope Piper wakes up soon, and goodbye Storm Hawks," said Starling and she and the others left.

Once they were all in the Condor they went straight to their rooms to change. Well Aerrow went to the infirmary and put Piper and the bed and went to change. Once they were all back in their uniforms they assembled on the bridge. Amber made clear that she was going to stay with them till Piper woke up and they were not in the mood to argue. Also she could cook. None of them (but Junko) wanted Junko to cook.

"Stork take us back to Eric," ordered Aerrow and he went back to sit by Piper.

"He totally likes her," said Amber.

"He does but won't admit it. Even Stork notices it," said Finn.

"But I rather them not like each. Love disease is very dangerous," informed Stork.

The Storm Hawks and Amber rolled their eyes at Stork but could not help but feel relived. It was could to be back on the Condor and have Stork being paranoid. If only Piper was awake.

Aerrow was sitting beside Piper in the infirmary, brushing the hair away from her eyes. She just had to wake up.

"Come on Piper. Think positive. I know you can do it," whispered Aerrow.

As he has done since he woke up, kissed Piper on the lips. He hoped that would make her dreams a little less painful.


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